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Approachable Tryptamine (But Less Catharsis)
Citation:   TheBaron. "Approachable Tryptamine (But Less Catharsis): An Experience with DET (exp116583)". Sep 22, 2022.

T+ 0:00
143 mg oral DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 3:15   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
Tl;dr DET is a tolerable tryptamine with a lot of physical energy, less dark emotional corners to it, but that comes at the expense perhaps of less intense emotional catharses. Seems to have a fairly sustained plateau effect rather than peak-diminution. Probably a good one for someone with a lot of anxiety, or a good one to potentially combine with MDMA.

I had ordered some from a reliable vendor and chemist group, a couple years ago, and I had sampled it a low dose last summer. While the internets suggest around 50-75mg oral dosing, I had spoken with the vendor / manufacturer when I got the stuff, and was told that based on reports of their friends, this stuff needed to be dosed higher. What I have since forgotten is what he recommended as the dose range: it was either 100-150mg, or 150-200mg, but I could not find the old messages and I was unsure how to dose this stuff. I had read the report by Kary Mullis of totally losing his shit on this stuff when he took ‘too much’, so I was a little chary of doing the same… yet, I don’t have oodles of time to devote to psychedelics, and I am someone who’s angsty enough that I also am intentional about my use of these things, which means the times when the ‘time is right’ is less than I might desire. In short, I wanted to try this novel substance, but I did not want to have a mild experience–I wanted the full thing–but I also didn’t want to wind up attacking woodwind instruments with fire pokers, as Kary Mullis did. Also, Shulgin himself said 150mg was “a little too much”, so I was left wondering how to dose this damn thing.

So, I measured out 143mg, and as I said, this was based on the vendor’s rec, so since I never tested this for purity (although this vendor has been ultra reliable with other tryptamines), this dose may not, and probably does not, reflect other doses for other DET products. DET basically smells like DMT, which is to say, the most horrid olfactory combination of burning plastic and the smell of a tent that’s been in your parents’ attic for forty years. 143mg of DET was a lot of powder; I put it in a little shot glass of water and swallowed it down, but it was as vile as it smelled.

To back up, in terms of preparation et al, I had a late breakfast of eggs, kielbasa and hash browns at the local spot around 11:30am. I dosed at 3:30pm. I had had plenty of sleep the night before, and I had a fair amount of angst and concerns on my mind for which I wanted a solo psychedelic journey to help ease some of these pains, and provide some succor and hopefully direction. I prepared the room, and my wife sat for me. I used a playlist recommended on reddit that ended up being very even-keeled, tranquil, peaceful tracks that were great, and might have had something to do with my impression of this tryptamine.

I would say by one hour in I was fully in it. The first two hours, I was lying with eye shades on listening to music, silently. There was essentially no closed eye visuals and very little color enhancement until later on, when only the latter became somewhat more appreciated. I had some early waves of nausea with some retching, but no emesis. Overall, what stood out most was the bodily feeling—there was very “tight” and perhaps constrained feeling, both physically and emotionally. With mushrooms, there is often this full color, totally carried away internal feeling, along with the possibility, if I want to go there, of a full body physical and emotional catharsis. I did not get that with DET. At times, I felt I wanted to get there, but couldn’t. At times, it almost felt like the longed for waves of grief, tears, or laughter and jubilation were somewhat blocked. Like an SSRI version of psychedelics. I did have very intense physical energy–I think this would be an excellent drug for dancing since there was a lot less lethargy and whole lotta physical energy. Also, curiously, almost extreme bruxism.

At any rate, this all went on for a couple hours, before I went upstairs (around 5:30) and hung around the first floor, cracked open a beer, and then found my way outside. When I was alone upstairs and outside, I found a new phase of the drug, which I had thought was sort of weak and already coming down, only to find out this was not the case at all. I became fairly giggly by myself and became totally taken in by my squash plants outside, breathing and vocalizing with pleasure at the exuberance of the plants. After this, I went back to the room, talked with my wife, then went for a walk to a large park we live near, and had another beer. This was around 6:30, maybe 7:00. I was struck by how this oddly subtle yet not subtle drug still seemed to be fully working at this time. It seemed to have, instead of a peak, just a long drawn out plateau although sometimes it seemed like it was gone, only to be more noticeable again a few minutes later.
It seemed to have, instead of a peak, just a long drawn out plateau although sometimes it seemed like it was gone, only to be more noticeable again a few minutes later.
In this way, it almost was a bit “rolly”, tho sometimes psychedelics are like that (I feel like some trips seem to be gone and then there’s another phase or two, and the rolling quality is not limited to MDMA). We returned to the house around 8:30, and I was able to eat a plate of dinner at 9:00. The offset was fairly rapid, especially as compared to how sustained the peak was, even if the peak wasn’t this insane cathartic thing. Now (11:30), feeling the usual way after taking these things, clear, awake, more grounded, and perhaps armed with some insights or at least a sense of psychic ease which I was looking for today.

I felt a lot more physical energy than I usually do with psilocybin or LSD. I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t do it again, but it did seem to lack a certain type of depth which I do feel like psilocybin (and LSD) have. It’s very hard to say that for sure based on a single experience which has so much to do with what I brought to the trip myself, but I did feel this tightness and constraint—almost like a partial agonist effect, ‘buprenorphine of psychedelics’?

I think what I might want to do with the remainder of what I have is, since I now know the dosing of this stash and the effects, is perhaps combine it with something else. Toad writes about combining ketamine with tryptamines and this seems like a good one to combine with, given the lack of challenging psychological effects. I do think this could be useful to someone who has a lot of anxiety and is at risk of panic reactions with psychedelics. But I am not sure it wouldn’t just be better for such a person to just blast into their fear with psilocybin and not half ass it. Anway, I'm glad I tried it, I've wanted to try this for a very long time and now I have.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116583
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39
Published: Sep 22, 2022Views: 1,039
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