Revelers Fire
Citation:   nervewing. "Revelers Fire: An Experience with 3-Me-PCPy (exp115645)". Jul 30, 2021.

20 mg insufflated 3-Me-PCPy (powder / crystals)
Preface: 3-Me-PCPy is an exciting development in the world of Arylcyclohexylamines! Once again Iíll give a brief chemistry/pharmacology primer to contextualize this drug, if thatís not of interest, just skip to the body of the report. And per usual, there is an overall summary of the compound at the end.

PCPy is a close cousin to PCP- the second ďPĒ in ďPCPĒ denotes a piperidine group, where the essential nitrogen in the compound is part of a hexagonal 6-atom ring structure. PCPy is very close to that, with the nitrogen in a pentagonal 5 member ring, forming whatís called a pyrrolidine group. Both PCP and PCPy and most of their analogues have similar qualities like high potency and stimulating effects.

PCPy was first onseen as a street drug, made by enterprising basement chemists to try and circumvent laws around manufacturing PCP. Very little information exists on the subjective effects of PCPy itself. 3-MeO-PCPy cropped up on the market briefly around MXEís heyday, but even then it was an obscurity and very little data trickled out before it too faded into oblivion. 3-Me-PCPy represents an exciting return to a base compound with a lot of potential!

Personal correspondence with Dr. Jason Wallach and poring through some of his publications brought about some hints as to what effects this compound may have- It was shown to be a triple reuptake inhibitor, meaning it leads to a buildup of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine (perhaps the most famous triple reuptake inhibitor is cocaine). This generally can display stimulating effects but it also has interesting implications with regards to antidepressant effects. Much more formal research is needed in this area with this particular compound! A few other scattered reports suggested high potency and subjective stimulating effects. I managed to obtain a sample of this and had to see for myself.

The short of it is that this is a stimulating potent dissociative with a short duration. The headspace is shallow but it is euphoric and social and prone to redosing. It is not so much a trip as it is a casual high, though a unique and wonderful one at that. Again, at the end of the report is a more detailed summary of this compound and its effects at different doses/overall character, along with other properties pertinent to the batch going around.

T0:00- I am waiting alone at a train station in my home town, eating some dinner. I had just dropped my car off to a family mechanic for state inspection so I had to take the train back home to the city. Itís a lovely summer afternoon, the sun is getting low in the sky casting everything in a peach-golden light. The trees arc overhead and shimmer in a pastel suburban breeze. My train isnít coming for another half hour.

I pour out a pre-measured capsule onto my hand and snort it down in one go. It burns a lot, bringing tears to my eyes. There is a bitter stinging petroleum flavor typical of ACHís. This is near unbearable for a minute or two but the pain subsides to a dull numbness.

T0:05- Already feeling a bit dissociated, just a tad lightheaded and spacy, my extremities feel just a little number. Great dark thunderheads tower and loom and rumble in the distance, timidly lit by the fire of setting sun. Where I am it is balmy and nice, it feels like my feet are floating off the ground. With the onset it seems what appetite I had before has completely dissipated. I wrap up the rest of my dinner and pack it away.

T0:10- My teeth are numb and buzzy, like I can feel them invisibly vibrating in the gaps in my gums. This is a dissociation that sets into my bones, a high frequency vibration that shakes me into a dull half-anesthesia. I am dizzy now, my head is spinning like Iíve had too much alcohol. I am taken aback by the speed and intensity with which this drug comes crashing in, it has an exhilarating rush. All I can do is sit on my bench and gaze down the tracks into the distance, my dazed attention lapsing into my own skull.

T0:15- Bearing down harder and harder like that thunderstorm in the distance. My field of vision is flashing, I feel waves of anesthesia pulse through me, I am stimulated and short of breath, there is a sense or rising and inflating in my skull and everything looks blurry except for whatís right before me. It is like extreme tunnel vision, the walls of these hallucinated vitreous tunnels illuminated by flowing pulses of understated light. My sense of depth perspective has all but collapsed, distant buildings and trees telescoping to the forefront of my vision. I am glad I am alone here right now, in the looming dusk.

