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Tattooed Under the Influence
by Naberius
Citation:   Naberius. "Tattooed Under the Influence: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp116453)". Erowid.org. Aug 9, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116453

T+ 0:00
4 - 5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis  


As a preface, I will strongly advice people against trying something like this. While my experience was intense and extremely enjoyable, I took a heavy risk and despite my trust in my self and the artist, this could have easily turned badly.

Some times ago, I started getting closer to a friend of mine, an incredibly talented tattoo artist with whom I shared dozens of interests and similar traits. We matched incredibly well on a spiritual and psychological level, liked the same sort of music, viewed psychedelics in similar ways and shared a lot of compatibility. I felt a deep, unshakable confidence in him and his abilities. I decided to confess to him my desire to try and be tattooed while tripping. He shared a similar desire : To tattoo someone after consuming mushrooms.

We talked for a long time to hammer the details, but both of us were incredibly excited about the experience and our eagerness for it only enabled us more. I believe that this highly confident mindset participated into what made this trip so incredible.

We both shared a love for thick, oily and oppressive atmosphere, pain and pressure stimulated the both of us (and we shared a lot of our musical taste in terms of textures, rhythm and atmosphere). We made a playlist for the trip with a lot of breakcore, percussion and noise. And decided on keeping the entire process “ritualistic”. This was an attempt to contact our inner selves.


We met at his place around noon and both put on black paint make-up, applying it to each other to “charge” the experience. I used a (cleaned) blade to cut a gash onto my chest, a blood offering to the two of us, grabbed in my hands two memento coins, stamped with goetia sigils, the preparations were over.

I grew and dehydrated the mushrooms that we used, roughly a year ago. Estimating how “potent” mushrooms are is always a complicated affair, but I would estimate that they had lost maybe 10 to 20% of their potency from the year before. I took with me 10g, intending to take it all, but we decided to start with 4g, as a precaution at around 13:00.

We started the music right after and the artist proceeded to draw guidelines on my forearm, rough boundaries for the tattoo, analysing my bone and muscle structure as the psychedelic started to take effect, soon a mesh or colourful highlighter was painted onto my arm, vibrating softly as the effects started to affect me.

Mushrooms for me are always a highly sensual and sensorial experience. I could feel a familiar tingle in my joints and articulation as my body started to warm up, both of us were at a loss for words, giggling and having a harder time to express ourselves with every moment that passed.

The music was perfect, drilling into our brain and reinforcing every sensation, there was a feeling of deep understanding that I never experienced with another person before. Psychedelics often seem to lower the barrier between me and other people, but this time it was different, perhaps because of the ritualistic nature of it, perhaps because of our matching personalities, either way a powerful feeling of trust overwhelmed me.

At exactly 14:00 the initial drawing was finished and we started the tattoo.

I’ve always appreciated the pain of a tattoo in some odd ways, but I would never describe it as “pleasurable” directly. My tattoo on shrooms was a highly pleasurable experience. Though at the start of it, the pain was mostly soft and stimulating. I remembered feeling the psychedelic effect building up and down, as if the pain sometimes cleared up my mind, while still enjoyable, I began worrying that we didn’t take enough, that the shrooms lost more potency than I had thought.

I remember looking at the black ink under my skin, amazed by how beautiful it looked, but my doubts made me wonder if I was simply taken aback due to the influence of the psychedelics.

I knew myself enough while tripping to realise that self confidence and autosuggestion are the key to an enjoyable experience. I suggested to my friend that we take the remaining 2 g, divided between us, at around 13:30. This was the best decision possible.

He had gloves on, so I fed him the mushrooms, the adrenaline and the joy of the experience overtook us and we shared a deep, gentle kiss. When I lowered myself back on the table, everything seemed to line up perfectly, from that point on, this “enjoyable experience” became a life-changing one.

My friend is known to be extremely soft and gentle with the people he tattoos, I have yet to experience his tattoos outside of a trip, but in that moment, I felt like pure heaven, the “pain” sensation was still registering, but as a fresh, powerful shot of adrenaline in my veins.

I started to fully let myself go, voicing my sensation, letting my body writhe and move on the table, so long as my arm didn’t move. I was moaning and rolling my hips while the artist’s drawing evolved following my own reactions. It felt as if our inner selves were touching each other and he drew the topographies of our very essences, crashing into each other.

Being tattooed this way made me feel vulnerable and naked, it was the most sexual and sensual experience I’ve ever gone through, merging into one another for a brief moment in time.

We took a first break at around 2pm, sharing a smoke and some weed, leaving the table covered in black ink behind, we stepped into the sun of his patio, drank some water and while still being incredibly high, we shared a brief moment of focus, talking about our current experience, sharing our amazement at how easy and natural this felt.

My entire body was running on endorphins and adrenaline from the pain, I felt like a god, my mind was buzzing and throbbing.

We went back to work.

This continued for around 2 more hours. Recalling the exact steps of the later part of the trip becomes harder as my memory dissolves into pure sensations and brief moments. I remember leaning over my own arm as he tattooed, looking at the way the needle was painting my skin, filling me with pure awe as I saw my very self appearing in the textures of my skin.

At around 16:00 we were both spent, but the work was done. We shared some more weed, some water, the psilocybin was winding down, both of us felt the same way : This had been the most intense experience of our lives. And we needed more. This felt like so much more than just an experience, and was instead a defining moment of our lives. We both decided to wait until the energy of the moment faded a bit to reconvene.

A few days later, I still feel the same way, this profoundly marked my life in so many ways. Much more than any mushroom trip I’ve experienced before. Usually, after taking mushrooms, I feel content and elated, but tired and sore, appreciating the experience, but looking forward to give it a few weeks to process it and settle, not eager to enjoy shrooms again.

This trip has yet to leave my mind and both of us are eager to get back to it, to experience it again, our bodies aching for that stimulation.

This was but a prologue.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116453
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Aug 9, 2022Views: 233
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Ritual (129), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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