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Mental Clarity & Intense Body Sensations
by TrippingArthur
Citation:   TrippingArthur. "Mental Clarity & Intense Body Sensations: An Experience with 2C-E (exp116167)". Mar 8, 2022.

20 mg oral 2C-E


Mental clarity + Intense body sensations

This is my trip report on 2C-E. One of my goal when taking the substance was to write a good and accurate trip report. I'm a big fan of Shulgin's work. So before taking this substance I hit up my copy of Pihkal and read the 2C-E entry. I also read the entry on the psychonaut wiki.

It's 9pm and my mindset is rather calm. I decide to dose at 20mg. I have dosed this substance once before at 15mg, but then I decided to kick things up a notch and redosed with ~1500ug 25B-NBOH a few hours in. That was quite a ride but now I want a 'single substance' experience.

t+0.20: I begin to become aware of the substance. I have had no meal this evening which could explain the rapid onset. I'm listening to Sean Carroll's Mindscape, a podcast by a theoretical physicist. Earlier today I had an encounter with someone passionate about philosophy and science like me. I reflect upon what interests me in a specific moment and notice that's it highly influenced by the people I had encounters with recently. For instance when meeting people passionate about music, science, religion, computers, ... I tend to be more focused on those things the next days.

t+0.39: I'm definitely aware of it now. It's slowly building up intensity.

t+1.01: Some light visuals. Mentally I don't feel inebriated, which I commonly experience on psychedelics. I have no problems following the podcast which is about cognitive dissonance. The physical sensation on this drug is nice.

t+1.32: The visuals are quite prominent now. My train of thought does not appear to be altered at all. My pupils are quite widened at this point. The visuals are colorful and things slowly move in waves around me. The bodyload is intense, but is actually pleasant. Some nausea is setting in. I don't experience euphoria, like on 2C-B.

t+1.43: Things are becoming more intense now.

t+1.50: The nausea intensified a bit. My thoughts are still very clear. I feel something warm and pleasant inside me. I decide to go on a walk. That helps with the nausea and I generally like to do that while tripping.

t+2.45: I'm back from an intense walk. I had a little paranoia and fear during the walk as if someone was behind me all the time, although I was not very bothered by that. By this time the visuals are very present, which tends to be intensified when it's dark. I'm still thinking unusually clearly on a psychedelic substance. It's probably the most clearheaded psychedelic I have ever tried.
It's probably the most clearheaded psychedelic I have ever tried.
During that walk (and because of the show I listened to before that), I'm thinking about how biased I am when trying substances, because I read about them a lot before taking them. I realize what an excitement Shulgin must have experienced when trying new substances, given that there are no previous reports.

t+2.57: This drug is quite intense on the body but not unpleasant at all. If I had to describe the feeling it would be waves of tingling sensations starting from the neck moving downwards. It looks like I forgot to dim the candles at home before going on the walk. I need to be more careful next time, but it could be because of the drug that I'm sloppy.

t+3.16: I decide to lie down in a dark room with some music. The visual don't seem to be that strong anymore. I notice I'm not energized at all by this substance. I'm thinking about how I decided to take this substance today. It was not planned at all, although I did carefully weigh in whether it was appropriate. I guess I also decided doing this substance in the evening because visuals are nicer in the dark.

t+3.33: I'm hungry so I prepare some chicken and eat it. No nausea troubles after that so that's nice.

t+3.52: I have had no thought-loops at all thus far and the substance is pretty calming.

t+4.27: The intensity is slowly diminishing, at least visually. The bodily feelings are still very present. There is something weird about the visuals though. They are not the usual fractals or weird cartoonisch images, but highly detailed scenes. The scenes are quite immersed and contain a lot of memories. I also see a lot of human bodies.

t+5.24: I'm getting tired. This chemical is interesting and valuable. I don't think I would like it at parties, because it's not stimulating for me and does not seem to induce euphoria. I also don't think I would want a higher dose because I could image the bodily feeling becoming too strong.

t+8.00: The effects slowly faded until I fall asleep.

I generally agree with the comments made in Pihkal: not fun, but a valuable experience. I would like to repeat this one day.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116167
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Mar 8, 2022Views: 698
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2C-E (137) : Alone (16), General (1)

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