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Powdered Moxie
Citation:   Ermine Bastard. "Powdered Moxie: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT (exp116433)". Aug 2, 2022.

5 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (liquid)
In an attempt to expand my "repertoire", I bought this unusual little psychedelic in a grab bag sale some weeks ago. Naturally, because I have no experience with 5-methoxylated tryptamines, it was the first on my list to try. I had been meaning to take it for some time, and when a workday that ended early finally presented itself, I took the opportunity in stride. What follows is my first experience with 5-MeO-MiPT.

0:00 - Ingested 5mg 5-MeO-MiPT in water solution while eating a large, carb-heavy dinner. It is unforgivingly bitter, much more so than other tryptamines. The taste sits in the back of my mouth with incredible tenacity, lasting for several minutes.

0:14 - A mild nausea and discomfort makes itself known to me. Due to such a rapid onset, I cannot be sure if it is placebo or not, but it feels like some subtle variation on the theme of general psychedelic anxiety. At this point, I have finished my dinner. I pack my bag for a bike ride along the harbor, and leave shortly after.

0:40 - The skyscrapers along the road look accented; clean and stark across the radiant evening sun. My surroundings are fascinating, and I take every opportunity to glance away from the road and experience the city. Energy courses through my body, both physically and mentally. Cycling no longer feels like strenuous exercise, but rather a natural, mindless thing to do, like twiddling your thumbs while waiting in the lobby at the dentist's. The headspace is very subtly psychedelic, but uniquely focused and uncluttered. Generally, when I take typical psychedelics like LSD, 4-substituted tryptamines or mescaline analogues, I find that my thought process becomes more tangential and unfocused. For example, I will see a dog on the street, look at its feet, and then start thinking about the infinitely thin line between its feet and the ground, which devolves into some never-ending string of thoughts about "what it means to really feel a stimulus" and other metaphysical shenanigans. In contrast, 5-MeO-MiPT shows incredible restraint in this aspect, generally keeping my mind in the realm of the concrete and tangible.

0:50 - I make a rest stop for some water. I have a bit of a dry mouth, and feel simultaneously too hot and too cold. As I admire the skyline from a lookout, a starling lands nearby. There is an element of perfection to the bird - all of its feathers are exact in their placement, and it acts like the precise ideal of the animal. I watch in fascination as it sings a song and takes off. After the bird takes off, I redirect my attention to something else with little afterthought. I feel very present.

1:06 - It appears I have forgotten to use the bathroom before going on my trip. The normal discomfort I would experience from having a full bladder becomes all encompassing. Despite this, it is not entirely unbearable; my observation of it is more factual than it is emotion-laden. Because I am in a forest, I decide to use a side trail to relieve myself. Walking down the trail, I notice I am being followed by some questionable figure in a grey sweater. While this would normally be an object of anxious concern on other psychedelics, I find that any worry my mind tries to construct quickly becomes brushed off by the level-headed, jocose nature of the substance. I finish my business and begin walking out of the bush. The shrubs and trees, stuck in the limbo of early spring, are bizarre xenobiotic marvels of nature. I feel enclosed under the bubble of their canopies, and wish I could stay to explore. However, my restless, stimulated state limits my patience, and I quickly get back on my bike and out of the forest.

1:18 - My depth perception is beginning to falter, and the horizon seems to be moving towards me slowly. I stop for a drink of water, as I am ravenously thirsty. The pebbles on the ground effuse their essence, subtly pushing out of the ground and breathing with unusual colours as they bathe in the evening light. The sun looks to be atrophying, as though it might explode in a final fizzle of blazing white sand. Everything is coated by its tired glow, and the brightest surfaces are lined with an unnaturally brilliant white edge. This is just plain fun. The experience carries no cosmic connotations, unlike conventional psychedelic experiences. The day feels like less of a "gift from God", and more of an unusual moment in time to be catalogued in the back of my memories like the rest of the events of my life. My state of mind is remarkably neutral, and my body feels impervious to the strains of cycling.

1:37 - I recall a time I was on mushrooms some years ago and took the subway across town, which I found to be very enjoyable. I decide on a whim to recreate this experience and begin biking towards the nearest station. The "tryptamine blue" is starting to set in, as the pavement and other grey objects take on an exotic teal colour that estranges them from their surroundings. Events feel predestined, and my internal dialogue seems to match my physical sensations and surroundings more than usual. The terrain, which is now a steep hill, has become an object of determined fixation. I want to beat it down more than anything in the world, and I am pushing myself to my limit. I feel like I am burning up, and it feels righteous and mighty.

1:44 - I crawl into the subway and begin scribbling in my notebook. My body is roiling in the torrent of stimulation, my hands awash with tremors and tensions. The classic desire to yawn, so common in tryptamine experiences, has been mangled into a feeling of breathlessness. The subway is a stargate, and the lights in the tunnel pass at dizzying speeds. I am fundamentally uncomfortable in the most exhilarating of ways, and the disinterest of all the other subway passengers only serves to color the experience with a hilarious irony. Suddenly, the subway breaks free from its tunnel and onto a bridge. The sunset has deepened. Clouds blanket the sky in an eternal celebration of the earth, crying out in sorrowful reds and brilliant yellows and tired blues. The beauty is unbearable - I want to see a thousand sunsets and a thousand days, to feel joy and sadness and hope. I want to live.

