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Three Fruitless Attempts
Citation:   Psychestim. "Three Fruitless Attempts: An Experience with DET (exp116052)". Feb 4, 2022.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral DET (capsule)
  T+ 1:15 18 mg oral DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:45 20 mg vaporized DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:38 1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:08 1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 23:50 20 mg vaporized DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 24:01 25 mg vaporized DET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 29:50 660 ml oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 114:48 1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 124:12 90 mg oral DET (capsule)
  T+ 125:32 35 mg oral DET  
  T+ 127:02 8 mg oral 4-HO-MET  
  T+ 0:00   oral Coffee (daily)
If you want to skip the three following trip-reports and come straight to the conclusion, scroll all the way down.

Background information:

- gender: male
- age: 24
- weight: 77 kg
- setting: at home
- set: feeling good, spent the holidays with the family and had a lot of fun with my friends.
- tolerance: none, I abstained from psychedelics for a little over a month.

The DET HCl was made by a friend of mine, lab-tested and verified to be the expected substance. UHPLC-MS also detected unspecified amounts of DMT and two other unknown synthesis byproducts. I still figured the risk of taking the DET (+ the others) was relatively low, as DMT is not orally active without an MAOi, and the two unknowns also share an indole pharmacophore.

The HCl salt was an off-white powder when I first got it but it quickly oxidized to a beige color. Upon reading its TiHKAL entry again I noticed that Shulgin actually mentioned that the HCl salt of DET is rather unstable, so thats a bummer Anyway, the powder now looks similar to other tryptamine fumarate salts, and DMT freebase. The DPT HCl, which I also got from my friend, remained white and shows no sign of oxidation. My friend has already tried the DET and has not reported on any ill effects so I figured 50mg (p.o.) was a safe place to start. He also said that handling the freebase material without gloves apparently led to unexpected sensory changes a few times, which I found interesting.

On a side-note, I have only tried DMT (vaporized) two times before that, so Im somewhat unexperienced with base tryptamines.

I had breakfast 5 hours prior to dosing. I did a little home workout after that, so my stomach was pretty much empty when I took the DET. No other substances were consumed this day, except for a cappuccino in the morning and my daily vitamin D3 supplement.

DET (68-88mg (in total), oral/vaporized // 1st trial (03/01/22)):

T:00:00: 50mg capsule swallowed, at 04:12 PM.

T:00:07: My stomach is working, I feel the capsule decomposing already. I haven't eaten for quite a while, so thats not too surprising.

T:00:48: I hardly notice any physical changes, but mentally a pleasant, familiar warmth washes over me. I feel deeply relaxed, the workout I did earlier must have paid off.

T:01:05: Relatively little is happening so far. There is a complete absence of visual effects, besides a psilocybin-like sedation I experience no somatic effects either. My mind is absolutely clear and my thought processes are unimpaired. I do, however, feel very good. This substance has been very friendly and pleasant so far. I feel no physical side effects at 50mg, but to be fair, I dont feel much of anything at all.

T:01:15: I weigh out another 18mg chunk and swallow it. The taste reminds me a lot of DMT, maybe because there is a tiny amount in it? Probably not.

Depending on how the intensity increases I might try smoking some DET HCl in a meth pipe later. There is no data on the boiling point of DET HCl online and I have had only moderate success with smoking DMT freebase via this route, but since methamphetamine HCl and DET HCl have a similar melting point of about 170℃, I figured I might have a little more luck here.

T:02:10: I am still in a very benign and almost ignorable tryptamine high. Until now, the substance has been quietly roaming in the back of my head. I don't know if the redose did anything, but as a precaution I'm still going to wait a bit longer before loading up the pipe.

My mind is at ease, the headspace reminds me a great deal of low-dosed DMT. As a phenethylamine lover, I have to say that it is refreshing to do tryptamines every once in a while, especially since I found most of the ones Ive tried much more tolerable, physically. No nausea, no bodyload, no temperature dysregulation, or any other annoying side-effects!

Im currently listening to some Pink Floyd and the music seems to be unaltered, but I do find it very enjoyable to listen to.

T:02:44: After a nice, 20 minute meditation, I will now give an alternative route of administration a chance. I have placed 20mg of the HCl salt in an oil burner and will try to vaporize it.

T:02:46: The taste is very similar to DMT freebase. Disgusting, but Ive tasted worse.

T:02:47: Heart rate has increased rapidly. I have a weird taste on my tongue, like a mix of menthol and burnt plastic. The whole room smells like this now. No noticeable effects as of yet.
T:02:47: Heart rate has increased rapidly. I have a weird taste on my tongue, like a mix of menthol and burnt plastic. The whole room smells like this now. No noticeable effects as of yet.

