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The New King
Citation:   Etazhi. "The New King: An Experience with MXiPr (exp115934)". Dec 11, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated MXiPr (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 60 mg insufflated MXiPr (powder / crystals)
[This report may be describing an experience also described in the first part of Report #115940 by the same author.]

Start off by saying I'm a fat k head. I've tried many a dissos heres a list for reference so u can take my vouch for mxipr as serious. Other dissos I've done:

DXM - loved it as a teenager, but I barely get high off the stuff even at 750mg doses as to where I'd be smashed for 10 hours off 750mg at 15. Goodtimes lol.

Classic Keta - (all forms, sugar, needle shard, racemic and S, etc.) - classic not much to say.

Tiletamine - pure form is available in my country. LOVE THIS SHIT. Among my fav dissos. (Ps stay hydrated cuz thats when I got headaches) SUPER WOBBLEY BOIS GO

DCK - love this more than k its just sourcing it is a bitch but dck over keta any day. Have yet to hole on it though.

2F-DCK - love smoking this but fuck me it hurts.

3-Cl-PCP - fucking dope chem, smooth to smoke, decent high.

3-MeO-PCE - was warm and nice but I liked 3clpcp better though I havent tried many pcx analogs I got a fair idea from 3meopce and 3clpcp and I jusr generally dont enjoy them as much.

Diphenedine - just an uninteresting chemical, got unpleasant at higher doses but I just stuck to small doses and it was meh.

Ephenedine - not good but not bad, has neat visuals for a disso.

Methoxphenedine - horrible chem, stay away. Hellscape of ur conciousness rotating constantly.

Nitrous - fun but fuck the headaches.

Finally mxipr;

00:00 mins - take 30mg IN

01:00 mins - effects become noticable, slight increase in mood, clear headed but dissociated. Feeling good

10:00 mins - I'm starting to come up and its extremely pleasant, kinda like nitrous giggles but without the headaches

30:00 mins - take additional 60mg IN (keep in mind I had gone through a quarter ounce of K, 2 grams of dck, and a lot more of other dissos in the recent months but even w the break after the k binge and then finishing 2 grams of dck, taking 100mg total, even spaced apart, was alot. But I enjoyed it so unlike other chems I'd be less wary)

40:00 I feel the come up of the second dose. The effects are amazing. Warm body sensations everywhere. My whole head felt encompassed in a warm blanket and it felt like my depression was being drained out of my brain and being replaced with pure content. Not the fake happiness euphoria of opiates and such but like a psychedelic experience whree I felt emotionally relieved.

1.5 hours - I'm peaking, I am at a soulful bliss and yet I'm reliving past traumas but seeing them through a lens of an outsider.
1.5 hours - I'm peaking, I am at a soulful bliss and yet I'm reliving past traumas but seeing them through a lens of an outsider.
I see all my mistakes, my misfortunes, my whole life reenacted in my mind and I observed it all with pure zen judgement and made peace with so much trauma and my mental state that I literally cried not out of sadness but pure happiness. I felt so happy and at peace with life it was like no other drug.

3 hours - after the peak I'm just left in a blissful zen with the occasional revisit to my past or some personal issue or such all with zen and acceptance.

4 hours - I'm sober and unlike any other drug I've taken except psychs, especially for dissos it was suprising I didnt have an itch for it. I literally looked at the bag, poured some out, made a line. And I was like, No I dont need this right now, I really have like no feeling or desire to do more, I've never had such self control with a substance. Especially not from being so satisified with the experience that I'm content after being sober.

I of course finished the rest of the bag but I did so spread out over two weeks. All with high doses and each time I had a tiny part be like "more" then my brain just saying "no, why? Just smoke weed that was good enough"

Tldr; MXiPr will rule them all.

An additional note that came to mind after finishing writing so I'll stick it here. Another psychonaut who sniffed an mxe like analouge (I think dmxe but it mightve just been mxipr) described the smell as that of pokemon cards and HOLY FUCK YES THATS EXACTLY WHAT ITS LIKE!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115934
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Dec 11, 2021Views: 1,575
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MXiPr (923) : Alone (16), Depression (15), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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