The Pasture
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by Max
Citation:   Max. "The Pasture: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp115979)". Jan 4, 2022.

  1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
TLDR @ bottom

Personally, I am not spiritual or think anything much beyond life, I have taken salvia 5 times at this point, and at the fifth time, I would consider I broke through, and here is my experience.

I was at a small get-together with some friends and we drank a little. After a few passed out, I was awake with a good friend and he has trip sat me on 2 other trips so I decided that I wanted to try going to a bigger dose of salvia, possibly a little tipsy. But, nonetheless, I was comfortable.

First Trip

So, he helped me prepare and get a bong set up for the trip. We set up, and I had a small pinch of 20x salvia and we were sitting on a bed. I took the hit and held it in as long as possible. I exhaled and looked down, trying to feel what was happening. As soon as I exhaled and looked down, the inner parts of my thighs started to get that static feeling you get when something is numb/asleep, but for some reason, I was thinking that each of the static "bits" was a red or green person climbing over my body. At the same time, I am trying to explain this feeling to my friend but I forget my friend is there so I am talking to myself at this point. I hear him chuckle a little and realize who I am and what is happening before slipping away. I fall backwards laughing at what is happening and the feeling of numbness/sleeping climbs up my chest, so this means that the little red and green dudes were running on my chest. As I was falling, it felt like gravity was heavier, or it was the weight of the little guys. When I fell back, I started to sober up and that was the end. I wanted to go a little further, so I waited and what happened next was awesome.

Second Trip (Breakthrough?)

So, I load up two pinches this time and get on the bed [with a view into the open door of the bathroom to another door]. As I hit the bong and I am trying to keep the smoke in my mouth as long as possible, I think "how funny would it be if the box and the two rectangles suddenly became a person." (With the box being the head and the rectangle becoming a square (on the door furthest away from me)). I then start to lean forward and close my eyes and the open door closest to me becomes repeating and I only see the door and I am falling through it. At this point, I have forgotten everything around me, even the fact that I took the drug, but I only realized it after becoming sober. So as I am falling through this infinitely reoccurring doorway, I suddenly am an observer of a pasture. I see a bright green pasture with a fence running along the grass keeping some cows behind it. I then assume that I am the sun?

Suddenly, a snapshot happens and everything becomes still. I start to see that the pixels of this still image start to become their own lives and 3 of them at a time would separate into a strip and start peeling towards the sun, (me). During this, I had an indescribable feeling, the most I could compare it to was that everything was vibrating. While they were peeling, they would be looking at me saying "it's my time to go!!!" and say goodbye to the other pixels next to them, as if they were happy to finally leave. So, strip by strip they were peeling away, saying their farewells. I then start to "feel" the left side of my body once again, and I realize that oh shit I am a person and I remember taking a drug, and know it will be over soon. I start to fall to the left and I fell off the bed, but it was a small fall and nothing happened so I am good. I start to hear my trip sitter saying that it will be alright and it's only been a few minutes.
I start to hear my trip sitter saying that it will be alright and it's only been a few minutes.
At this point, it is hard to determine how much time has passed and I am laughing. I then start to calm down again and picture myself as the cow this time in the pasture rather than the sun. I then suddenly see 16 pixels arranged in a square, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle and colored brown and white. They start to fold into what looked like a cow and I exclaimed out loud "I'm a cow!". I then feel something behind me and I started to melt into whatever I was touching. I then start to slowly sober up and come to my senses and my trip sitter explains everything from his perspective.

Trip Sitter Perspective

I was on the bed, and suddenly after exhaling I started trying to explain the experience saying "doors doors doors" (this is probably the infinite doors I was falling through) and eventually, it sounded like I wanted to say 4 words but I could only say 1, so everything started sounding like gibberish and nothing made sense. (by the way, I don't remember saying anything during the trip other than the "I'm a cow" part.) At some point, I later said "everyone is looking at me" and started laughing really hard (this is probably the pixels looking at me and being really happy :D). As I fall to the left near the bed, I tell my friend that I appreciate him so much for watching over me. After, I exclaim that I am a cow, and he says that it lasted all about 4 minutes and was worried that I went insane, but after a bit, I was normally sober. As we talked through what he saw, I completely forgot that I ever experienced being a cow until he brought it up to me. Kinda like memories where you don't normally remember it until someone brings it up to you?


This experience was a lot of fun and I am happy that I tried it, I would definitely want to try again and I am hopeful for my next experiences. I always had the question before trying salvia if it would be a very vivid POV experience or a dream experience, and to me, it was the dream experience. r

TL;DR: breakthrough dose made me imagine 3 shapes becoming a person, then a doorway infinitely reoccurring into a portal to me becoming a sun overlooking a pasture of cows and a fence. to then pixels looking up at me while "peeling" off of the scene towards me and saying goodbye to their fellow pixels. I then fell and started to feel like a cow. I then melted a little bit into what I was feeling and went back to normal.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115979
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 4, 2022Views: 610
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