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Reaching Left for the Green Lady
Salvia divinorum & AMT
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Reaching Left for the Green Lady: An Experience with Salvia divinorum & AMT (exp11978)". May 1, 2002.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)

accounts on salvia divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is definitely the most different and unique psychadelic I have ever experienced, intense definitely and at some moments frightening. However, the experiences seem to differ from person to person. I administered two doses on two seperate occasions to Friend 1 at 25mg standardized enhanced leaf at 1mg SA per 25mg leaf. Both times he reported mild euphoria and compared it to a cannabis high. Friend 2 and Friend 3 were administered approx 16 mg leaf (0.6mg SA). Friend 2 described mild visualization and body high, and Friend 3 reported a mild buzz similar to that of Friend 1. They all seemed nonplussed. My personal accounts, however, vary considerably.

On three occasions I smoked 25mg of leaf. The first occasion was amplified by 50mg of Alpha-Methyltryptamine (IT-290) which was consumed earlier at around 3:00PM. This was my first experience with both substances. I recall complete and utter disassocation as well as cataclysmic visuals. I inhaled the smoke sitting on a curb with my 2 dogs accompanying me. Immediately my entire world began to disintegrate. The outline of everything I saw seemed to rotate around it and then spiral into the surroundings. The OEV's reminded me of the pinnacle of my first experience with LSD and DXM combined.

I was utterly trashed. I had smoked the tiny amount of concentrated leaf not knowing what to expect. It hit me full force. Shortly after exhaling, I breathed a stupid sounding Keanu Reaves-like 'WHOAH.' The ensuing confusion made it very difficult to return the metal pipe to my pocket. After many unnsucessful attempts to pocket the pipe, I gave up and held onto it. The outline of the shape of the pipe was pronounced by a thick black outline which seemed to slither around it like a snake, and then into the road behind it in my path of vision. Following my first 'whoah' came an alarmed 'FUCK!' as I threw the pipe down on the ground in terror. I regained my composure and picked it back up, but it proved to be futile as once again the pipe melted into the surroundings and I found it difficult to keep in hand.

I am not sure how long I remained in this state of confusion. I felt as if some unknown force was trying to pull me into an unknown oblivion, strangely from the right of me. I'd look left and things would be okay, but I'd look right and my world would spiral and twist. I immediately knew why SD was regarded as such a potent psychadelic and thought there was some sort of secret world that could only be visited through it's use. I continued looking to the left and then to the right and mind fell into what I call a 'thought loop', which I first experienced during the afforementioned DXM and LSD journey. This is where one's mind falls into a loop and you think or act a phrase or pattern over and over again.

The first time this happened, I was extremely frightened as I thought I'd damaged by brain somehow and the effects would be irreversable. I am sure many have seen this happen; people talking to themselves or pacing, looking absolutely terrified because they want to stop but simply can't control themselves. It can be very unnerving. However, while sitting on the curb and bobbing my head back and forth I quickly came to the realization that I had once again succumbed to this 'thought loop.' I fought hard and managed to wrench my body into a standing position, breaking the repetition.

I realized that I had been immobilized the entire time because I was badly tangled in my dog's leashes. They seemed rather confused. I continued walking, stumbling like a drunk, and noticed the trees melting and spiraling like the ground was when I was sitting down. I felt as if my brain was being tickled by a thousand little fingers. Some.. thing was whispering to me. It tickled. My dogs looked very alien for some reason. The effects lasted for an estimated 25 minutes, most likely amplified by the AMT. I was absolutely dumbfounded by what had taken place.

I could simply not understand why my neighbor, Friend 1, didn't seem to react to the substance like I did considering we used the same dosage. He claimed my experience was so intense only due to the fact that I was under the influence of another drug. I intended to disprove him.

My second experience was also alone. A curious friend wanted me to dictate my trip via message software. I attempted to type after exhalation, but failed to complete a sentence. I tried to fight it, but the effects pulled me in like the time before. This time, I was completely sober aside from the salvia. The effects were the same. Once again, my surroundings and thoughts began to spiral. I felt the same presence, this 'salvia god', pulling me in, always from the right side it would seem. Try as I might to keep my hands on the keyboard, I slowly backed off as I felt it 'wanted me to come with it.' The outline of every key on the keyboard twisted in circles. I became somewhat disturbed as I came to the startling conclusion that there was some mystical force behind salvia, and I had uncovered it's secret.

I exclaimed 'I KNOW! I KNOW NOW!' and tried with all my willpower to return to the keyboard. Suddenly, I became afraid, as I reasoned that if I were to expose the secret, the presence would become angry and kill me. It was playing with me. I felt 'it' WANTED me to ride. I sat back with a sly grin and shouted 'OK! COME ON! COME ON!' but by then the effects were already subsiding. I became hysterical and repeatedly told my friend 'I KNOW! I KNOW!' but wasn't quite sure of what I knew. I was shaky for the next hour and had difficulty sleeping due to the severe shock to my inner being. This event was even more frightening than the one before it as I wasn't under the entheogenic spell of AMT.

I thought that perhaps my experiences were different than my peers because of my environment; I was alone during my attempts, but they were with me when they did it. My third try, same dosage, I smoked at my friend's appartment with people surrounding me. I was nervous as my 2 journey's prior had scared the hell out of me, to say the least. The spiraling visuals were similar but the odd feeling of an unknown presence was absent, apparently due to the presence of several others in the room. Afterwards I was shaky and breathing hard, having had an excellent ride. About this point, I labeled myself hypersensitive to salvia, as nobody I know had come close to what I'd experienced. I am very fond of psychadelics and usually can handle them indefinitely, but salvia floored me with barely half a bowl's worth of this super potent mystery leaf.

However, I recently discovered a 25mg dose hiding under my keyboard. After a short debate, I obviously decided to smoke it. I went outside and lit it with a match. I briefly felt the tickling in my head and the tremors, but I recieved little or no visuals. I was very disappointed. I would attribute this to poorly lighting the leaf, as I had used a lighter previously. Perhaps my friends will have better experiences in utilizing a jet flame lighter. In conclusion, I am a thorough convert. Salvia is now very high on my list of enjoyable psychoactives. However, I must warn you, no matter how much of a psychonaut you think you are, BE CAREFUL! I am the type of person to take ten or twenty doses of LSD without much thought, but I was simply blown away by this stuff.

The chemical makeup of Salvinorin A is completely different than that of any other drug which also means the effects are unlike anything you've ever experienced. There isn't the same happy go lucky feeling involved like that of most recreational drugs, and therefor exists a much higher potential for confusion and fear. This shouldn't be too much of a problem, though, as the trip is very shortlived. From what I've observed, people don't seem have much more of a tolerance than I do, so work your way up. Never think you are too hardcore. I did, and, well, I nearly fell out of my chair!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11978
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 1, 2002Views: 13,086
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AMT (7), Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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