Detonated a Sleeping Disorder on Me
Citation:   mobbysdick. "Detonated a Sleeping Disorder on Me: An Experience with 5-MAPB (exp116648)". Sep 20, 2022.

120 mg   5-MAPB
5-MAPB Detonated a Sleeping Disorder on Me

I donít pretend to alarm nobody with this sensationalist title. Because I donít have any proof of it, however I canít avoid mixing the clues I have.

First of all, and in a brief summary, I tried this substance trying to find something similar to MDMA and specially without an emotional hangover.
I tried this substance trying to find something similar to MDMA and specially without an emotional hangover.
I FOUND IT! For me it became perfect because the trip was quite longer with no craving to redose as MDMA. Iíve tried 5-MAPB I think 5-6 times, and 3 of them I had a very very very special long trip. Like the MDMA peak of 1h in heaven but for 5-6 hours. AMAZING.

It also has a lot of things that for me is quite better than MDMA. Even the ecstasy sensation is higher. I swear. In two of my experiences Iíve never felt before that kind of PURE ECSTASY.


Iíd like to think itís perfect... but maybe it isnít.
Before trying MDMA on January 2017, Iíve never had problems to sleep. I didnít know what was insomnia or sleeping disorders. But whaaaaat a casuality, after one month that I tried MDMA my sleeping started to change. My first year taking MDMA was doing it once a month or trying to let 2 or 3 months of space sometimes. Then I lived for 6 months in Mexico where I didnít do any kind of drug. Clear boy!

Then I went back and started again to consume once a while. But my resting during the sleeps had started progressively to change. Insomnia, a low energy levels during the dayÖ and so on.

And now, Iím taking care of myself with good habits and healing about different things of my body. This just started a half-year ago. I started to sleep well! During this half year Iíve used to fall sleep in 5 or 10 minutes, a miracle! And feeling more in my center and with good energy during the day. I was sooooo happy about it!


And then I decided to try something new. I tried 5-MAPB because EVERY REPORT WAS PERFECT. And then all of the sudden I started to have complete nights of awareness and insomnia. As never before! Itís being the hardest insomnia phase of my life. I canít say at 100% that this is because of 5-MAPBÖ I canít know it, thatís true. But I know something: before trying this Iíve been Ĺ year sleeping like I didnít in years agoÖ and after trying this I have serious problems to fall sleep.

Here an example that is repeating sadly with some frequency: I have a very good day, I eat healthy, I do some workout or sport, Ö and then I go to the bed very very very tired and exhausted! Oh! Perfect for a perfect nightÖyummy dreams hahaha

But that moon inner sensation becomes a radiant sun full-awareness. I sometimes go to sleep at 12 and I finally fall sleep at 6 am (this is the worst scenario I experience).

Will I try 5-MAPB ever? Absolutely not. Do I know this sleeping disorder is linked directly to 5-MAPB? I canít know it with proofs.
Do I persuade to try this substance? Absolutely not.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116648
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Sep 20, 2022Views: 682
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