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'Warm K' Days - Electric Nights - Waking Life
Citation:   tryptakid. "'Warm K' Days - Electric Nights - Waking Life: An Experience with DMXE (exp117367)". Sep 29, 2023.

  repeated insufflated DMXE (liquid)
  2 drops   Etizolam (liquid)
Over the past two weeks, my wife and I have been in Portugal for an annual music and arts festival called Waking Life. We were working as part of a group called Avozinha, or 'Little Grandmother' in Portuguese, helping to provide support for people who may have used drugs, were in need of psychedelic support, mental health support, or just guidance. It's a wonderful service to be involved with, one that I connected to via Reddit a few years back, and is a nice way to take my skill set from my day-to-day life as a psychotherapist, and person in long-term recovery from heroin addiction, and apply those skills in a more celebratory context.

This year, I had decided that I wanted to explore some of the finer goods that the Netherlands had to offer, by way of exotic research chemicals that are unavailable to me in the US for the most part. In the weeks leading up to the festival, I mapped out a plan, enlisting the aid of a DPD dropbox in Portugal, as well as a mysterious figure we can refer to as "The Professor".

About a week before departure, I ordered several grams of DMXE, MXiPr, MXPr, and 3-MMA. This report will largely focus on DMXE, as it has become a fast favorite of mine, and is by far the chemical I have developed the most familiarity with during my research. I will give some subjective observations on the others, though I'm still getting myself accustomed to their effects profile more or less.


Warm K

A few months back, I had come across some DMXE stateside and was interested in trying it. When discussing it with my wife, I noted that several trip reports online had described a qualitatively warmer vibe than ketamine, likely owing to its purported 5-HT activity. We came to start calling it "warm k" as my wife isn't quite as familiar with all of the different names of the more esoteric substances, though (wife's pronouns are they/them) they are incredibly intuitive at sensing subject effects and noting subtle notes that my NMDA receptor system can miss after a 20+ year relationship with ketamine and other dissociative usage as well.

Previously, we had spent a week exploring DMXE while away at a family beach house
Previously, we had spent a week exploring DMXE while away at a family beach house
early this spring. We had noted that it had some overlap with ketamine, and a whole host of differences that set it apart as one of the top tier arylcyclohexamines available today. I will get into some more observations an commentary in just a moment, but wanted to inform you as to what our mindset and experience was heading into this experience.

Volunteer day.

As previously mentioned, these types of things are largely unavailable to me in the US. I had spent some time researching the options available to me and came to understand that the dutch shipper offers dropboxes at various locations throughout the EU. I also noted that the chemicals I was ordering were not currently on the Portuguese register, and thus legal to order. That said, powder in a baggy is powder in a baggy, so I did my best to have a well researched plan as to how to obtain my samples, and endeavored to keep a low profile until everything was obtained.

We had arrived in Craton on Saturday and spent the first few nights helping to build up various parts of the festival space we'd be working out of. The days were a mix of hot and sometimes rainy, while at night it becomes chilly. The vibe was anxious at times, owing largely to climatological concerns. Last year, we'd attended the festival in August, facing scoring 40 degree heat during the day which resulted in fire hazards, and medical crisis. This year, they had elected to change dates to June to avoid some of the potential for severe heat problems, but this also disrupted some of the people trying to attend who were teachers or in university, as the dates fell within the last few weeks of classes. There was a bit of worry around festival attendance, which was further compounded by an unusual weather pattern bringing powerful thunderstorms through the area in a largely unprecedented fashion. This created an interesting backdrop to what would blossom into a remarkably wonderful festival once everything was in it's right place. The essence of this area in absolutely incredible. The festival is held on a huge tract of land in the middle of nowhere, near a small town that was formed in the middle ages. The festival wraps around a lake, with camping areas spilling into food vending, facilities, and then numerous art installations, decorations, and 5 performance stages that all have their own unique quality. There is an enormous amount of mystery that persists around the lake, with hidden art installations to be found, curious little stops off the beaten path, as well as ambiance and vibes by the kilotonne, the perfect setting for dissociatives.

When my email indicated that my package had arrived in town, it was the day before the festival officially began. Volunteers has started to arrive, and I would be overseeing part of the running of our team, so I was anxious to pickup my package and have that box checked, so that I could focus on what needed to be done. I had to navigate quite a bit of logistical roadblocks in order to get a ride into town but suffice to say, I was dedicated to my mission. I returned to the festival basked in a feeling of accomplishment, with my bounty secured in my bag. After parking the car, we hopped back on our bikes, and made the 3 km trek back across the now bustling entry area, to my camp, so that I could divvy up my spoils and prepare to do some motherfucking research.


I had brought a few nasal spray vials as well as some distilled water. My colleague from Avozihna had provided a scale, and I set out to make 2 spray bottles - one was dosed at 20mg/spray of 3-MMA or 'Warm Speed' and the other dosed at 15mg/spray of DMXE or 'Warm K'. Both compounds have notable 5-ht activity, resulting in a serotonergic swerve on the effects of their parent chemicals.