T:02:52: Still no noticeable effects.

T:03:02: A slight internal warmth and a pleasant tingling sensation in my neck and head (re)emerged. Possibly placebo? Some visual drifting is noticeable in my peripheral vision, but still very minor. With my eyes closed, nothing is happening. I don't think I got much out of those 20mg.

T:03:10: My attempt to smoke the salt was not successful. The boiling point of DET HCl is either too high for the oil burner, or I somehow failed to smoke it properly. Either way, I will try smoking some off foil tomorrow, maybe Ill get a better result. If not, then I still have freebasing as my last resort.

T:04:00: My little daze is slowly coming to an end. The comedown is very soothing and euphoric, feels similar to a DMT comedown, although more drawn-out. A feeling of contentment and completeness has come over me.
In the meantime, my roommate has cooked us dinner. He joins me in my room, we eat together, and watch some TV.

T:04:32: Basically back to baseline. My mood is still uplifted and my emotions are amplified.

The day after:

T:15:58: I woke up at 08:10 AM, after ~7 hours of intermittent sleep. My roommate and I spent yesterdays evening with watching cartoons and doing a bit of racemic ketamine. We both had two 50mg lines at 09:50 PM (T:05:38) and 10:20 PM (T:06:08) and went to sleep at 00:30 AM (T:08:18). It was a fun night, but nothing to write home about. The ketamine seemed to be unaffected by the DET I had earlier. I feel a bit tired now, but nothing a cup of coffee cant fix.

T:17:00-xx: Studying was more difficult than usual. I couldnt really stay focussed on my tasks and constantly switched my attention to something else. I attribute that more to the ketamine and the unrestful sleep though, rather the DET. I also went for a short run, which worked out just fine.

Background infos:

- -//- (see above)
- tolerance: unsure, maybe a little. Base tryptamines usually dont build up tolerance immediately, unlike most of the other psychedelics, and DET is probably no exception to this.

As always, I had a cup of coffee in the morning, my daily vitamin D3 supplement, and a tablet of Ginkgo + Ginseng extract. For further information on what I did during the day, check the *The Day After* section above.

DET (45mg (in total), vaporized) // 2nd trial (04/01/22)):

T:-00:20: I form a little spoon out of aluminum foil, weigh out 20mg of the hydrochloride salt and sprinkle it on top. I put my little construct back down on the table and do a guided meditation.

T:00:00: Its 05:02 PM, this was my first time smoking a substance using aluminum foil and it worked out decently well, I guess. The DET quickly melted into an orange puddle and smoke started to build up immediately. I did not get all the vapor in, as it was very unpleasant to inhale, but I definitely feel something building up now. Theres that weird, rubbery menthol taste again, it sticks to my mouth and lips. Feels toxic, Im not keen on trying this method more often.

T:00:03: Yesterday's warmth and contentment come over me again. My body is relaxed and slowly the funny taste in my mouth disappears. My roommate just came over to my room and asked me to close the door because the stench of the burnt DET is so strong.

T:00:09: The aluminum foil is definitely more effective than the meth pipe, however I still think I wasted a bunch of material. A person who is familiar with this technique will certainly have more success with this than me.

T:00:11: DETs duration of action is definitely longer than that of vaporized DMT. No visual effects, not even slight visual disturbances. I will now weigh out 25mg and give it another shot.

T:00:20: Smoke is even more unpleasant than before. I have to cough. Effects are increasing again. The come-up doesnt seem to be as rampant and intense as the one from DMT. Its seems more gradual, although this might be attributed to the lack of visual effects and the different dosage. I have an annoying lump in my throat and the taste of burnt plastic lingers in my mouth. The effects are very hard to classify because they are so subtle. I think I will freebase the DET for my next vaporization attempt to experience its full effects.

T:00:38: I am in a comfortable plateau stage. The DET is working, however, similar to yesterday, it is doing its thing in the background. I notice some slight acuity enhancement and Im in a slow and peaceful headspace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this experience, I am just surprised by how mild the DET is in comparison to something like DMT and DPT (supposedly). Im very curious to see what its like at a higher dose and if it changes character. Since my first two experiences with it turned out to be so light, I'll probably give it another go in the next few days, but most likely with a higher, oral dose.

T:01:06: Effects are wearing off. My whole room smells like a shoebox that has been freshly opened, but much more pungent.

T:01:28: The effects have died down drastically. I don't feel like tolerance got in the way of this experience. I think this substance is just very gentle in comparison to other psychedelics, but lets wait for further trials.

T:02:13: I feel sober now. My mind is clear and I have a nice after-glow, just like yesterday.

