My Viewpoint Pulled Back Out of My Head
by Chris D
Citation:   Chris D. "My Viewpoint Pulled Back Out of My Head: An Experience with Cannabis (exp11724)". Dec 21, 2020.

2 bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)


OOB on Cannabis?

At the time of my cannabis 'trip' I had been a regular smoker (some might call me a pothead) for 2 years and I always smoke good stuff. I had also been using LSD on a once-a-week basis at a 2-hit dose level for a month or so previous to this, and this may have contributed to the experience, but if so that is the only aftereffect I have ever had with LSD. At the time of the cannabis 'trip' I had not used LSD in 7-8 days.

It was late at night and I had finished with my college classes for the day. I went back to my dorm room and decided to go smoke myself silly before dinner. I grabbed my 1/4oz of green bud (which, incidentally, I had been smoking off of for 2 days and had no unusual experiences with), and then I went for a walk and quickly smoked two bowls to my head using a bubbler.

On my way back to my dorm building I felt really stoned, but it was just the usual body high and blurry feeling I always feel. However, just as I opened the door to my dorm's stairwell, my viewpoint pulled back out of my head like a 3rd person video game, it was like I was hovering about 8 feet behind my body
my viewpoint pulled back out of my head like a 3rd person video game, it was like I was hovering about 8 feet behind my body
. I no longer had ANY sensation of my body, and in order for my physical body to act I had to 'send' command thoughts at it, which it obeyed perfectly (I walked up 3 flights of stairs). Another strange effect was that all the sounds around me took on a time delayed flanging effect (approx 3 sec. delay).

This effect only lasted for about 2-3 minutes and suddenly I was 'pulled' back into my body. This effect was so realistic and vivid that it has made me wonder about out of body experiences. I have never experienced it again, although I have smoked much larger quantities of weed.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 11724
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 21, 2020Views: 247
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