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An Olfactory Delight
5-MeO-MiPT & 5-MeO-DiPT
Citation:   Edward. "An Olfactory Delight: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT & 5-MeO-DiPT (exp117560)". Sep 30, 2023.

  oral 5-MeO-MIPT (liquid)
    oral 5-MeO-DiPT (liquid)
Two evenings prior, I had taken 3-MMC for the first time (160mg oral). This probably reduced my dopamine levels. The evening prior, I had insufflated 50mg of FXE. The day before, took 100 mg orally of chelated magnesium pill.

Time of day: Evening. 8 PM. The 5-meo-mipt and 5-meo-dipt came mixed in a 5 mL bottle with a slightly fruity taste to mask the bitterness of the substance.
The 5-meo-mipt and 5-meo-dipt came mixed in a 5 mL bottle with a slightly fruity taste to mask the bitterness of the substance.
There was no indication how much of each substance was in the bottle but research indicated it was sufficient for two people.

00:00 - Taste, bitter with slight fruity to mask it. Consumed half the bottle.

01:00 - Took about an hour to kick in on an empty stomach. The first indication was a visual shimmering, and a heightened sense of smell. I smell the ambient smells and scents in the air around me. I estimate this to be like 2.5mg of each substance. Feeling the skin of my arms feels great. I can walk but it feels stilted, slight ache in joints, slight muscle stiffness.

1:15 - took the rest of the liquid.

Smelling perfumes. Some are decidedly uninteresting, some even more captivating. The alcohol smells sharper. I begin to experience a synesthesia of perfumes. Shapes and images of the perfumes come to mind, very clearly. One musky Thai perfume is the first to smell just off, a bit angular in fact. A little like pee. But it mellows after a few minutes. Another of my favorite perfumes, which I enjoy wearing when dancing. It seems mellower than I recall. Chocolate? For some reason this smelled circular.

1:30: Heart feeling a little uncomfortable, body load is definitely noticeable. Maybe shouldn't have taken more.

I put on a recent musical discovery, a techno set from a regular party in the area. It feels more brutal than I remember. The pounding bass is more noticeable. More aggressive sounding. My hands clench from the aggressiveness. I go into a different room and play different music. The darkness is friendly. One perfume smells like a scribe writing. Amazing how the whiff of sweaty smelly armpit plus my favorite perfumes that I've worn at the rave and while dancing can swiftly evoke my memories of dancing.

At some point I am overwhelmed again by an incredibly trippy part of a different set, which I had first encountered in the throes of three tabs of strong acid. In the moment it is odd to hear the same sounds, imprinted on the brain with acid, but now under the influence of 5-substituted tryptamines. My body picks out other flows and pings.

2:00: The body load and weird heart feeling is stronger, not comfortable. I have to lie down. No nausea, probably because I last ate six hours prior. I think about dancing to each type of music. The sensation of touch is not much different. I've switched to headphones with extra bass that highlight the music sounds.

I think this is more like 5mg/5mg total.

2:30: I cut up a mango, fingers vibrating. The aroma lingers, pierces my consciousness. I'm sweating. Pupils are only slightly dilated. Sharp cheese, smells sharp. I start going through the fridge, opening cans and jars to smell them. The first techno set feels more manageable now, it's the full effect of the bottle. But at least no second come-up. Definitely extended the feelings though.

Time for another round of perfumes. This time, aggressive, forward perfumes. "Rhinoceros", the familiar sharp smell of rain and damp. "T-Rex", the faint smell of carrion. "Hyde", oakmoss. Music is translated to feelings of intense, to smell, to something aggressive in a concrete lair somewhere. Energies are flowing. I am hungry. The smell of rain mixes with my sweat. I'd turned off the AC earlier.

3:00 - In a frenzy driven by the music and the rain, I cut then crush garlic. !I can smell the difference in form! The crushed garlic smells sharper, meatier, sensual. I'm running low on adjectives. The cut garlic smells straight, like an ironing board. In a rush to experience these smells.

I open my collection of essential oils. During the pandemic I'd read a book on perfume making. Thinking it might be fun to try, and with some spare cash, I loaded up on essential oils. But it took one mixing session to realize this was perhaps a hobby for wealthy quiet suburbanites or people with a lot of time and patience. Which I really didn't have at the time. But having the essential oils was really useful to train my nose on the notes I liked or did not like, and I practiced a bunch. Time again to play with the oils!

I open the box. At some point, several essential oils had spilled and mixed. By happy circumstance the result is continually engrossing. It smells like lime, maybe grapefruit, with a touch of something midlevel. Maybe styrax or fir? The "Hyde" perfume has transitioned to almost a pure tobacco smell. Upon second reflection it's the bottle of oakmoss I've just opened, which normally is kept in its own little jar because of its tar-like stickiness. The 5mL of fir balsam knocks me off my feet. I go for a second whiff. Again. I'm getting overwhelmed by smells right now, pine fills my nostrils, my vision

Stuff a towel to my nose, trying to reset the smell receptors

Close the box of essential oils
too much
way too much

garlic, why does it smell like garlic still? Or is it the oakmoss? The fug of that rain smell rises, ever present

3:45: The heart feelings have reduced. I'm less sweaty. "Rhinoceros" has faded but comes back when exposed to moisture. I breathe at it to wake it up.

A sudden smell of pine rosin, which I used to gather into napkins and ignite in a clay pot to play with fire and inhale, drives me nuts again. No wonder I like it. I feel feral, at one with the rainy puddles of my childhood, surrounded by fallen decaying leaves smelling of raisins, water dampening and softening everything.

4:00 - Slight lessening of effects. Time is moving faster and I'm less engrossed with smells. Turn the A/C back on but it's still a little cold. With hunger growing and the likelihood of nausea reduced, I eat two mangoes and polish off that cheddar. And some parmesan.

4:15 - Slowing down. Still feel warm like the aftereffects of tryptamines. Switch to a slower tempo, groovy, bassy mix by another current DJ favorite. The perfumes are no longer evident.

5:00 - Feels like I've been through the wringer. No muscle or joint aches noticeable. Still feel a little warm. Still experiencing some sensitivity to light.

6:00 - ready to sleep but just staying up a little longer. Still sensitive to light.

It takes another hour to be able to fall asleep.

The 5-MeO-DIPT did not contribute noticeably to the trip, or even detracted. As with the first time I'd taken it, Moxy seriously enhances my sensitivity to smells. Considering the body load reported by other users, I feel lucky that this substance works for me. I look forward to partaking again in the future.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117560
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Sep 30, 2023Views: 15
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5-MeO-MIPT (287), 5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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