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Joyous, Energetic, Exciting, and Unexpected
4-HO-MET & Ketamine
by Hushhushman
Citation:   Hushhushman. "Joyous, Energetic, Exciting, and Unexpected: An Experience with 4-HO-MET & Ketamine (exp115916)". Dec 18, 2021.

10 mg IM 4-HO-MET (liquid)
  100 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
  1/2 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  5 mg IM 4-HO-MET (liquid)
  50 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
  2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  12 - 20 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide  
  100 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
    oral Etizolam  


This was my first experience with 4-HO-MET. I got a fortunate surprise and found out that my weekend was going to start one day earlier, so I was off work a whole day earlier, which left me with a free night last night. I decided to get into some 4-HO-MET. It was kind of a sudden thing and I donít typically like to jump into psychs without planning ahead and being fully prepared for the set and setting and everything. However, after debating back and forth in my head, I decided that Iíd make a small go of it.

Due to the sudden decision, I wanted to mix in a little ketamine to take any of the edge off. So, I took 15mg of 4-HO-MET and 150mg of Ket (with tolerance) and mixed it into a sterile solution, totaling 60 units of liquid. I drew up 40 out of the 60 units (10mg and 100mg, respectively), to be safe. Then I added more sterile water until the syringe was full, to cut down on any burning. Prepped leg with alcohol swab, then proceeded to administer the IM injection.

I got comfy in my bed with trippy ass Adventure Time on the TV (due to the k, I like to be in bed, just in case) and wait for the effects. A whole episode went by and I was only feeling the slightest come up, but nothing worthwhile. This was strange to me, because if I had taken k by itself, it would have nearly kicked in all the way by this point and things would be a bit wonky/wobbly. Another episode goes by slowly and throughout this time I start to get some serious visuals and sensations/distortions. Very similar feeling to mushrooms, but nowhere near the confusion. No belly troubles either. None whatsoever.

Holy shit! I had started to trip balls! I got this rush of energy and had a nonstop smile, that stayed with me for the entire duration of the trip. It was almost like I hadnít even put any k into the mix. Wasnít noticeable at all, as the 4-HO-MET was overpowering by a long shot!

I get out of the bed, turn the lights on, and just started pacing around. Then the idea hit me. Wtf is Adventure Time doing on the tv? Iím not feeling the k at all, so it seemed inappropriate. I needed some music. So, I put on my favorite playlist for this kind of mood (different styles of upbeat edm. All the vibes) and Iím just blown away by it. I was at home by myself, but I just could not resist the urge to get up and dance. I was excited and happy, but at the same time, I was super confused as to how it completely overpowered the k. I donít care what Iím mixing it with, ketamine always makes things wobbly.
I was super confused as to how it completely overpowered the k. I donít care what Iím mixing it with, ketamine always makes things wobbly.
Not this time. I was walking and dancing like a pro.

After dancing for a while, I got the urge to go outside to smoke a cigarette. I donít even smoke anymore, but like to on a trip sometimes. However, I noticed that it was already a little bit cold inside the house, so I knew that it had to be really cold outside. I turned the heat up in the house, then I opened my closet to try to find some comfy pants. I already had 3 hoodies, but only had shorts to wear on my bottom half. I used to have these satin pants that were my go to for trippy nights, but I havenít worn them for quite some time, so it was time to try to find them. Anyway, after rummaging through my closet, I discovered that I have 0 pants in there, comfy or otherwise. All shorts. Seriously, ALL SHORTS! FUCK! I say fuck like that, but I am laughing the entire time and find it beyond hilarious that itís starting to get cold outside and I exclusively have shorts.

Just a tiny bit of backstory is that I moved into this house about 4 months ago, so I still have certain things that have yet to be officially unpacked. I get to thinking about the clothes I have stored in the basement. I was thinking that there had to be some comfy pants down there! So I make the venture down to the basement, but I noticed that the light to the basement was already on. The basement light that I have hanging up is a motion sensor light, so it creeped me out a little bit. Like, what was down here that was big enough to set off the motion sensor? Eww. Anyway, I get back to the mission. I got to a clothes bag, but itís in a bit of a dimly lit corner, and I couldnít tell what was pants, what was a shirt, what was mine, or what was baby clothes. It was all just a collection of soft fabric. I moved the bag to get to another bag that was right behind it. When I picked up the second bag, a big spider crawled out from underneath it. Fuck no, so I bolted back upstairs. Abort mission. This basement was just too creepy and I was in no state to be sorting through clothes in the eternal darkness.

