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Like a Giant Inflatable Balloon
by Lunita
Citation:   Lunita. "Like a Giant Inflatable Balloon: An Experience with MXiPr (exp115898)". Dec 11, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated MXiPr (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 18 mg insufflated MXiPr (powder / crystals)


First-Time MXiPr Experience (48mg Insufflated)

I wanted to share a "trip" report for this substance, as I haven't seen much on it, and the more information available for all, the more harm reduction (and fun) we can all experience.

Dose: 30mg Insufflated; +18mg Insufflated @ T+01:00

Setting: Relaxing for the night -- initial dose was at 10:15 pm

Intention: Test-running a substance I had not tried as of yet; recreational use

Report taken directly from my journal entry


Before my wife and I laid down for the night, I decided I was going to give a new substance a try. The thinking was that I would be able to lay with my wife and enjoy a movie while gently drifting into a sleepy, cozy space -- much like my 2-FDCK experience on my MDMA comedown last week. THAT 2-FDCK experience felt like I was being gently laid onto a giant pillow on planet Earth. I was then comforted by the Universe while it placed a giant comfortable blanket over me and tucked me in. That would not be the case with this MXiPr experience.

At 10:15 pm (T+00:00), I took a 30mg bump of the MXiPr powder, brushed my teeth, laid in bed, and instead of falling into this blissful coziness, I actually gained a bit of energy and jumped into a non-linear(ish) conversation about conspiracy theories and how they're likely getting more and more "out there" so that we'll be thrown off the tracks of the REAL conspiracies. This wasn't in any sort of paranoid or anxious manner, this was just a very matter-of-fact statement.

I could tell my wife was just ready to call it a night, so instead of bothering her anymore, I just went inward. I began feeling some similar sensations to the 2-FDCK -- my body just kept growing and growing while my hands and head stayed the same size (which made them become smaller and smaller relative to my ever-expanding body). The best way I can describe this is like a GIANT inflatable balloon, but only my body was inflating. OR like that scene from Akira when Tetsuo turns into a giant baby monster that keeps morphing and expanding. Again, not in any other sense than just a "this is happening" type of way -- no paranoia or anxiety... it just WAS.

At this point (T+00:50), I rolled over on my side (and my body "came back" to its regular self) to text a group chat I have with my friends. I said this:

"Wtf is there to do even do on dissociatives? Anyone have any suggestions?

I snorted a bump of MXiPr, and I laid down and listened to music, and my body kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and I laughed about it because my hands stayed the same size, so my hands kept getting relatively smaller and smaller and smaller (compared to the body), but then, like, I looked at my hands, and eh, nothing special, just my hands.

I know I'm this isn't making much sense, and I'm aware of that.

Just kind of at a total loss for what the heck this could even be used for."

There was actually a lot of confusion on what the hell I could do on this substance. Thoughts weren't distorted or anything, I was actually very sentient and aware, I was just at a complete loss for activities.
Thoughts weren't distorted or anything, I was actually very sentient and aware, I was just at a complete loss for activities.

Part of me wanted to be social while part of me wanted to just bask in my feelings in the dark.

I eventually put my headphones in, snorted another ~18mg of the substance (around T+01:00) and listened to some of Max Richter's "Sleep" album.

I had heard that you can have a real appreciation for ANY type of music, and I definitely agree that there is a TRUE appreciation of music that occurs -- a DIFFERENT type of musical appreciation than on, say, psychedelics or MDMA. It was interesting and enjoyable, and throughout the night, I switched music a few times, and I definitely appreciated each different selection and genre.

At a certain point (around T+02:15), I became a bit restless, got up from the bed, began dancing, got tired of that (moreso because it was around 12:30 am, and we live in an older apartment building, so I didn't want to wake the neighbors with a silent, because of the headphones, upstairs rave), took a sh*t, messed around with Silk (interactive art), and finally settled on watching "Pan's Labyrinth" -- on mute while music played in my headphones... because why not? I actually DO recommend watching some sort of trippy film while on this substance, but I didn't make it the whole way through.

At around T+03:00, I decided I was done with the movie, turned it off, folded my hands across my chest, closed my eyes, and just listened to the music.

My hands eventually felt like giant, rock-hard, heavy weights, and I contemplated life, my own mortality, and the afterlife to come. Pan's Labyrinth, and movies / shows / creative works / etc., were preparing me for the oddities I would surely encounter in the next Dimension.

I slowly drifted to sleep and experienced a slew of odd and vivid dreams.


Closing Statement: There was a mixed sense of confusion / being all over the place with being exactly where I wanted to be and experiencing this substance in each individual moment.

There was no paranoia or anxiety, it just WAS... There were actually even times where I felt more at peace with Existence than I ever have before.

There was a sense of clear-mindedness, even if thoughts were non-linear / jumbled. I even FELT capable of meaningful thought and conversation, although I was alone for the experience, so who's to say that was a correct assumption? HA!

Although I'm still at a loss for how to meaningfully use this substance, I AM excited to give it another go in the near future, and overall, I had a beautiful and unique experience that I'm still not quite sure how to process, but that I will not soon forget.

Happy and safe travels, everyone! Blessings!

TL;DR: Had a strange but enjoyable experience on MXiPr, and I will definitely be diving deeper into this substance in the future.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115898
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Dec 11, 2021Views: 203
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MXiPr (923) : General (1), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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