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V Stands for Victory
by C9
Citation:   C9. "V Stands for Victory: An Experience with 1V-LSD (exp115729)". Sep 24, 2021.

140 ug sublingual 1V-LSD (blotter / tab)


Some preliminary info for those who don't know me. I am a moderately experienced psychonaut, with over 50 different substances of all kinds under my belt, as well as several combinations.

Just one year after sampling the newest analogue of LSD, the 1cP, and a new one has already appeared on the market. The substance, 1V-LSD, nicknamed Valerie, is so new that it even had a pre-order page on the research chemicals website. While I didn’t really have it in plan to try it, I really got excited by the hype around it and placed an order. I was about to be gone on holiday for a few weeks, so I didn’t think much of it. All that changed, however, when the envelope landed just 4 days after placing the order, much to my surprise.

With a free weekend ahead of me, and with no experience report [online], the desire to make history has hastened up the decision. I will be trying this new psychedelic and write and submit my experience.

The substance came in, under blotter form, labelled appropriately. Due to its lower overall mass, the research have anticipated that the effects might be weaker, as such the tabs were dosed a little bit higher, at 150 µg, compared to the usual 100 encountered for previous analogues.

After cutting two tiny corners for the purposes of reagent testing, I decided to take the blotter as is, since I didn’t really want a too intense experience. As such, I estimated the final dose to be around 140 micrograms, which, if the previous assumption based on mass held true, would make it into a relatively standard-medium dose.

The whole weekend was available, so I decided to have my trip on Saturday. The important tasks were already handled and everything else could’ve been finished come Sunday if worse came to worse. So, with a warm sunny weather ahead, after sleeping in up until 10, I got up, had breakfast, got prepared and dropped the tab.

Here’s the summary timestamp.

12:08 intake sublingual. Tasteless paper.
12:16 good weather. Warm, sunny with a bit of clouds.
12:29 blotter swallowed.
12:35 pleasant breeze. Feeling of anticipation.
12:43 some muscle tension. Hands bending and grasping.
12:47 thinking of song lyrics.
12:48 closed eye after images more intense colors.
12:49 time slowing.
12:51 breeze triggering pleasant goose bumps.
12:55 things look hazier, patterns attempting to form.
12:58 yawning and jaw clenching.

13:00 apparent lines dashed through the sand.
13:07 easily distracted.
13:11 calm when communicating.
13:16 easier to laugh and giggle.
13:24 trip inertia. Harder to start an action. Harder to stop.
13:27 quiet around here.
13:36 taking care of bodily needs, allows deeper focus.
13:40 patterns spiraling through the sand.
13:48 sunbathing. Mind wonders. Closed eye visuals.
13:50 closed eye waves of rainbow colors pulsating as they flow.
13:52 runner seemed to jog to musical notes.
13:56 time sure goes slow. Intricate patterns of colors flowing in square spirals.
13:58 feels more sedated. Could be due to context.

14:09 music sounds deeper and more intense.
14:13 impressive auditory range.
14:22 communicative and empathizing.
14:27 wave of patterns washing over.
14:34 plots and scenarios. Eased by talking.
14:38 lost in thought.
14:51 peaceful and wavy.

15:02 visual misinterpretation. Not recognizing someone.
15:08 feels so lucid outside.
15:12 hard to measure time. Gentle wind.
15:45 shades of geometric patterns. Muscle tension.
15:53 circular patterns spinning on the floor.

16:00 human contact is nice.
16:32 interesting tripper - sitter dynamic.
16:37 screenshotted my position physically-visually.
16:43 focusing on it, can see the underlying visual patterns.
16:51 tracer effects.
17:03 hearing wave splash, feeling the wetness.
17:06 comedown on the sunset.
17:07 sky looks like a dome with hexagons.
17:38 seeing the waves flowing through.

18:04 small refuge. Effects still going.
18:14 carpet patterns. Like an owl?
18:25 looking at clouds passing. If they were going at the same speed, then we locked speed as everything else passed by.
18:53 road took way longer.
18:59 "home" is where you are comfortable going to the toilet.

