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Hugely Enjoyable Dose-Dependent Psychedelic
by Murgatron
Citation:   Murgatron. "Hugely Enjoyable Dose-Dependent Psychedelic: An Experience with Psilocin (exp116652)". Sep 26, 2022.

15 - 40 mg oral Psilocin


I bought 250mg of psilocin powder, and dissolved it in vodka in a small bottle with a dropper to enable accurate dosage.

My wife & I were attending a festival, so having no previous experience with the substance, we decided to err on the side of caution and had about 15mg each. At festivals, we usually take a bit of speed, so no doubt we’d had some that day as well.

After about an hour, we both noticed a distinct elevation of mood, noticeable euphoria, more energy and the beginnings of some visual disturbances. Visually, in my experience, it’s always the clouds and trees that are the first to misbehave, and I noticed some slight billowing occurring, but nothing more.

The effects lasted for about 6 hours, and whilst pleasant and enjoyable, were not really strong enough. The following day, we decided to repeat the experience, but knowing that psychedelics have an immediate tolerance, we upped the dose to 25mg.

Despite the higher dose, probably due to the tolerance, the effects were identical - raised mood, increased energy, euphoria and mild visual disturbances.

Some weeks later, at another festival, we determined that we had under-dosed the first time and decided to make sure we took enough this time. So we increased the dose to around 40mg.

This, it turns out, is rather a lot. I later read that larger doses of psilocin result in a “rapid and challenging come-up”, and I would say this is a pretty accurate description. Within about 20 minutes, I was overwhelmed with a strong trippy sensation.

We were watching an angry punk band, and the singer’s head, red and sweaty, filled the whole of the video screens either side of the stage. This was a terrifying spectacle, and I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t me that he was cross with. He looked absolutely monstrous.

At the same time, despite the intensity it was very enjoyable to watch, and I got really into the music. My senses were extremely heightened and it felt like the trip was rushing over me. I felt a bit of dissociation, and there was very little conversation between my wife and me while the band were on.

After the band finished and we made to leave, it became somewhat challenging to move around. I couldn’t feel my legs, and the visuals were so intense that navigation was impaired. My wife announced that she was similarly encumbered, so we opted to sit for about an hour and enjoy the last rays of sunshine and the music from the stage we were beside.

During this time, the trip fully kicked in, massive open and closed eye visuals, swirling geometric shapes everywhere, intensely vivid colours, deep introspection and extremely high levels of hilarity.

By now we were about 2 hours into the trip, and we felt that the initial extremely intense rush had subsided. We were able to stand up and walk about without any problem by this time.

The effects from this point onwards were identical to a strong mushroom trip, not as mentally intense as LSD, but very strong and entertaining visuals, euphoria that felt like it would burst out of my chest, a strong sense of fun and endless mirth.

I sometimes find the body load of psychedelics to be uncomfortable, but with this it was comparatively low, with pleasant tactile sensations to be had everywhere.

The effects wore off quite gradually, leaving a pleasant afterglow, and the whole trip lasted significantly longer than the previous occasions, around 7-8 hours. For several days afterwards I experienced mild flashbacks, in the form of trippy visuals, mostly clouds and trees again, but also other plants.

Despite the intensity of the come-up, the whole trip was immensely enjoyable from start to finish, but at this dose, not for the faint-hearted. Both my wife and I have many years experience with high doses of psychedelics.

I would not recommend this quantity to anyone who is anything less than 100% sure of their ability to handle a strong peak, and even then I would recommend that you consider your environment before embarking on such a venture. If we had been in the middle of a city, the come-up and peak might have been problematic.

My next experience was at yet another festival a few weeks later. This time I returned to a lower dose of around 15mg, but teamed it up with 250mg of MDMA. That was wonderful too, the trip came on like the first time, very mild but euphoric, so when the MDMA came up it felt amazing.

My brain is so fried from taking catering-sized quantities of MDMA all through the 90s that I suspect its ability to produce serotonin is severely depleted. As a result, I no longer enjoy the euphoric and entactogenic benefits of MDMA as strongly as I once did. Topping it up with a bit of psilocin worked wonders in bringing back the strong feelings of love and empathy from my old raving days.

All in all I would say that this is a top psychedelic, easy to control in this format, so as to deliver a precise dose.

Next time round I would go for somewhere in the 25-30mg range. 40mg was a wild ride, but I’d prefer not to be clinging on by my fingertips for the first 2 hours. Less than 20mg, on the other hand, was mildly disappointing, except with the MDMA.

I haven’t been able to get hold of any since, but when I do I shall be stocking up the larder again for a good long while, that is for sure.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116652
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 57 
Published: Sep 26, 2022Views: 190
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