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Works - It's All in Getting the Dosage
by The dread pirate rob
Citation:   The dread pirate rob. "Works - It's All in Getting the Dosage: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp116320)". May 7, 2022.

T+ 0:00
1 tsp oral Yohimbe (dried)
  T+ 0:00 1 tsp oral Yohimbe (dried)
  T+ 2:00 1 tsp oral Yohimbe (dried)


In the last half of my 40s I found myself dealing with some level of a relatively common problem - erectile dysfunction. A combination of lifestyle choices (alcoholism and all the good stuff that comes with it - Iím sober now, but it wasnít always that way) and medication prescribed to treat those choices (SSRIs), gave me a bit of ED.

When I say ED, I wasnít completely incapable, it was just a case of the boners just didnít come with the quality of my younger years and that lack of quality led to performance anxiety that ended up as a disaster between the sheets. I talked to Drs but it was ultimately embarrassing and while they seemed happy to prescribe SSRIs, etc, they seemed reticent to prescribe any ED drugs - time to look for an alternative.

After a bit of research, I came across Yohimbe. It was pretty easy to find online, so I purchased some raw bark powder. I later learned it was illegal, but it took me all of 30 seconds to find it online. It arrived. It looked fairly innocuous, sort of like cinnamon powder. Iíd done some research, so I was pretty cautious of it, so I started low. Whenever my wife made it apparent she had a certain itch that needed scratching I would try some. I would take a small amount of bark (1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, so on and so forth) and see what happened. First few times, I didnít really notice anything and was starting to think that maybe Iíd been ripped off. Then it worked!Ö..and it definitely wasnít psychosomatic either.

This is what happened (without going into too much detail). It became apparent that my wife was definitely going to jump my bones that night as soon as the kids were in bed, so late in the afternoon I thought ďScrew it, Iíll give the Yohimbe another tryĒ. I took a full tsp - just spooned it out and dumped it in my mouth and washed it down with water. It doesnít taste bad or good, a slight bitterness and a taste of tree bark.

The first tsp was around 7:30. I waited a while, and no effects good or bad, so I repeated the tsp.
The first tsp was around 7:30. I waited a while, and no effects good or bad, so I repeated the tsp.
Again, waited a while (cause Iím still cautious) and after about a half hour I noticed I felt alert and energized, but no effect other than that. Around 9:30 was the final dose - another tsp.

Around 10:30, my wife appeared as predicted and jumped into bed with a twinkle in her eye. Well, holy shit, as soon as things started I knew something was different. The boner was there, and it wasnít just any normal middle age dude boner, it was a ďback to age 18 random, unstoppable bonerĒ. It didnít just appear, it definitely arose in response to being with my wife, but it was different. Things happen, I didnít have to worry about it, it was just there and I was in complete control as to how long it all lasted and I enjoyed it all. My wife was very happy.

Hereís the thing, after everything had gone down and we were lying in bed chatting, 15 minutes later she decides to get up and go do somethingÖ..and I decided ďno, stick around for round 2Ē, so 15 minutes later Iím able to go for a second round and itís equally amazing. I probably couldíve done a third round, but my partner in crime is done at this point.

I experienced no nausea, no sweating, nothing bad at all really. Only negative was that I was alert and awake like Iíd drunk some strong coffee for quite a while afterwards. It definitely works, it definitely does something thatís undeniable. At first I thought it was all in my head, but then the quick turnaround that I probably couldnít have managed even at age 17 definitely made me realize that there is something to this plant. I hope this helps somebody out, but Iíd say be careful with this; I get the strong sense that this is something that a person could overdo very easily and I donít know what the consequences of that would be.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2022Views: 345
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