A Deep Travel
Citation:   Ormarion. "A Deep Travel: An Experience with DET (exp116582)". Erowid.org. Sep 18, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116582

110 mg rectal DET (liquid)
To put things in context I had DET a few time before by different pathway and different doses (50 and 80mg) and I have some other experiences with 1V LSD and DMT.

This time whoever I decided to give it a try using the fumarate salt using the same absorption route as before.

Measured 110mg of the freebase and made the fumarate salt by dissolving it in warm water. The absorption route was rectal as it provide effect more rapidly than orally. I didn't noticed much difference in the acting time compared to freebase by the same route, just that it was easier to sample the whole dose instead than a suspension.

(Maybe important to precise, I'm under hormonal treatment including estradiol, progesterone as well as GnRH analogue, I did not take progesterone this time as on my last DET trip its strong GABA like effect made me fall asleep very fast.)

Onset is around 10 to 20 min for first effect to be felt even if just after taking it I can clearly notice heartbeat getting faster. First noticeable effect is the same as when under 80mg, skin feeling changing a lot switching from paper or cardboard like to roasted chicken skin.

Effect continue to get stronger for the next 30mins including strong euphoria, however it is in no way comparable to DMT. Visually DET is pretty mild for me and fractals appeared more at the end of the trip where physical sensation got less intense.
Visually DET is pretty mild for me and fractals appeared more at the end of the trip where physical sensation got less intense.

Something very interesting I noticed, that I also experienced under 80mg is what could relate to a Alice in the Wonderland syndrome. I got jump scared a few time by touching some of my body parts like my breast cause of the feeling they were 10 time bigger than they are, it also happened with a few objects but not as intense. Another interesting effect was to have some sort of new heat perception where I could feel every sweating gland my body had while moving.

Effect kept getting stronger for at least 1 more hour, allowing partial to full dissociation, body feeling are extremely enhanced, especially on how precise I could feel body hairs, its also at this moment I start to feel mild to strong nausea especially when laying on my side. My hypothesis is that its related to the fact I didn't eat the whole day. Hopefully it only stays what I think are a few dozen seconds at a time. Speaking of time, it get very stretched out, I would say at least 3 time as long as normally.

I think I spent around 1 or 2 more hours laying in the bed enjoying the feelings I had, effect slowly started to fade and I decided to put some music on. I selected the title ''Vertical Travel'' from a artist I like a lot called Alt236. I immediately was amazed by how it changed music, making it play at 0.75 speed with full resonance, I felt like I could hear from what each note was composed, I spent a hour listening to more music as the effects faded away and walked a bit outside while going to my lab, even after 6h I could still feel pretty detached from my body but could also start to see more visuals.

The trip slowly ended after I took a bath and sat down on my sofa looking at trees moving in the wind.

The overall experience was very enjoyable even if very strong and helped me to develop more empathy toward people. I must say at the middle of the trip when effects started to stop I had some mild anxiety (when sober I'm an extremely anxious person) but it felt different and wasn't as strong. I think it was like if I could see things in a objective way and yes some were hard to accept.

Hope it will help some of you people in your own experiences :)

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116582
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 18, 2022Views: 640
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