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Respect The Edible's Power
Cannabis (edible)
by Mb Man
Citation:   Mb Man. "Respect The Edible's Power: An Experience with Cannabis (edible) (exp115839)". Oct 15, 2021.

1 oral Cannabis (edible / food)


I've been saying that I would purchase weed legally since at least 2017 (after Canada legalized it in 2018). And 3 days ago, I finally got to have my first legal cannabis trip. Though I have had previous experiences with cannabis, it had been at least a decade since the last time I've smoked. Most of those trips were positive, or at very least, not bad.

Pre-legalization - 2006/2007

My first experience was in my first apartment, during a party with roommates and friends. After this made me more comfortable with marijuana, I recall sitting in a friend's basement drinking cheap beer, sharing a pipe and laughing at cartoons they liked watching high. I also remember sitting at their kitchen table attempting to describe my then simple job at a fast food place ("I ... put burgers . . .in a machine"). I also faintly recall throwing up halfway up the stairs (the washroom was on the 2ed floor), and maybe even on my friend's pillow. I THINK that happened, but I'm honestly not sure. I know that I woke up hungover as hell and ended up walking home as everyone else slept it off. As it turns out, my very first dose of being crossfaded. What a trip.

The next remarkable trip occurred when I was home alone, and one of the roommate's buddies dropped by. We had a quick smoke session, and he left (I later found out because I became weirdly quiet when I am baked). I didn't recall him going, but I remember feeling very paranoid the cops would bust us after he left. So I turned off the lights and cranked open the windows to air out all the smoke. I then heard my phone ringing somewhere on a couch right in front of me, but it was tripping me out so much that I couldn't find it.

After that, I decided that the best course of action was to walk and clear my head. A mistake I would soon find out since I got lost three blocks from the apartment. The best way I can describe it is the objects around me (trees, houses) suddenly seemed to become dark silhouettes against the moonlit night. As I approached the intersection of 4 streets, all four directions seemed tilted. Some tilted upward, some tilted downward, and the whole area was utterly unrecognizable. Choosing a side street, I started walking along to find anything to reorient myself.

As I approached the end of this dark street, a long flat building lit by many brilliantly orange sodium vapour lights came into view. Since the fixtures had clear globes (with one about every 10 feet), the place was bathed in orange light. The effect of the dancing lines of light around each fixture was trippy as hell in that state of mind.

As I focused on the building, my first thought was "military base!". As more and more of the block-long structure came into view, I kept focusing on it, seemingly mesmerized by this military base that had appeared in the neighbourhood. Though I don't know how long I remained confused, I eventually identified the structure as a strip mall located within four blocks of home. Knowing where I was, I proceeded back the way I came. On the trip back, I ended up running into one of my roommates (who was highly amused by the fact that I was walking around town high).

Following this, my next experience ended with me at my high school's open house, of all places. After getting home and doing a smoke session with the roommates, I almost forgot about my agreement to meet a close friend at the open house later that evening. With a couple hours having passed since smoking, I figured I was clear-headed enough to leave home. And so I started the 7 block journey to my high school.

Being early fall at this time, the evenings were crisp and cool. Though I didnít really feel much effect inside, my intoxicated state became more pronounced in the cool air. Though I mainly was clear-headed, I was tripping a bit on account of cars driving past.
While I didn't tell my friend that I was high (or at least, coming down from being high) upon my arrival, I would later learn that he figured it out. Primarily on account of my hearing ghost footsteps while walking down otherwise empty hallways. The school's buzzer system was sounded around every 10 minutes to facilitate class changes. Though most of the school had buzzers, one hallway had a loud bell (like an old school fire alarm system). My buddy and I happened to be standing right under this thing, and when it rang, I apparently ran down the hall screaming. Though I don't remember this, my buddy was laughing, and everyone else was confused. Of the people that one would expect to show up to the high school open house high, I was likely near the bottom of that list for most people.

I did get high at least once more sometime after this, but the trip was forgettable. And though I have been in marijuana adjacent social circles for my entire adult life, I didn't partake for at least a decade. Though I considered myself a marijuana proponent the entire time, the setting was never right when opportunities arose. Thus I had a drink of alcohol periodically, but no THC for years.

Post Legalization

With legalization imminent, I decided to start a personal research project. I wanted to get to know the substance I've been fond of for so long. Though it began as an individual research project focused on cannabis, I soon realized that there were many other aspects of the world of drugs that I had to explore.

Knowing what I know about marijuana, I would be hesitant to go to an illicit vendor and spend my hard-earned cash on a mystery formulation. I do not doubt that the result would get me high. The question is more, what kind of high? Since the strain likely has little (if any) CBD to likely inflated levels of THC, will I end up paranoid?

