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by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Quiet: An Experience with MIPT (exp115722)". Sep 11, 2021.

65 mg oral MIPT
    repeated   Cannabis


Preface: MiPT can fall into 2 categories- it is a base tryptamine, that is, a tryptamine without any additional molecules attached to the base indole rings. These chemicals, like DMT, DET, MET, DPT, DiPT, etc. often show low oral bioavailability and are usually not very potent via that route. Each has in common the property of being exquisitely unique- from the strange extraterrestrial energy of DPT, to the unique auditory effects of DiPT to the wondrous fantasy of MET.

It is also the base structure for the MiPT family, a group for which it should share some properties. I have previously consumed and reported on all of the other variations on MiPT- 4-HO-MiPT, 4-AcO-MiPT, 4-MeO-MiPT, and 5-MeO-MiPT. These chemicals were for the most part, sardonic and inquisitive in nature, dark and neutral but with powerful upwellings of delight and intrigue. 4-HO-MiPT and 4-AcO-MiPT are some of my favorite psychedelics. I was curious to finally sample the progenitor of all of these other chemicals.

T0:00- Dose taken. My partner is out on a date and I have the house to myself for the night.

I need to run out and pick up ginger for the anticipated nausea. I quickly run to a nearby grocery store and try to outrun the coming effects of the drug. It seems to be rush hour and the whole place is buzzing with an anxious crowd. Someone with a crowded cart graciously lets me pass him in line. Another customer picks a fight with a cashier. Something may be creeping up already.

T0:30- First definite notes, a bit of discomfort in my abdomen and a general sense of tension and spaciness in my head.

T0:45- Shaking a lot, punishing bouts of nausea, I am very uncomfortable. Thatís it for now really.

T0:56- I am feeling so sick but itís okay, I am at peace with it. There are glints and flashes of visuals but it is for the most part very subtle.

T1:05- I get up and pace around the house just to be doing something. There's an element of masochistic sardonic joviality, that there is some humor to be found in how much discomfort my body is experiencing. Why mope when I can just laugh at the absurdity of intentionally ingesting a compound that made me feel physically sick, one that I predicted would do so. I must seem so foolish.
There's an element of masochistic sardonic joviality, that there is some humor to be found in how much discomfort my body is experiencing. Why mope when I can just laugh at the absurdity of intentionally ingesting a compound that made me feel physically sick, one that I predicted would do so. I must seem so foolish.
The sardonic cynical attitude of the headspace is heavily reminiscent of that given by 4-HO-MiPT and 4-AcO-MiPT, where I canít help but smile at lifeís disquieting absurdities. My whole field of vision is subtly flashing and strobing but overall open eyed visuals are lacking, meek and simple. There are really no specific or distinct forms to note. Textures are slightly drifting and zooming but thereís not much else to say beyond that.

I cut off a chunk of raw ginger and choke it down to settle my stomach a little. I also vaporize a small amount of THC oil to the same effect. The sickly humor is still there.

Sitting down, there is an almost dissociative quality to the experience, like I am stepping slightly outside of my body, though this too is a subtle and quiet phantom.

T1:30- Talking to Josie of PW fame about her psychometric projects. It feels nice to talk to someone, there is a sociable warmth to this, scant like the rest of the effects. I am not aggressively seeking out contact with people but Iím content to meander through words with people I was already talking to. My body seems to be plateauing and settling out and some of the bodyload seems to be on retreat. I stretch out on the couch and revel in this new comfort.

Based on my research I was expecting something more intense at this dose, though it seems that isnít the case. Effects seem to be leveling out, there are no indications of growing intensity. The visuals are still barely discernible beyond my usual HPPD. I feel for the most part lucid.

I close my eyes to see if that offers a novel space to explore but there is little- a meaningless inane space of vague fractals swirling and forming together. There is some vague illumination off to the side. I feel like there isnít much to see here and open my eyes again. A bit of a headache is setting in.

T2:30- Just found out a favorite comedian of mine, Trevor Moore, has unexpectedly passed away. I talk with my good friend about this, about our memories just tripping and getting stoned in our living rooms and marathoning Whitest Kids Uí Know sketches on Youtube for hours. Itís a heavy loss to us. I decide to yet again fall into a youtube rabbithole of watching WKUK sketches myself. Certain lines, expressions, affectation and subtleties really jump out at me, along with the acting and clever word craft. For all its lackluster intensity I think itís a fine substance for analytical processing of stimuli, a good one for watching things. A psychedelic headspace is definitely there, one that draws my attention down whatever tangent it may catch, that pulls me into tunnels of thought and makes each moment stick deeper in my memory.

T3:15- While the entire experience has been quiet there definitely is a downturn in effects right now. Despite the earlier nausea, I have developed an appetite. I go to my kitchen and cook up a pot of brown saffron rice to go with a delicious Ratatouille my partner made earlier. Walking about the house and the kitchen feels floaty and dreamy and just boiling a small pot of rice feels like a fulfilling accomplishment relative to just sitting still doing nothing for the past few hours. There is a cryptic little pleasantry to this experience, while it wasnít particularly exciting at the time all the little bits of pieces of the time I spent with this substance were warm and fond in my memory. There is something profound here but it is quiet and hidden. I eat my dinner in peace.

T4:30- I feel like I am pretty much back to baseline, just a bit of a buzz in my body and a sense of spaciness.

T5:00- Back to baseline.


MiPT is a subtle and quiet and interesting little thing that even at what seemed like a fairly high dose, didnít offer much in the way of intensity. It felt like just above a threshold dose, though the bodyload suggested that I was to experience something more powerful. The headspace is pleasurable, warm, comfortable, and intriguing. It feels like it borders on the profound, though it was too faint and ethereal to truly grasp. Perhaps a higher dose for me may reveal what lies deeper in the reaches of this compound. Visual effects were near nonexistent, just subtle shifts in textures with eyes open and a few faint interlocking swirling forms with eye closed. Overall it made the act of just thinking and contemplating things to be pleasurable and fulfilling, even if I didnít really do much during the experience or pick up on much thrill. I would say it was something novel, but it wasnít an urgent or particularly engrossing or enriching experience. It carries the same sardonic spirit of 4-subbed MiPT compounds, a dull sense of nihilistic humor. It is at once dreamy and dissociative yet deeply grounded in the earth.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115722
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Sep 11, 2021Views: 1,161
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MIPT (251) : General (1), Alone (16)

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