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Best Trip of My Life
by Adaminion
Citation:   Adaminion. "Best Trip of My Life: An Experience with LSD (exp116200)". Mar 9, 2022.

T+ 0:00
52.5 mg oral LSD
  T+ 0:37 52.5 mg oral LSD
  T+ 1:06 105 mg oral LSD
  T+ 1:30 105 mg oral LSD
  T+ 5:45   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 7:15   smoked Cannabis


LSD trip, Saturday morning, starting at 5:00 AM!

I am drinking half a gallon of grapefruit juice over last night the day of the trip.
Magnesium supplements – 2.5 grams

T+0 52.5mcg – oral –LSD
T+0:37 – 52.5 mcg – oral-LSD
T+1:06 – 105 mcg – oral-LSD
T+1:30 – 105 mcg – oral-LSD

T+5:45 smoked a little bit of weed
T+7:15-smoked a little bit of weed

Setting – our quiet house, just me and my wife, phone off, a very peaceful atmosphere!

T+00 took half a tab. I'm testing a new batch of LSD, the tabs are supposed to be 105 micrograms but you can never tell for sure before you try. At the same time I am drinking grapefruit juice, overall about half a gallon of fresh organic juice. It slows metabolism of some drugs, my regular trips last very short (6-7 hours) so I extend them to 10+ with the juice. I'd been taking huge does of magnesium supplements for a few days as I remember my jaws grind a lot when tripping. Apart from grapefruit juice and magnesium I haven't been taking any drugs or medications for a while.

T+0:30 barely noticeable dizziness. It seems the tabs aren't too strong.
7+0:37 took another half
T+1:00 I feel slightly weird
T+1:06 took a second tab
T+1:30 I feel I need one more. Taking 3rd tab.
For now what I mostly feel is... being cold :-)

T+1:50 The trip is getting stronger. I needed to read lyrics to a song I was listening to, I turned on W-Fi for a second and somehow got text messages from work. It disrupted my peace, they want to exploit me 24/7 though I’m not “on call” and it’s my day off. I am suddenly overwhelmed by anger… the word “company” – shouldn’t it mean we enjoy each other’s company instead of being together just for money, but hating and lying to each other?

T+2:00 I put on headphones and blindfold, enjoy awesome music and amazing closed eye visuals!

T+3:00 now I can say I'm tripping balls! Amazing open eye visuals, the walls in the room switch from green to red, everything is moving! I think it's the strongest trip I've ever had and I feel great.

T+4:15 I come to realization how this world works. I create different versions of reality with each decision of mine. Let's say I have to turn left or right, I create two separate universes but my current consciousness stays with one only. Therefore with every choice I pick between love and fear and thus make my world either a bit better or a bit worse. I can choose love every time and thrive!

Again (similar to 2 other past trips) I perfectly understand quantum physics… how looking at things influences their state…

AMAZING VISUALS. I feel like I am inside a huge colorful metallic disco ball!

A thought pops up… To be happy you have to learn how to let go - everything including this life. Most people can't ever do it and even in their last minutes they try to hold on to everything. Many let go only mere seconds before death. I'll be happiest if let go right now.

T+4:45 I’m thinking about people I work with, people I meet… I decide to make more positive impacts in their lives.

T+5:00 I know this is by far the best of all trips I ever had (and I’ve had about 15).

T+5:45 my trip is getting weaker and I decide to smoke a little bit of weed, 1-2 small puffs

A few minutes later I am getting something called synesthesia. I can see sounds, I can hear colors. I see everything as floating energy and have a feeling I can see through walls and around me (though I am pretty sure now it was just a feeling). Weed plus LSD = WOW! I am putting on headphones and I can see sounds flowing through space… kind waves with sharp edges, flowing in a magnetic ocean. So cool!

T+5:50 words and terms are being diffused, they mix in my heads and suddenly none of them means anything. I am trying to write something but it's hard as words lose their meaning…
It doesn't matter what I'll write…

After the weed I have moments where I sort of (not totally) forget who I am and where I am but what's really cool is it doesn't bother me, I am really calm and happy.
After the weed I have moments where I sort of (not totally) forget who I am and where I am but what's really cool is it doesn't bother me, I am really calm and happy.
I think this peace comes with experience, if this happened on my second or third trip I would freak out.

Then suddenly I start feeling all of my senses on, let's say, molecular level. I take a bite of something and like in slow motion I can feel single nerves from my tongue hitting by brain and creating flavor. The same with vision, I see how patches of my rods and cones send signals to my brain and how my brain makes up an image.

Yes, MAKES UP, now I am absolutely sure our senses send us very little information; it's our mind that connects the dots and decides what we see. We can be easily fooled!

OH WOW I can see 5th dimension… at least the 4th !!! I see physical objects together with their timeline!

I am also absolutely certain (at the time, at least) that when focusing of something I can actually influence time flow. When I focus on present moment, time expands, when I focus on future, it shrinks! And then… I suddenly understand what God’s universal love is… it is sort of a frequency and by being still we're able to get in sync with that frequency. I am always able to hear it if I don’t rush, if I take some time and sit still.

T+6:50 I rule the universe! I actually rule MY UNIVERSE... In my universe I am the only GOD. Everything else is not quite real and depends on my perception. At least in this dimension.

T+ 6:55 I think I can move my consciousness away from my head. I am trying to go into my wife’s head but every time I point my attention at it, I hear some sort of grinding sound.
T+ 6:55 I think I can move my consciousness away from my head. I am trying to go into my wife’s head but every time I point my attention at it, I hear some sort of grinding sound.
I can't do it, at least at the moment.

T+7:00 Visuals are still amazing. When I look at my wife, I can see her face but everything around her is melting, looking like liquid metal in which she is floating.

I have moments in which I feel like I am not a separate being, I am united, everything is one, it's a kind of ego death, but what still amazes me most that it's my first time when I really am not scared at all.

I think I'd normally be worried my mind won't get back to normal but now I feel happy and I trust everything will go well, whatever will happen will be good for me.

T+7:15 I smoked a bit of weed again. I can see auras of all living creatures. I am looking at my wife and see she has different halos of different colors, surrounding her.

I can easily see her emotions, I have a feeling I can see her thoughts. I'm telling her that, she's asking me what she's feeling or thinking and I'm telling her.

I'm looking at a plant and I can swear I can see it breathing and I can sense its energy! It's so amazing!

T+8:00 I have a new kind of synesthesia, I can see sounds, and also see flavor... I am eating a delicious meal and again I can feel every synapse firing, bringing information from my nose and mouth and eyes to my brain.

If I could always eat with such an amazing mindfulness s I would never ever eat junk as now I know that junk food basically kills your senses with huge amounts of fat, sugar and salt just to get a lot of dopamine bursts.

T+9:00 I am looking at a movie and I can see now human faces are far from symmetric. On the TV screen they all look pretty ugly to me.

My trip is now fading a bit.

T+11:00 I’m listening to music and suddenly decide all songs I'll be composing I will start with the bass line! I’m asking my wife to help find one of our daughter’s vinyl records and I put it on. I am amazed with the quality of sound, high frequencies; the music is so alive to me as if I can see who’s playing and singing. I am asking my wife to get me a record player for my birthday :)

My trip is almost gone. No more visuals, I will go and listen to some music and cool down.

Then I get super hungry, eat like 2 different meals, 5 different snacks and 2 hours later drift to sleep, happy and fulfilled.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116200
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46 
Published: Mar 9, 2022Views: 565
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LSD (2) : General (1), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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