20:04 scared by drunk dude. Mini-trip about being mugged.
20:35 residual stimulation.
21:12 finally home. Patterns still faintly visible. Easily distracted.
22:26 talkative, concern for others.
22:42 patterns gone, some tracer effects.
23:12 pupils back to normal.
02:12 tired but still awake. Closed eye visuals still noticeable.

The CEVs were noticeable up until 4 am, and I finally managed to fall asleep at about 6. I am writing this the next day, tired but the effects have fully cleared.

When it comes to the effects, the substance was very similar to regular LSD, as expected. Pretty much all of them were present
the substance was very similar to regular LSD, as expected. Pretty much all of them were present
: increased thoughtfulness, pleasant tingly body high, time dilation, pupil dilation, closed and opened eye hallucinations, increased giggled and laughter, music feeling more intense, ego dampening and all else.

So, I’ll try to focus on the few slight differences that I noticed. One of them was that it felt more sedating, closer to tryptamines. There wasn’t too strong of a desire to do stuff, and there were plenty of moments of yawning and just laying around and chilling. This however could be attributed to the set and setting of the trip, being done mostly nature, by the beach and while avoiding large crowds.

The only distinct effect, that I feel like it was strong enough to overcome subjective bias, was probably the visual intensity. For the dose, the open eye and especially the closed eye visuals were quite impressive. There were wide swirls of colorful geometric patterns that were washing down either over surfaces, or over myself. These effects continued up to 14 hours after the first intake.

That brings me to the second and last difference, the time. The experience took slightly longer than what I would’ve expected from a similar dose of acid, putting the total duration to a whopping 16 hours. With that in mind, make sure you plan ahead and take it as early in the day as possible if you wish to catch any sleep.

As for what happened in reality, the first part of the trip was spent alone, walking and sitting by the beach. The breeze and sun were perfect. The auditory acuity was fascinatingly sharp. I would be able to immediately distinguish and identify any sound that wasn’t “part of the waves of patterns”.

After almost 4 hours, I met up with a friend who had also dropped molly for the first time and was enjoying the day out. So, the experience changed a bit, and became one of co-tripping. It was interesting the notice the trip sitter dynamic and it would change back and forth. After sitting down in the grass and enjoying the waves for a few hours we got back to my place to rest for a bit and then we went out in town and did some shopping. Both of our appetites were pretty reduced, but I did manage to force myself and eat a bit of snacks.

A couple of symbolism elements that I encountered were, first seeing the patterns on the carpet in my room form under the shape of an owl, instilling in me the idea of “protector”, as if someone was watching over me. Or maybe because I was watching over my friend. And second, when I went to a pretty smelly public toilet, and I thought about home and I made the connection that home is where you can poo in peace and comfort.

On the way back from shopping I also had a strange encounter with some weird fellow that seemed drunk and also maybe high out of his mind. He started by saying the he knows we are on “something” then he followed us around for a couple of minutes giving us mean stares. It was really scary as for a short period of time we were alone on an empty street and I didn’t know his intentions.

In a blink of a second, I felt my tripping mind going through all the possibilities among the decision tree. What does he want? Does he have a weapon? Do I have a weapon? Do I try to talk, stand my ground or just run? I accelerated my pace looking around for other people, which we luckily encountered, and that defused the situation until we lost him. It is scary to think what might have happened.

After dropping off my friend, I finally got home and tried to enjoy the rest of the experience, listening to music and playing some games. It was alright, although by 2 am I was getting really tired, but the trippy mental headspace was refusing to budge. I stayed in bed and tried to rest, although it still took about 4 more hours to finally fall asleep.

And that concludes the trip. All in all, a pretty solid, slightly more visually intense alternative to acid, until this one gets banned as well. While the endless game of cat and mouse between chemicals and the law continues, the research shall go on.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115729
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Sep 24, 2021Views: 1,146
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1V-LSD (957) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), First Times (2)

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