I'll take this moment to note that nasal spray preparations are incredibly effective tools for stealth, accuracy, and risk reduction. There is no easier way to make sure you're certain about dosing, while also looking far less sketchy at the same time.

My wife and I were sharing a TeePee with an artist from France, 'Leo'. I had offered him a bag of DMXE, explaining that it has a relatively similar dosing profile to ketamine, but was a bit warmer and less impairing. I was interested to hear his thoughts on it after.

Qualitative commentary: Over the next few days, we had plenty of time to explore application of this substance and I will cut to the chase as far as what we've noted.

In some ways DMXE has effects that are similar to ketamine, it dulls the edges of subjective experience in a roughly similar fashion to ketamine.

My wife and I describe ketamine as having a blue/cold/sterile feeling to it, where DMXE has a brighter, orange/red, warmth to it that also feels more organic than ketamine.
My wife and I describe ketamine as having a blue/cold/sterile feeling to it, where DMXE has a brighter, orange/red, warmth to it that also feels more organic than ketamine.

More than a small dose of ketamine can impair interest and capacity for social interactions, whereas DMXE is definitely pro-social, though at the risk of sounding a bit 'marble-mouthed' at times. The dissociative elements are more noticeable physically, I.e. The classic slurred speech and unbalanced walk that ketamine can cause. The dissociative effects are less mentally/cognitively impairing at first, perhaps owing to the pro-social effects that are more pronounced at low doses.

Redosing will lead to the same pronounced mental and physical impairments as ketamine, though it felt like more of an abrupt shift when compared to ketamine's consistently progressive effects. This can be one of the trickier aspects to navigate, as you may not always realize how much it is affecting your capacities to function until suddenly after redosing it all hits at once. That said, proper planning and use in a safer space with like minded individuals can help to alleviate this as an issue. This is also why preparing metered dosing can be so helpful to enjoy this wonderful substance.

The vibes are sunny, hazy, saturday afternoon while listening to jazz nouveau. Think art walks along the mediterranean, with the occasional siesta as the haze drags on. DMXE can be both stimulating and sedating at the same time, and I often found myself feeling as though I was a puddle of dissociative blissful ooze, vibing to techno at a primordial lake. It has quite a bit of utility as a manic producing compound, if you can channel that energy into whatever activities you are interested in engaging in. That said, because of the pro-social/manic qualities, one may be advised to check on their own affective broadcast, as it could have the potential for being a lot. Frankly, if everyone you're with is on it, you will have great vibrations. It's just somethings to be mindful of.


DMXE is relatively gentle and forgiving at low doses. Those with sensitivity to NDMA receptor antagonists such as Ketamine, PCP, DXM etc. Should be careful when using it. Additionally, those who are on MAO-Is should be cautious as it may have unsafe interactions. Additionally, when used in combination with other serotonin agonists (such as methamphetamine, MDMA), there is a small but potential risk of serotonin syndrome. I had one adverse event during the two weeks of experimenting with DMXE in which I hadn't slept much due to jet lag, had been working around the house all day, likely had low blood sugar, and was also mentally and physically fatigued. I had been intermittently using DMXE during the day and noted a sudden rapid onset of light sensitivity, feelings of panic, involuntary spasm, and hyperthermia. I had this sensation as if there was a rapidly cycling point of energy that was moving very quickly through my body, essentially like a shock wave that originated within me. Fortunately, I had only moments before taken a drop of etizolam, and upon this occurring, I took a second drop, turned off the lights, and grabbed an ice pack. I used the ice pack to help sooth the parts of me that felt very hot, and I found that laying down, breathing slowly, and using the ice pack was very helpful in managing/controlling these effects. I also drank some ginger ale and ate some bites of ice cream as I believe that low blood sugar could have also been a contributing factor.

Whatever the precise etiology, I was able to successfully manage all of these symptoms without further intervention. I have an appointment to follow-up with my primary care provider, and will review this event with her, but I'm pretty in touch with myself and feel as though it was probably an isolated event. Even so, it's wise to be mindful that these compounds are still relatively untested, and effects like this should be noted. I strongly advise metered dosing with DMXE, as well as familiarizing oneself with potentially contraindicated drugs, particularly serotonin agonists.

Potential therapeutic benefit:

1) Moderate length antidepressant qualities - similar to antidepressant effects noted in ketamine but with a pro-social and empathogenic quality that ketamine lacks

2) Creative/artistic enhancement

3) Social enhancement

These are potential suggestions for areas of personal or therapeutic exploration. While there are definite positive qualities to this substance, care must be taken not to use too much. The gentle effects of low dose DMXE can be misleading if not taken into consideration. The steep increase in impairment, possibility of hyperactivity in one's serotonin system, potential for hypomania and expansive mood are all qualities that make DMXE a substance that must be treated carefully. The therapeutic, and recreational, potential of this substance is immense, and bears further examination for possible psychotherapeutic and entheogenic exploration.

Exp Year: 2023ExpID: 117367
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Sep 29, 2023Views: 15
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DMXE (926) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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