2:02 - I exit the subway and continue biking. The restlessness and tremor immediately erodes once I am in motion. In fact, exercise seems to have more of a soothing effect than anything else. I am listening to the Girl From Ipanema through my headphones and having a "relaxing" bike ride, despite the fact that I am passing all the other cyclists on the road at blistering speeds. As I bike, the steadfast skyscrapers stand tiredly in the blue glow of a dead day. I am drawn to the way they frame the roads - the perspective shift is unusual and entertaining.

2:10 - I arrive back at my house and make a beeline for the bathroom. This is very unusual given how little water I have drank in the last few hours. I would recommend the intrepid psychonaut keep this in mind when taking this substance. Paired with its highly stimulating nature, dehydration could very easily occur. Anyways, I digress. The bathroom has become a very interesting place. It is now tinted green for reasons unknown. I get up to wash my hands, and the water feels icy and airy. Looking in the mirror is less surprising - I'm greeted by the same hearty young lad, this time carrying a wry grin and an expression of laser-like focus. As I get out of the bathroom, I realize that I haven't closed my eyes for a single second since taking this substance. Being the scientist I am, I promptly close them and have a look under the hood. The visuals are like crystal glaze pottery, flash-freezing into place. These little zaps of crystallinity are very satisfying to watch, and are coupled with gentle tingles across my arms and body. Checking my heart rate gives a BPM of 112. This is a little concerning, over 50bpm higher than my resting heart rate. The stimulation is still overbearing, and I am impressed that 5mg has me so altered.

2:31 - I get outside to go meet my girlfriend after work. After a short walk, I meet her at the bus station. She tells me that I have an undue vigor in the way I walk which is immediately perceptible to her. We continue walking home, and conversation comes easily to me. The only noticeable difference is that I am a bit more interruptive and quicker to get to the point. Every topic sputters like ball lighting inside my head, urging to be spoken. At this point, any complex visuals have dissipated entirely, and I am only left with some slight touchups on the vividness of colours. Any associative psychedelic patterns of thought have also disappeared. Some people say 5-MeO-MiPT is a stimulant with psychedelic properties rather than a psychedelic with stimulant properties, and this trial leaves me inclined to agree.

2:59 - We arrive home and I am starting to get apprehensive that sleep may be difficult tonight. I decide to scarf down a large amount of beans and rice. My appetite was surprisingly robust, and eating was no challenge. After eating, I settle for doing arbitrary bits of housework to give myself something physically involving to do. After a few minutes, my girlfriend interrupts me to tell me that she dropped something on the way home, endeavouring me to go find it. As I step out the door, I put in my headphones and start scrolling through songs. My mood is very malleable and changes capriciously with each song. I eventually settle on some thrashing noise rock. My steps lock into a warlike march, one which I feel I could sustain forever. I feel aggressive and competitive. Next time I take this substance, I will be sure to go to the gym and work out in a serious capacity. Unlike amphetamines, which give me a guileful speediness, this compound taps into a seemingly endless reserve of headstrong constitution, one which feels almost wrathful at times. This would undoubtedly be perfect for setting deadlift PRs.

3:33 - After a thorough search, I return home and continue doing chores. The stimulation is waning, and my thoughts no longer feel like an uncontrollable stream. I am no longer excessively talkative, but I still feel uncomfortable sitting still. I go to the bathroom again. My point on dehydration stands, it seems.

4:16 - I am definitely coming down now. I feel that classic tryptamine body glow combined with the feeling of being exhausted in a good, productive way. Getting to bed within the next two hours is beginning to feel like a realistic goal.

5:10 I begin reading a book in bed with my girlfriend. As I read, I slowly begin to tire out and lose focus - the tiredness comes in waves from my head to my toes. I eventually fall asleep. Although I don't know the time when this happened, I would guess it was roughly at T-6:00.

The next day was entirely ordinary. No aftereffects were observed, which I found to be quite remarkable given that the degree of stimulation this dose gave me brought me to the point of tremors, jaw clenching, and other assorted discomforts.

What a fascinating substance! Of all the tryptamines I have tried thus far (7 to date) this one is by far the most atypical of them all. The drug is visually simplistic and mentally focused. It feels less like a psychedelic, and more like moxie (hah) in powdered form. The stimulation stands apart from that of traditional stimulants as well, being more physical while remaining mentally grounded in nature. I would be curious to see if this substance mixes well with other psychedelics and dissociatives. If so, it would make an excellent adjunct to these compounds, bringing its unique psychedelic pep to the table. Further experimentation is required.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116433
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 2, 2022Views: 1,914
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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