After going back upstairs and realizing that I still donít have any comfy pants, it suddenly just dawned on me. My co-worker just gave me all of his old clothes, because he lost weight and they are all too big for him. These are 34 waist, mind you. I think my buddy is going a little overboard with the cardio. 34 is a normal size. Lol. Nothing wrong with that though, maybe Iím just being a jealous hater and need to force my ass to hit the gym! Anyway, I digress. I had not even had the chance to open either of the two clothes bags that he had given me yet, as I have been pretty busy with your typical adult life shit. Anyway, I thought that there certainly had to be sweatpants in there or something of the sort.

I ended up carrying the bags to my bedroom and just dumped both of them out on top of my bed. My buddy has a particular style of clothing that he likes to wear and all of these clothes are very nice. I canít help but to keep laughing over and over again though, because all I could think about is how these clothes are soooo definitely from him. Unmistakable. Lots of nice button downs, very soft fabrics, some really cool patterns, and some bright colors. I went through them all, only to discover that there were absolutely no comfy pants at all! I laughed about the hopelessness of the mission that I had been on, for what felt like an hour or more, because it was just beyond hilarious to me in this state of mind.

Either way, I was thoroughly impressed and extraordinarily grateful upon going through the clothing bags and wanted to share my appreciation for them to my friend immediately. I was honestly close to a tear of joy after going through them. This substance is a very cheery/happy one. I look at the clock and see that itís passed midnight, I can barely see my phone let alone type on it, so I decided to wait to reach out to him. I figure he would like to hear the full story anyway, not just me rambling while intoxicated. Haha.

So, I finally decide that Iím just gonna go outside in shorts and 3 hoodies to smoke a cigarette, since I had warmed up a bit anyway from all of the rummaging. I was just gonna make it quick. I walk outside and I am just overwhelmed my the insane brightness of the stars, the moon, and just regular street lights. I get through about half of the cigarette and rush back inside.

When I got back inside, I decided to try to unwind and take it easy. I was actually on Reddit and reading someoneís comment on something talking about the 90ís and Pauly Shore. I decided to take the trip down that rabbit hole and went through a plethora of Pauly Shore movies, before deciding on Bio Dome. Now, Iím not exactly sure what happened to make me change my mind on this matter, but I actually ended up watching Beavis and Butthead Do America. Right before I put it on, I decided to do the rest of the IM solution that I had leftover. Anyway, WOW! Thatís such a stupid, yet amazing movie all at the same time. Probably hadnít watched it in about a decade or so, but I was very glad to have made that decision. I did end up cracking and doing maybe 12-20 nitrous oxide cartridges at random times throughout the movie.

Anyway, I ended the night with a little more k (100mg IM), some beer (2 IPAs), food, and etizolam (not 100% on the dosage, but if I had to guess, it was 2-3mg) Then it was lights out.

Conclusion: This has to be one of my favorite substances of all time. Mushrooms always were my favorite thing to trip on, but this was very similar, but a bit more dialed in. Only all of take the good parts of shrooms, enhance them, then remove all of the bad parts. At no point did I feel ill, get confused, or stuck in my head at all.
At no point did I feel ill, get confused, or stuck in my head at all.
Anytime that I had an inkling of a negative thought, it was easily steered away from and even laughed about. My cheekbones were slightly sore the next day from how much I was smiling. I only ended up with taking 2/3s of the solution (at first, when all the powerful magic happened), so basically all I had was 10mg and had an incredible journey. Impressed by how little it took and how insanely strong the visuals were. It was a lot like lower dose DMT visuals, but without any of the discomfort/uneasiness that comes along with it. I believe that the slower onset (vs DMT anyway) helped a lot with managing any potential discomfort. I wasnít even prepared to trip when I did it, yet I had one of the most magical nights ever. I will be playing with this again sometime. My next trip however, I will be trying out AL-LAD for the first time.

UPDATE: I just looked in my closet and my comfy pants are just sitting in there with all of my shorts and everything else. Theyíre not buried or hard to find or anything. 🤣 I also forgot to mention that all of my responsibilities were completely covered, as my daughter stays with her mom throughout the week, and then she sees me on weekends. My weekend came a day early, giving me that extra free day! I would never use anything when sheís there or keep anything where anyone could get into it. I try to space everything out to 1-2x a month, but once every 6 months or so, when all my responsibilities are covered, I may go slightly overboard for just a couple days tops.

TLDR: Dosed 10mg IM with 100mg of ket. 4-HO-DMT overpowered the ket, to where the ket was completely unnoticeable. Had an amazing journey. Very visual and very joyful. Redosed later on with the remaining 5mg of 4-HO-MET and 50mg of ket. Did some nitrous on the tail end as well. Will gladly repeat, as this beats mushrooms in my book.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Dec 18, 2021Views: 316
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4-HO-MET (436), Ketamine (31) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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