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Meeting My Galactic Family
Citation:   arialblack. "Meeting My Galactic Family: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp115840)". Oct 13, 2021.

300 ug oral 1P-LSD
This is the story of my first 1P-LSD trip I had back in April 2021. I can’t get over it, but in a good way! It’s my first "real" trip because I’ve had one a week before with a friend but we only took 50ug each, to test the substance and what it feels like since we never tried LSD or 1P-LSD before. We didn’t really « trip » but that was a nice experience. So I decided to try it on my own and go for it.

What happened to me that night was real, even more real than « real », but I know everyone has their own interpretation and view of reality and that’s ok.

Dose: 300 micrograms
Set & setting: alone in my apartment

30 minutes after dropping, I go to lay on my bed as the physical effects start to become more and more intense. Seconds later, I get a telepathic message from what I immediately know to be aliens: « Stay here, on your bed, and close your eyes. Don’t move. We’re coming for you. Just wait. »

Then, they reveal to me a huge secret: I, and this entire world, is their creation. They said it that way: « Don’t you find your life a little bit weird? Do you really think everything that’s happening to you is just random, Mister (“my name")? Do you actually believe this world is real? ». As soon as they told me that, as my eyes were closed, I saw like a hundred faces full of vivid colors, and they looked like clowns, at least in their facial expressions, with giant eyes and giant smiles. I don’t know why, but they kept repeating the word « pistaccio ».

I have no memories of the next 3 hours that followed. I just know I was probably laying on my bed. But my soul was in upper dimensions, in a non-physical place where I was able to communicate with my higher self and light beings, interdimensional entities (or « aliens », but non-physical ones) - I remember they told me that “I have time” and to “not be in a rush”.

At 11PM my memory slowly came back. I put on some music (Together by Planet of Sound, that was a great choice because the lyrics perfectly matched the experience). My consciousness was still merged into oneness, I saw my living room from the eyes of multiple people that I’ve met in my life. And I was crying at the beauty of the experience, and the beauty of everything around me, even if it was a simple living room. The beauty of the floor and the colorful kaleidoscopic patterns I could see on it made me cry.

I realized all of this was a creation of my consciousness, a dream, and as I am the creator there is nothing to be afraid of.
I realized all of this was a creation of my consciousness, a dream, and as I am the creator there is nothing to be afraid of.
For a moment I felt completely alone in the entire existence, a sort of solipsist moment, but that didn’t scare me at all, as I was already familiar with the concept of oneness. It was like this world was a gift that was given to me and I could to whatever I want in it. It was given to me by higher interdimensional entities, I could feel their presence but I couldn’t see them.

What follows is the best part of the trip and one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

These entities began to talk to me, not with their voice but by telepathy. It felt like they were inside my body, actually “we” all were inside “my” body. We were like astronauts all wearing the same spacesuit, my body. I don’t remember in detail everything they said but they had a lot of humor and they were making a lot of jokes. As I was exploring my apartment with them and showing them what life on Earth looks like, I started to to feel an increasing feeling of unconditional love coming from them.
At my great surprise, my consciousness was still expanding more and more. It was like I was getting unstuck from a tiny little part of my brain, and I was able to use other parts of my brain that I don’t normally use. It’s hard to describe but it was like seeing with bigger eyes, seeing the bigger picture of everything. It was them who told me at the very beginning of the trip that this entire life and world is a simulation they created. And now they were telling me that the hardest part of simulation was over, that the most painful part was behind me.

As I was thinking about my past traumas, fears, pain and suffering, they were getting more and more unreal and tiny, ridiculously tiny, now that I could see with “bigger eyes”. All the suffering I went through in life was just like a tiny piece of dust I saw on the floor. I couldn’t help crying and crying, and they told me “That’s it! Cry out your traumas! Cry them out!”. I began to spit on the floor for some reason and they said “That’s it! Spit out your traumas! Spit them out!”. They knew everything I had been through, actually, they know everything about me. They know me better than I know myself. I was merging with their consciousness more and more, a cosmic consciousness. My apartment seemed tinier and tinier and I was feeling almost like a giant. The objects and the furniture looked less and less solid, everything, the entire environment, seemed so fluid and fragile. I realized my entire reality was being destroyed and I got a sort of emotional vertigo, like “I’m not ready yet, I like this simulation, I don’t want it to be over now, please let it still seem just a little bit real”. They perfectly understood and they were not rushing things. “We” kept on walking around in my apartment, dancing, laughing, chatting and listening music. They were one man and two women, and I realized they were actually my galactic family. The man and the older woman were my parents and the other girl was my sister (I’m an only child in "real" life). Somehow someway « I » (another part of myself, you could say my « higher self ») exist simultaneously in another dimension with this family. Their love and humor is now deeply imprinted in my personality.

