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The Full Guided Journey
by orangeentheogen
Citation:   orangeentheogen. "The Full Guided Journey: An Experience with DMT & 5-MeO-DMT (exp116663)". Sep 26, 2022.

15 mg vaporized DMT
  5 mg vaporized 5-MeO-DMT


I have been experimenting with vaporising DMT for maybe 6 months now and have found lots of benefit from the insights, shift in perspective and general afterglow. Trips with this DMT would be no more than dozen at this point. While the exotic visions are exhilarating, the feeling of being taught lessons and the postive effects on my apathy, depression and self criticism were the real gems of these experiences. And for me the exact details of the visuals are hard to recall afterwards so my focus is more on the general insights. From what I know this batch is derived from Acacia confusa, and on first inspection was an almost clear/white crystal, gaining a slight yellowing over time. I suspect it has some NMT content, as I relate to the reports of a pushy experience, though I have no reference of what a 'pure' DMT experience is like to compare.

I managed to acquire some 5-MeO-DMT as I had been very interested in the reports on this substance, also a short acting, smokable and powerful psychedelic experience. Often reported to offer a radical life changing experience, with little to no visions, something 'indescribable', 'a meeting with God' etc. Quite different to the enormous variety of complex descriptions of DMT experiences out there.

I began cautiously, trying ~5mg or slightly less, and immediately understood that this was a very different drug. This is euphoric embodiment. These light doses gave me a slight to significant mood lift and body high, accompanied by a subtle unnerving feeling of being half sober and half tripped out.

Going up to ~7mg introduces the true ecstasy of the molecule. This was like the very silliest parts of my best trips (LSD or Mushrooms) condensed and without any of the typical visual distortions. However my body/mind experienced the most psychedelic waves of action, pleasure, and compulsion. A giant grin erupted on my face, I burst out laughing, I was singing, I was compelled to move. Some inner joy was bursting through me and it was the most hilarious and beautiful thing ever. Yes it's very reminiscent of MDMA in the way I was spontaneously happy, but also very different in its tryptamine way. I had to go with the experience and feel ready to completely let go and be myself no matter what that might look, sound or feel like. As I learnt with the next try, If I stop this letting go I can get caught in anxious state. Right after feeling the effects I became paranoid about my girlfriend walking in and freaking out that I had done this, even though she is fully supportive. I felt trapped in a strange sobriety, but with a body rush of adrenaline, clenched teeth and weird muscle spasms. I have to board the train at the start or it will speed around my being and this will be an alien and unpleasant experience. However staying at this lower dose I think limits the risks of something truly awful feeling.

That said I thought the general experience at this dose was amazing, as such I haven't chosen to go any deeper with the 5-MeO on its own. Though I'd like to experience the 'pure white light of non-existence' at some point.

So the next logical thing for me was to combine the ~5mg 5-MeO with ~15mg DMT hit. With some apprehension I did just that and I'm very glad I did those doses and no more. DMT melting point is about half that of 5-MeO so when vaporising the 2 together I think there is a preference for the DMT and perhaps not all the 5-MeO gets consumed. In an ideal world I'd have 2 separate vapes for this journey.

Here is an account of one of my two experiences with this combination:

I set myself up on my bed leaning against the wall. Arthur Russel plays. A lamp lights the room warmly. I have spent this Sunday very relaxed, finish a greenhouse I'm building in the afternoon. It is around 6pm now. I likely have residual caffeine and nicotine in me from a cup and a smoke earlier in the day. The previous week I had taken mushroom micro-doses on 2 separate days, which helps me with focus and motivation (~85mg dried subaeruginosa). I try not to think about what I'm about to do too much.

T: 00:00 I pulse the vaporiser trying to evenly liquify all the crystal sitting in the glass bowl inside the glass pipe, holding it just on the edge of smoke. Then the full 25W applied and a single breath. Initially the geometry begins in the familiar DMT manner, but this quickly changes course and feels far more reminiscent of the mushroom than a regular DMT trip. Instead of bursting into some other realm it is the realm burst into me, a presence forms and their message begin. Time is suspended perfectly, though the music is unaffected, all aspects in vision and mind take on a full character. The ego thoughts are fast, sharp and clear. The world is melting and being reformed in front of my eyes and behind my eyes. The ego backs down as the presence begins to speak clearer and with more determination.

T: 00:02 I flirted with closed and open eyes. Behind the lids visions of catacombs, worlds of shimmering silks, deserts with sands of rainbow gems, and the presence appearing in different forms within this evolving landscape with words of wisdom. Open my eyes and she speaks through my body, mapping out the ideas in sensation and movement.

T: 00:05 She showed me how I was forgetting to truly acknowledge my partner's individual spirit as we are now living together and very entwined, she moved my body to and fro and stretched out the ways I had meshed with my partner. I felt deeply the seriousness of this.

T: 00:07 Then I was filled with love, compassion, and happiness. As I closed my eyes in ecstasy I fell down into the bed and began to sing a rich and deep note, that fed into the base of my being, feeling the vibrations like a medicine. My muscles harmonised and seemed to relax.

T: 00:10 After playing with this for a while I noticed the presence was no longer speaking, and while still there she was leaving me now, I prayed and thanked her, I asked her to stay with me, I gave my faith to this spirit, I promised to listen.

T: 00:12 Then the urge to move and dance kicked in, I was laughing and smiling again. Arthur Russel really came back and the beat drove me into a dance trance, first on my hands and knees and then up. My ego was back a bit and had the role of deciding whether to take up the next idea for a movement but once I started another force took over and the trance would begin again. A few times big burps rumbled out of me and this felt like a kind of purge. (During my other experience I actually vomited a small amount at about this time in also). The energy to keep moving didn't let up, I was confident, embodied and completely present, anxious thoughts came, but they just flowed past.

T: 00:30 Once this faded I felt completely sober but understandably elated.

The diversity of this psychedelic journey is truly special. All the elements I think I could hope for in a trip and in the space of 30 minutes. As the title says, this is the full package, the total guided psychedelic journey, moving through each realm in a relatively calm and present way. The DMT is my guide and the 5-MeO is my discipline.

My only concern is the extent of the body high on 5-MeO, a noticeably elevated heart rate, raised temperature, a slight pressure in the chest. I feel like there is a strong adrenal type sympathetic activation. On the plus side they synergize to 1+1=5, so I'm consuming less of the drug which is surely a good thing.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Sep 26, 2022Views: 481
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5-MeO-DMT (58), DMT (18) : Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Glowing Experiences (4), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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