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Vivid CEVs and Blissful Relief
4-HO-MET & Cannabis
by Etazhi
Citation:   Etazhi. "Vivid CEVs and Blissful Relief: An Experience with 4-HO-MET & Cannabis (exp115932)". Dec 18, 2021.

20 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  


4-Ho-MET: Vivid mental images and gentle relaxation.

Metocin as it is coloquially known as, or also by its chemical name; 4-Hydroxy-MethyEthylTryptamine or juust 4 HO MET, is a research chemical and novel psychedelic tryptamine.

It’s a fairly popular choice among RC users but it is however rarely encountered outside that subcommunity. Most of the time, it is taken because of a lack of access to other drugs. However in my case that is not true, as I have access to literally any drug I've wanted from 2CB, mescaline, LSD, shrooms, DMT, ketamine, cocaine, Hydromorphone, oxycodone, codeiene, morphine, etc. All for reasonable prices.

In my case, I like to take different RCs to expand my experience of the psychedelic spectrum, however this was limited until a year ago due to both my lack of money as well as age restrictions put in place by most vendors. However now those arent a problem.

Now I have a few experiences with the chemical, 4 total, three smoking the chemical and the final time orally. This chemical IS smokable, but it is rather wasteful as one needs a higher than oral dose as well as it lasts significantly shorter. So my glowing experience wasn’t until I took it orally. However a few notable things for smoked should be mentioned, on top of the novelty of smoking a tryptamine and having it be active at that ROA, the chemical is notably gentle yet visual even when smoked. The headspace is a bit clearer than orally and is much more managable (though it already is despite ROA) due to its short duration. It is in my opinion more stoning/sedating when smoked.

That’s all really for the smoked ROA really so I will continue to my final, or rather my last experience currently until I repeat it again.

During this experience I feel its important to mention my set and setting. I had recently found myself in a spiral into isolation and depression. It seems that both the old glow of life that gave me passion for my hobbies had died due to the stress and isolation of the pandemic and lockdowns as well as losing many close family, as well as my direction in life falling just as astray. I used to be a motivated student and academically minded person, as well as a gifted writer, poet and songwriter amongst general proficiency in academic writing it seemed before the pandemic I had it all figured out. However because of the pandemic as well as the many Injustices brought to the forefront of public consciousness like racism, police brutality, worker rights, wealth disparity, class antagonism and violence by the state. All topped with the spread of fascism and its rise in American and Canadian politics, leading to a rise of domestic terrorism, hate crimes and even a few lynchings (only wit a gun and not a rope these times) I had become disillusioned to what used to be a dream of properly following the systems of educating oneself then studying and getting a degree to secure a job and ultimately leave the miserable conditions of poverty. Now I had no hope for this beyond the small glimmer of hope that comes with organizing with your peers. Yet police violence as well as violence by fascist groups at protests and even memorial marches for things such as the incident with george floyd, or the adam toledo shooting. All these ailments of our society, all of it takes a toll on the mind of even the most seasoned of activists.

I wasn’t quite at my burnout point but I was close to it, to finally reach it a few months later, just a couple weeks before I'm writing this report.

I decided to try 4 HO MET as shrooms and 4aco both gave me intense come up anxiety which often made most of the trip negative.
I decided to try 4 HO MET as shrooms and 4aco both gave me intense come up anxiety which often made most of the trip negative.
It had been this way for almost a year now. My use of psychs decreased, then my use of dissociatives skyrocketed.

I was living a life of hedonistic isolation from society and my family and friends. It was the exact opposite of what my value systems centered around before my downward spiral. My ego was inflated and the insights I gained from the past 3 years if using psychs had dissipated behind my self indulgent and hedonistic lifestyle. But this trip had returned me to my quest to take more psychedelics and return to my domain of self improvement and introspection, one that would lead to my ego being returned to its weak and humbled state it was in before pandemic.

Anyways now to the trip for real this time

I measured out on my milligram scale, 20mg of 4HOMET and put it on a rollie, a raw paper if I remember correctly but it may have been a ziggy to be honest. I popped it in my mouth and washed it down on water. I smoked a bowl and put on youtube.

It wasn’t too long before I began tripping. Maybe about 20 minutes, I smoked a bowl and it immediately increased the visuals. The death of any anxiety soon set in. It was relieving, the most relieving effect of a tryptamine I've had in a long time. It is only one upped by the time I had an anxiety attack after being confronted by my mother and then going to trip with my friends who were at a sleep over at our house, and we sat outside at 5 am for a few hours as I panicked. I then hit my friends nic vape, I believe it was a juul or a breeze and immediately my anxiety left my body. This was much the same only without nicotine this time and maybe a bit slower.

I spent the next hour and a half just blissfully taking in the experience. For the first time in forever I could enjoy a tryptamine trip genuinely in a long time. So I simply absorbed the nostalgic feeling of being stoned a tryptamine, even if the mental stoning was less pronounced, one is unmistakably stoned on 4 HO MET, I then proceeded to peak around an hour and 30 minutes into my dose. “huh that’s rather quick I thought” and as I was thinking this to myself I closed my eyes while laying down and as my head rested for a few seconds with my eyes closed I unmistakably saw a clear and vivid image of my crappy little plastic neon green ‘dresser’ which was really a shitty container unit I stuffed full of wires, old highschool and college papers, some trinkets and other garbage I hoarde. While not a particular problem I do have trouble letting go of rather useless items. Though to my credit its no where near as bad as in shows or how one may think. At most my collection of useless items doesn’t exceed a small space roughly the size of medium sized cabinet, and that’s at worst. During this experience it was only 3 tiny drawers of useless wires and computer parts I wanted to salvage capacitors and resistors from someday for god knows what. Some old college essays I might turn to video essays for a college portfolio so I guess its not exactly completely useless but id by lying if I said these were absolutely necessary items that id be devastated to lose in a fire. They’re just things I think I might need later. Even if its one of my rarely practiced hobbies like electronics

This image of my dresser remained in my head, when I opened my eyes I confirmed I was facing the opposite wall on the opposite end of my room so it was impossible that this wasn’t a closed eye visual. Nothing has ever given me such a vivid mental image to look at with my eyes closed. I honestly could not tell if I was opening of closing my eyes at the beginning points. I was amazed by the detail one could have conjured in their mind by psychedelics in terms of realistic landscapes or scenes, An effect I read about on online on psychonaut wiki but never experienced until 4 ho met so I was amazed. Absolutely engulfed in novel impression. It was like my first time doing psychs, the same level of awe, and “how could this be” was present but not due to mental headspace but the actual visual phenomenon. I had never experienced it again since this trip on any other drug or psychedelic tryptamine for that matter.

After this image appeared in my head, it began to slowly lose its realistic detail, slowly bending and warping and drifting. It slowly turned from solid green and rectangular to slightly fluid and brown more classical psychedelic fractals. These remained slow yet in motion, slowly oscillating between the solid green and brown fractal fluid state before dissipating finally for the rest of trip.

After this faded into a bland and typical closed eye visual theatre, my experience began to die down rather quickly compared to other peaks and comedowns. One thing I am disappointed in is the duration of 4 HO MET and it is only 6 hours total duration so the core experience only lasts 4 hours with the last 2 being the comedown. As opposed to 5-6 hours of core effects to 2 hours of comedown on regular shrooms and 4 aco DMT. After coming down I slept rather well and stress free so I would rate this one of my best experiences on a psychedelic. It is what got me back into my regular use of psychs and its vast benefits for me individually.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115932
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Dec 18, 2021Views: 272
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4-HO-MET (436) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Alone (16)

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