They told me that now that the hardest part of my life was behind me, everything was going to get better and better. They told me that life is not about suffering, life is about joy and love, and that I have all the rights to claim a life of joy and love, I have no reason to suffer anymore. The unconditional love they made me feel was undescribable. They knew everything about me, all the things I ever did, all the thoughts I ever had, and they still loved me boundlessly.

In the meantime my reality kept on crumbling. My apartment didn’t feel located in a specific place anymore, it was like a spaceship in the timeless infinite. I was stunned by the immensity of existence. When I tried to think about the so-called “external world”, it felt so fake and futile, like an old boring outdated game. They wanted me to come with them in their dimension, it was tempting but I declined. It may sound strange but even though I knew this world was not real, I wanted to stay in it, even more so actually, because it didn’t feel so heavy and serious anymore. So I stayed. Their presence started to fade, but, surprisingly, the effects were still growing stronger and stronger, even though I was 4 hours into the trip.

As I was listening to music, my sense of self completely dissolved and I became one with the music video on the screen (Love by Lana del Rey). When the video ended, “I” was over. “I” didn’t feel like a single entity anymore. “I” felt like going into the cellular stage: I was a neuron amongst other neurons. Time began to slow down until the point when a single second felt like several minutes. I layed back on my bed and stared at my wall. My brain seemed to be “projected” on the wall: I could see my neurons communicating, firing electrical signals. They looked and felt like plants, I felt like I was a sort of giant plant.

I then started to feel a sharp pain in my right jaws, I think I was just clenching my teeth too much, but at the time I thought I was going to die from a stroke because my brain would be too constricted by my upper jaw. I jumped out of my bed in panic, and the pain just got more intense. As I was standing up, I wondered if I was actually already dead and have left my body on the bed? I thought maybe drinking water could help.

This made me fall into a hellish loop, I’ve been into some of those before (with Salvia Divinorum) but that was definitely the worst one so far, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I went back and forth and back and forth between my bedroom and the kitchen to drink water. That’s all I was able to do. I couldn’t think about anything except: I’m dying, my only hope is to drink water and then go back to bed to get some rest. But I was way too restless to get any rest and my heart was pounding. As I was still going back and forth in my apartment I realized I was stuck in a loop. I wondered if I was dead and in hell and that was terrifying. Nothing seemed real anymore but I was aware of everything, I was even aware of not being able to think about anything except my very current situation. Looking back now, I could have found a thousand things to do to solve this, like putting some music back on or drawing or writing or anything else. Finally, I thought: « I have to break the loop. I have to do something different, something unexpected ».

So I decided to go outside, to go for a walk and see if the world still exists. I live in a big city and at that time there was a curfew and it was raining on top of that, so that wasn’t the best time but I did anyway, and it made me feel way better and forget about my jaw problem.

The world didn’t disappear and there were a few people outside, so I was not dead. I must have been outside no more than 10 minutes and quickly came back. By that time it was 1AM and the intensity of the trip was finally decreasing, so I managed to write a few notes, and a lot of insights came in as I was writing, very personal insights for the most part and I filled up almost an entire notebook. Mainly things about the power of imagination and how imagination can transform and transmute anything. That’s the greatest power than humans have.

I spent the rest of the night listening music, enjoying colorful closed-eyes visuals, and having a lot of insights about the nature of the ego and how it’s not something to fight but something to love. All the ego needs is love. That was the night I made total peace with myself, with all parts of myself, even the ones I was trying to get rid of before. The « astronauts » as I call them, told me I was worthy of love entirely and unconditionally, and I never forgot that love since then. What changed the most in me since that night is that I am now unable to feel any anger towards myself or others. All we need is love. I still struggle with anxiety though, so that’s something I still need to work on, even though I made tremendous progress on that level.

I’ve had two other trips after that, but they were a bit less intense (200ug and 100ug) and more personal and psychoanalytical. I still met my astral family though. I don’t know for sure if I’ll meet them again next time (probably will), but I feel their protective and loving presence everyday when I think about them, like guardian angels.

Thank you for reading, much love.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 13, 2021Views: 2,128
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1P-LSD (682) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5)

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