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One Month of Use
Citation:   CAPQ. "One Month of Use: An Experience with Mugwort (exp116093)". Feb 11, 2022.

  smoked Mugwort (dried)
  1 - 4 g oral Mugwort (tea)
    buccal Mugwort (dried)


One Month of Mugwort Use

I bought 4 oz of mugwort online because I heard that it can stimulate dream memory and also make them much more vivid. I had also got this herb because I have horrible luck with dealers and needed some sort of alternative to weed, this being the first attempt. This will be a general description of my experience over roughly 20 days of consuming daily.

I have consumed dried mugwort leaves in three ways: smoking, tea, and by sucking/chewing on it. I found that the best effects are when I did all three (most calming or dreamy effects). Personally, I really like how bitter it is, hence I am fully ok with chewing on it.
I really like how bitter it is, hence I am fully ok with chewing on it.

I have not had a whole lot of dream recall my entire life. Mugwort has helped a little, but for me, some but not a lot. Enough to mention though I guess. I've had probably 10 dreams so far which is pretty damn good for me. Personally, I believe that the dissociation involved in dreaming and the symbolic messages one may receive are important to mental health and well being as well as provide insight that you may not otherwise get from reality.

The mild buzz that I can get is nice though. In the beginning, I just smoked a few bowls of mugwort and occasionally smoked a one hitter of weed along with it. Sometimes I would combine mugwort with tobacco, as it smooths the tobacco smoke. Later in the 20 day period, I started to roll joints of mugwort and maybe some tobacco to even out the burn. Overall, smoking mugwort to me is just OK. It's more for the experience of smoking but does also have some soothing effects.

I then started to experiment with tea as well because I heard that if you smoke it as well as drink the tea it is more likely to induce the dreaming properties. I really like the tea, although it is very bitter and would completely understand if someone else would not enjoy it. I would barely boil some water, just before it starts bubbling too much (I also heard that terpenes can be evaporated from steam but I don't know if this is true). Then, I would take 1-2 grams (4 in some cases when I was really trying to get a dream, albeit didn't particularly matter in my case), and put it into a travel coffee cup to steep. The cup kept the water hot for a long time, up to around an hour. Sometimes I would let it steep that long to ensure that I would drink before sleeping for maximum effect, but after drinking more mugwort tea it really only takes about 10 minutes to steep. In my experience, if I drink the tea multiple times in a day, it may cause a slight stomach ache. Otherwise, it has similar hunger suppressant to coffee. Overall, the soothing effects of the tea are greater than smoking, but doing both can be nice.

Now, I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but after making the tea it just seemed inefficient in how much went into each brew. In some places mugwort is used as a spice in foods so I thought why not try chewing on it? Now, don't get me wrong, it's still incredibly bitter. But, I found that a pinch of mugwort in my lip and sucking on it can produce about the same effects as a tea.

In my experience, Mugwort or Cronewort, is a pretty safe herb and I would need to consume a pretty unenjoyable amount to have any really adverse side effects. The experience that I got was mostly relaxing, and after consuming over the course of a few hours, sometimes energizing. It feels like life is a little more dream-like and it kind of takes the edge off but never to a "fucked up" extent. Very mild no matter which way I consume it, or even if I do all ways at the same time. Consuming when waking up can be a little trippy but also nice. Pairs well with weed, alcohol, and tobacco. I like it a decent amount but it can't completely replace regular intoxicants, as the herb does not get me high. It is very cheap though and can be a nice supplement if I want to blow some smoke. I would like to grow a plant of mugwort one day.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116093
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Feb 11, 2022Views: 807
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