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Midnight Run
Salvia Divinorum
by Snowy
Citation:   Snowy. "Midnight Run: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (exp11784)". Mar 11, 2008.

1.5 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum

BODY WEIGHT: 13.5 kg

i have to write this down while it is freshin my mind. Right now i dont think i'll ever forget it, but i've been caught like that before.

last night i smoked some Salvia D. not for the first time mind you, this was probably my 6-7 time in the last week. I was doing it with a friend Gaz it was late at night about 12:00 after a days getting smashed on bear amphetamine and bud. We had both just done a couple of bangin sets on my decks and were both feeling well pleased with ourselfs. We were listening back to the recordings when i decided to get it out. A perfect end to a prety cool evening.

I let Gaz go first just so i could see he was ok.He was no stranger to the odd hallucinatory substance but it was his first time with it.So i gave him a healthy bowl to toke on which he promptly chuffed down with ease. I finished the last of the smoke in the bong then packed myself one. Now im not sure what i did different this time from every other time. Maybe i packed to much into the bong? Maybe There was some left over from gaz's bong that i hadnt tapped out of the head? Maybe the bong head was still very hot when i had mine? All other factors involved seem prety much same as usual, maybe i was a bit more smashed (probably not). What ever it was it waS TOTALY FUCKING DIFFERENT from all the other trips i'd experienced. i waited til Gaz's face to change from 'not impressed' to 'WHAT THE FUCK!!!' and then to hysterical laughter and then did my bong. I took it in one and held it in as long as poss.

I remember Gaz saying ' you cant sell this to people' , while rolling about in fits of laughter. I remember putting the bong down, sat back in my nice comfy armchair put my feet up on the coffe table (sorry dear) with a big cheesy grin on my face and waited. I felt the world slowly turn upside down and then fold back into myself! Everything went black and then BANG! In a blinding white flash i was sitting alone in my front room. On my own!

Now i've had my fair wack of trippy substances over the years.Everything from mushrroms to 2cv, Atropine, Ketamine, LSD but this was something else. It was like i had crossed over into another world. Only it felt realy familiar, like i was returning to a place i had totaly forgotten about.The room seemed a little bit darker than it really was ,but not in a worrying way. I totaly reconised everything in the room around me. Nothing seamed missing blurred or addedd. Its just that the room looked like a realy cheap film . I got a really odd feeling there was lots of people behind the film set walls.I felt like some of them were watching in a sort of half intrested way and others were just walking about in the dark. Behind the walls

Suddenly i heard a scraping dragging sound and i notice the floor was moving. Sliding Off to my right.I quickly paned the room looking for any signs of this being a hallucination. Everything looked odd but i couldnt work why? Everything just looked totaly fucking real! At least with mushrooms and acid your hallucinations usualy come from yor brain distorting objects so they look totaly ureal. This was just REAL and i was starting to wander what i was supose to do now i had come back to this totaly odd place.

It was like the whole room had been re-created in wood and all the textures and colours were just badly glued on. The walls were fine and normal.Except they felt like painted wood on a film set. I saw the screen of my TV set slide over the top of itself like it was nothing but a painting on a large table cloth, being pulled by some asshole. I looked at the table to see all the contents slideover the side and down the table onto the floor. With this i think i stood up. I know i did in my world but im still not to sure about the real world.hehe.

Sure enough the floor was moving being pulled towards the corner of the room. For a moment i thought this funny. What looked like a wooded floor painted on a table cloth dissapearing out of the door in the corner of the room! It was like the whole room (bar the walls) was melting into a huge table cloth which was being pulled out the door. I couldnt see who was pulling it as going out the door from the behind the celing and from behind the walls. But it was being gathered up quickly like a pilot gathering a parachute. I almost fell over with the nothin of the sliding floor.

I fought to keep ballance as i got pulled closer and closer. A face, goblin like pressed into the cloth from the other side and laughed at me. The total realisation that my life in the other world was gone for good. I had no idea where i was suposed to be returning to but one thing was totaly obvious to me by now. What ever was going to happen was enevitable. It realy was happening and there was no getting out of it!

Its not like they'er going to let me get away again, not now i'm remembering what its all about. Then for some reason i started to remember this was not a nice place. It was cold, hard,dark, quiet and timeless. Surley i was dead. Surley i must have just died,used up my time on earth. I'd fucked it! now it was back to the shite!

Well ladys and gentalmen i can tell you that that is when i got the fuck out of there.I dont actualyy remember doing it, it was like i was just hit with a dark blinding flash of pure fear. Apparently said help,help leaped the coffe table infront of me and was out of the front door i less than three flying steps. Now i live in a built up area on a hill on a busy town road. It was pur luck i was never killed because when the blackness cleared i was running down the main road. Now i've come round after passing out doing some bizzarre stuff in my time but actualy waking up to the fact your running down the main road at night in your socks and t shirt when its -5 is a pretty fucking wierd experience.

Things took on a really dream like quality. Still running flat out I looked back towards my house. Yep sure enough the road was being sucked back as well. So i decide to run even faster. I was going to run all the way to the sea if i had to. I was looking down at my feet the whole time watching little waves break behind my feet all the time. Then a thought crossed my mind that maybe i was really just crashed out back at home. So i stopped. Man thoes waves in the road soon caught up with me and i was off again. Thankgod i didnt meet anyone one the way. Still running i realy started to feel like i was not her at all. I really started to belive i was unconcious at home. I couldnt tell one way or the other. I wanted to just curl up in a ball and close eyes and wait to see if i wake up at home but i realise if i was wrong i would get arrested or die of hypothermia.

I thinky lukely for me of my personality defects helped me out for one. I lost my temper. Right thats enough. i thought i cant just go on running forever (even though i felt like i could) i'll have a heart attack! I decided to go back to the house and face whatever the fuck was going one back there. I walked back prepairing myself for a battle for which ultimately could mean the loss od my mind or my soul. I got to the house and there was no answere so i had to climb in though the back of the garden with allsort of bizzare shit wrapping itself around my arms and legs.

When i got into the house Gaz was not there. Infac there was no fucking sign of him at all. I started to lose it again when i decide to ring my girlfriend who was due home from works soon. At least if i could hear her voice then maybe i could work out if im dead,passed out or whatever. I picked the phone up and got total silence. That really freaked me out. I paced up and down the room stressing to fuck but at the same time realising that nothing had got me yet. Not really wanting to put it to the test i kept pacing up and down.

Finaly i remembered the mobile. 6 wrong numbers to freaky sounding strangers later i finaly got though to my girlfriend. The best person in the whole world. The sound of her voice was the best thing i had ever heard. I stared at the floor daring it to move now. Which it promptly did. I tried to explaine to my girlfriend what had happend, how i had freaked out and come around running up the road and that i thought i had died and gaz was gone and i didnt know where.....Her reply to this was, !Is Taz ok? he didnt get out did he......?

......(Taz is the Dog)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 11784
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 11, 2008Views: 1,265
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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