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Bizarre, Comical, Awe-Inspiring
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by lucky57
Citation:   lucky57. "Bizarre, Comical, Awe-Inspiring: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp116185)". Feb 22, 2022.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I'm about 6'5", so if you're looking at my weight thinking, "he must be fat," I'm just right on the edge of being in the "overweight" category, according to body mass index.

Used a small water pipe (bubbler) with a camper's mini-blowtorch, which I've heard is a very effective system, as the higher heat releases the Salvinorin-A more effectively. Looked at the recommended amount to place in the bowl and used only about 1/3rd of that amount, as I wanted only mild effects to start with. And despite the low dose, the effects were more profound and intense than any other hallucinatory experience I've had by far, including LSD, mescaline, hash, marijuana, and amanitas muscaria mushrooms.

Before using the salvia, drank 32 ounces of beer to help me relax, as I was a bit nervous about the drug, this being my first experience with it. Experience has taught me not to be too "cocky" about what I can or can't handle comfortably. Took a few deep breaths before lighting it so I'd be well-oxygenated and thus, perhaps able to hold the smoke in my lungs a bit longer. Did my best to imitate the method employed by other people (never used a water pipe before). Exhaled only a moderate amount of smoke after about 20-30 seconds.

Things slowly started whirling before my eyes just as I was setting the water pipe down on the table to my left, and by the time I'd actually set it down, it hit me strongly; very sudden onset. The top and edges of the table were crawling with very pleasant-looking snakelike objects in perfect order, and all extremely colorful. I smiled and said, "Wow," and thought to myself, "This is much more intense than anything I've ever experienced." This was outright, active, intense, "no-kidding" hallucination - and it continued to become stronger and more well-defined. I then said, "Oh, my God!" at the profundity of its beauty.

At this point, I lost all sense of where I was and what I was doing, and I was completely unaware of any sense of self - I was a free spirit floating in space, completely entranced by the vision of the tabletop, which, in hindsight, now seems as if it was a vast area of land viewed from space - crawling in such amazing precision with these amusing, brightly-colored, cartoonish, snakelike things. After what seemed like an eternity of blissful viewing, and with great effort, I turned my head to the right, where a clock hangs on the wall facing me (I was sitting on the edge of a bed). It has twelve little multi-colored balls mounted on metal rods in that retro-50's style. Each of the balls appeared to be constantly traveling from inside the wall, which appeared to be a very fluid, waterfall-like membrane, and the contact of each of the twelve balls with the wall created unbelievable colors as they traveled through that seemingly fluid membrane. At the same time, everything appeared as though my vision was being separated from reality (i.e., the clock on the wall) by some invisible plane - perhaps like a giant satin sheet or a glass lens - yet everything was so incredibly vibrant and crystal-clear. That doesn't seem to make sense in black-and-white, but when you're in the middle of the experience, it's more real than you can even imagine.

There were sensations throughout my body from head to toe that were sort of vibratory in nature - unlike the "rushes" I'd experienced with THC
There were sensations throughout my body from head to toe that were sort of vibratory in nature - unlike the "rushes" I'd experienced with THC
- sort of a squeezing sensation combined with the feeling that I was being drawn backwards by a gravitational pull. I became tired of resisting the pull & flopped back on the bed. It felt as if I had fallen hundreds of feet into a luscious pool of spongy marshmallow sauce like that "Fluff" brand. I lay looking up at the ceiling, feeling quite paralyzed and unable to move, with that feeling of being pulled backwards (now downwards) getting rather strong. My arms felt heavy, although I never tried to lift them up off the bed. I said, "Please.....let me get up," but it didn't really occur to me to try and move. I don't know how long this portion of the experience lasted, but it seemed like a very long time, and it was slightly unpleasant. Finally, I noticed that my vision was beginning to return to "normal" and the room was taking on its usual appearance. I finally mustered the will and strength to sit up. I looked around and, feeling somewhat tired by the intensity of it all, sat with my elbows on my thighs, my head hanging down, my eyes closed, with the visuals becoming less intense and well-defined. Another minute or two later (I was once again able to judge time as usual), I stood up with less effort than it had taken me to sit up on the bed. Felt dizzy. Noticed that ten minutes had passed since I took the hit in the water pipe. I would've guessed that the whole experience had lasted half that time although, while immersed in the salvia's effects, it had seemed like an eternal experience.

I have since used salvia another two times, with slightly increased doses. There was much less fear/anticipation in the matter on those occasions. The strange thing about it is that, unlike any other substance I've used, the experience is so profound and all-encompassing that I am unaware that I'm "under the influence." So whatever emotions I've experienced on salvia are quite raw and real - I'm unable to remind or comfort myself with the thought of "just go with the flow, you've got chemicals in your system." So I feel like salvia is the most intense and real experience with a hallucinogen I've ever had in my life by far. Thus far, I've just experienced and accepted everything I've encountered without the so-called "freaking out" phenomena.

I'd heard about people getting up and walking around and hurting themselves while on salvia, but I absolutely can't see that happening to me - I felt either too transfixed by my visions or completely weak and paralyzed to even consider getting up.
As mentioned, I used only 1/3rd of the recommended dose, and it "knocked my socks off." I'm 65 years old, moderately well-experienced with various substances, but this experience was the most intense yet.

Perhaps some people would be turned off by the fact that the experience provided by salvia is so brief, but that's one of its big selling points as far as I'm concerned. Another is the cost involved - 1 gram costs fifteen bucks, which I'm guessing would be enough for 25 (maybe more) doses, in my case - about 60 cents per dose.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116185
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 65 
Published: Feb 22, 2022Views: 1,402
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Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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