T:06:00: I knew from previous tryptamine experiences that small amounts of alcohol on the comedown (or in this case, already sober) synergized very well, so I drank two 0.33l beers (6% alc.). As expected, it was euphoric and made me very cheerful, moreso than alcohol would on its own. I was very talkative and had an overall strong sense of well-being. Ive had similar results with psilocybin, metocin, and smoked DMT + alcohol.

T:07:30: Went to bed at around 00:30 AM.

The day(s) after:

T:14:58: Alarm woke me up at 08:00 AM. Im a bit fuzzy-headed and tired. Emotionally I feel pretty good.

T:22:00: God, that awful smell is still everywhere. Please be aware of this, if you plan on smoking this stuff. My furniture, my clothes, everything reeks of burnt DET.

T:48:00: I can still smell the DET in my room

Background infos:

- -//- (see above)

I took one gram of phenibut HCl in the morning (11:00 AM), alongside a cup of coffee and my vitamin D3 supplement. My girlfriend did the same, except for the vitamin D3. She decides against taking DET, but still wanted to trip so I gave her a dose of 4-HO-MET with which shes already familiar with.

We both did a full body workout three hours prior to dosing. Afterwards we had a light meal consisting of salad, vegetables, halloumi and a few slices of walnut bread. We meditated for around 20-30 minutes and made ourselves a ginseng, ginger, chili tea.

DET (125mg (in total), oral) // 3rd trial (08/01/22)):

T:00:00: Its exactly 08:00 PM, I swallow a capsule containing 90mg DET HCl. My girlfriend ingests 20mg 4-HO-MET fumarate.

T:00:20: My girlfriend already notices first sensory changes, I do not.

T:00:50: Lots of yawning. I sense a small shift in my thought patterns. That stoney body-high of DET sets in, reminds me of psilocybin mushrooms although much lighter.

T:01:10: Not much is going on, thinking about taking more.

T:01:20: I swallow another 35mg, totalling up to 125mg, but I dont know how much tolerance comes into play.

T:01:25: Gf insufflates an additional 7mg of 4-HO-MET.

T:02:00: Were watching a live-concert of Hans Zimmer on YouTube. The music sounds absolutely fantastic although unaltered. My girlfriend is enjoying herself a lot, but Im a bored by the effects. Theres just not much going on, again.

T:02:25: No increase of effects. I could easily drive right now, probably even sleep if I tried to. Going to eat an orange and stop taking notes now, I really dont have much to say.

T:02:50: Girlfriend and I both insufflate 8mg 4-HO-MET, but Im not expecting much.

T:05:20: This is absolutely hilarious. I have a stronger bodyload, stronger visuals and much greater euphoria from 8mg 4-HO-MET (IN) than from the 125mg DET
I have a stronger bodyload, stronger visuals and much greater euphoria from 8mg 4-HO-MET (IN) than from the 125mg DET
, so tolerance isnt the issue. Three hours after that tiny bump and Im still having a blast, 4-HO-MET is just fantastic!

The day after:

T:14:30: Woke up at 10:30 AM, slept pretty well, maybe because of the phenibut I had yesterday. God bless 4-HO-MET! Such a miniscule amount and I laughed my balls off for a solid two hours. What a great compound, dont know if I can say the same about DET.


Hm, where do I begin. Theres a few possibilities why the DET had such little effect on me but the one that comes to mind first is, of course, purity. Unfortunately, the testing facility did not quantify the DET and the other substances, so its entirely possible that I consumed a bunch of inactive crap and too little DET. Another possibility would be that DET gets metabolized differently from person to person. For example, some people seem to get good effects from oral DPT, while others dont. I think its possible this applies to DET as well, or I am just more tolerant to its effects than others.

The effects that I did notice, however, were pretty nice. The duration of action is about 2-4 hours for peroral and 1-3 hours for vaporization. It offers a similar warmth to other tryptamines and is physically comfortable. Its rather sedating and the experience is entirely absent of any visual effects. The headspace reminds me of a low-dose of DMT, and the comedown + after-glow are also very DMT-esque, just way lighter in all aspects. Peroral wasnt really an effective ROA for me, so I would give vaporization another go, BUT I would use the freebase and smoke it in a well-ventilated room where I dont have to sleep, because that smell sticks around for a long time. I still had olfactory hallucinations/delusions of that smell three days later, where it just randomly hit me out of nowhere.

Anyway, if you somehow get ahold of DET HCl, you want to vaporoze it, and youre too lazy to freebase it first, you have to find an alternative vaporization device than the oil-burner. In my experience it doesnt really work, but maybe I just did it wrong.

I will probably not try my DET HCl again, but I would give a different batch a chance in the future if it were to present itself. Im still very curious about smoking the freebase at some point.

Thanks for reading,

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116052
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Feb 4, 2022Views: 1,552
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