As educated a cannabis consumer as I consider myself to be (ensuring THC and CBD levels are relatively close), I was still surprised in my most recent THC trip.

It started with the purchase of 3 drinks (2 to 2.5mg THC per), some pre-rolls (10mg THC/CBD) and a 10mg edible (10mg THC/CBD). I ordered them online and had them delivered right to my house (I love legal weed).

Starting slow, I consumed 2 of the drinks in 1 night, around 2 or 3 hours apart. Though I noticed a little bit of auditory hallucination in my mind, the effect was faint but enjoyable. The beverages themselves went down incredibly smooth. I can see myself drinking them at social functions instead of alcohol. If the goal is to relax, these taste much better than almost any alcoholic drink I've ever tasted.

Either way, the drinks made for a faint yet enjoyable experience. I immediately noticed the familiar sensation of the random and repetitive auditory loops characteristic of past smoking sessions. Though at this dosage, they were much more subtle.

Smoking one of the joints ended up in no effects, whatsoever. Since I still have 4, we will see if thatís a one-off or a truly bad (old?) batch.

Because of these experiences, I had very low expectations for the little chocolate edible. A seemingly tiny 10g bar split into four 2.5mg sections, I figured it was nothing.
A seemingly tiny 10g bar split into four 2.5mg sections, I figured it was nothing.
I'd already gone up to almost 5mg THC with minor effects, after all, so why not 10? And so I ate the bar and sat down in front of the TV, watching the 2ed last episode of Hell's Kitchen season 20. I didn't notice anything abnormal until around 45 minutes after eating the edible.

At first, I found myself oddly fascinated by the CityTV watermark at the bottom corner of the screen. Then, it almost felt like my blood wanted to shoot out of my skin. Then wavy lines seemed to emulate off the horizontal edges of the tv screen. It was at this point that I knew that the edible was much stronger than I'd realized.

Not being quite ready for this quick rise, I decided to lay in the dark and relax for a bit, shutting off the tv. I walked a short distance and stopped, my body drooping over like a rag doll. My blood felt like lead.

After a quick sip of water, I laid in bed and tried to watch a news clip on YouTube (hoping I could pretend I was in a normal state). Not a chance of that happening. I don't even remember what the clip was covering. Thus, I darkened the iPad and tried to sleep.

Though that didn't happen, the effect ended up being not as bad as I thought it might be. My body had the sensation of being on an endlessly dropping and looping roller coaster, my mind repeating two random and occasionally changing soundtracks. The most memorable audible of the night was what can be best described as someone repeating two notes on an electric guitar inside of a vortex.

At some point, I began to feel weirdly social, like I wanted to reach out to people. I snapped 3 of my work buds who would be highly amused by the fact that I was high as f***. I was talking to 2 other people on messenger. Though 1 invited me over, I decided to decline. I didn't feel like either taxiing or walking across the city in my state of mind. Lesson learned, lol.

After this, I decided to watch some funny youtube videos. Now relaxed and enjoying the high, the videos were a lot of fun, and then some. It was like the laughs engulfed me from the tippy top of my head to the tippy toes of my feet. Another effect of this process was me noticing sounds in ads that had never presented themselves before. Little background touches that typically go unnoticed, but for whatever reason, suddenly become apparent.

It makes me understand why some (Bill Maher being one) swear by THC intoxication as a part of the process of editing one's creative works. I will have to try it on one of my works in progress.

By the two or 3-hour mark, much of the edge of the trip had worn off. Listening to music was interesting since I still noticed little touches in songs I was already familiar with.

I went to sleep at around the 4-hour mark. Surprisingly, I recalled most of my dreams that night: some involving me being high, some not.

When I awoke at around 9 am the next day, I still felt a slight bit of intoxication in my blood (it's hard to describe). After sleeping more and waking up around 3 hours later, I was mostly back to normal, with maybe an ever slight bend of reality towards the trippy. Though it may well have been the placebo effect, never has a routine walk on a sunny day, nor a trip to the supermarket, been more enjoyable.

That all occurred three days ago. Despite this, I still feel more relaxed than I did previous to the edible trip. Something that I can't say even after drinking four beers in a row one night.

When it comes to the experience, I think it would be better in the company of close friends instead of alone. Though I would consider recapturing the experience again, I'll be respecting the power of the edible and lowering the dose.

Though I can't be sure, the matched CBD concentration in the edible may well have been the difference between the positive experience I had and something different.

Enjoy life, but respect the unparalleled power of the edible.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Oct 15, 2021Views: 263
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