T0:25- I get up and pace around a bit just to get a measure of how exactly this dissociation is manifesting. There is a surprising degree of physical dissociation, my limbs feel heavy, well lubricated with excess momentum. My proprioception is led slightly astray. It is like every part of my body is moving easier and more than it should, more than I am used to. I feel clumsy, dizzy, uncoordinated, but I can still walk straight and be steady on my feet. Perhaps to an outside observer my posture is weird and my walk a tad off-kilter but I feel like I could outwardly project relative sobriety. My extremities are buzzing and numb. This is similar to any of the manic, lucid dissociatives out there, PCP or 3-MeO-PCP or 3-Me-PCP or 3-MeO-PCE, though a bit heavier and less precise.

The mental dissociation rules first and foremost, it is like a big weight has landed in my skull, a pile of bricks that leaves me dazed and listless, confused and baffled by the mere presence of my surroundings. Visually, everything is flashing and blurry. There is a stimulation coursing through my core, conflagrating out from my pounding heart, rippling down my muscles, flashing my anesthetized phantom limbs with vibrating electricity. As content as I am to just sit still I feel obligated to be up and in motion. Moving feels fantastic in fact. This drug would be excellent for dancing or some other physically demanding social activity.

The drip is hitting and it is unpleasant. It stings and irritates on the way down the back of my throat. Whatever appetite I had left is certainly gone now.

Beyond the flashing and depth perception there isnít much in the way of open eyed visuals- not much patterning or color, just strange alterations to perspective, blurring and tunnel vision. I sit and close my eyes to take stock of that space- I am greeted with great pulsing radial images, great turning floral wheels, mostly black but adorned in auras of maroon and yellow ochre. They are hardly perceptible, not vivid by any means, but they turn in tune with a general sense of perpetual rotational motion that carries the dissociation of this experience like the turbulence of an undulating sea.

T0:30- Everything wobbles and waves, my entire field of vision is gently vibrating. Warm electricity crackles into my fingers and toes and extremities. It is mostly dark now, visuals begin to dance in the sky, radiant and rotational with neon fringes. There is a blast of light glinting off the tracks in the distance, a rumble and a shriek of a great machine, the train is approaching. I stand up and take a second to collect myself before boarding and being immersed in the world of the living. This feels like an elaborate fantasy or a half-formed memory from some lagging dream. I don a mask, give a nod to the conductor and climb aboard, the world taken by vibrations from this rumbling machine of light and the odor of brake fluids. I find a secluded seat towards the back, windows eventually facing the city skyline, and settle in, content to be totally unnoticed. It is lucid and functional, but at the same time quite heavy and off-base.

I then notice someone sitting right in front of me, another old friend from elementary school who I have previously lived with and shared a number of psychedelic experiences with. We havenít seen each other in a good long time, he is commuting home from his job. We chat briefly, the world falling away from this singular focus of my attention. Talking and interacting flows smoothly but it also disjointed and uncomfortable- I am not quite sure how to conduct myself in a public space full of strangers, I feel like I would be very content to talk to a person in relative privacy. In a previous experience, I had dosed this drug prior to attending a party of good friends and acquaintances, and it proved delightfully social, making me articulate, commanding attention and brimming with confidence. That sensation seems to be quite contextual. He gets off at his stop in the suburbs and I am again alone on the train. I plug in my headphones and listen to Oneohtrix Point Neverís ďGarden of DeleteĒ.

T0:45- I donít like that I have to sit still for this entire train ride, that I canít get up and pace around. My whole body is getting creeping crawling pulses of numbness, I feel like ball lighting, bouncing off the walls with pent up energy. I just want to run and jump and exercise my muscles, but I have to settle for fidgeting in place to not make a scene. I am explosive and tense and existing faster than the world around me, even on this train as it barrels down into the night city, glints of light drifting past.

T1:00- I arrive at my stop and make my way off the train. It feels so nice to stand up and move again. I am tense and my gait feels awkward and stiff, but thereís a spring in my step, extra energy and extra momentum propelling me forward with a steely determination.

I have stepped out onto a major commercial corridor, a recent development in this cityís downtown to try and mimic Timeís Square. Massive screens blast sterile white light from advertisements onto the street, reflecting in blue on the asphalt and black granite and filth that coats everything. Concentric fountains of visuals seep from the lights, cascading down in steady ripples, ghostly and subtle but certain. It is dizzying and disorienting and I suddenly feel very small, beaten back by the fires of neon until I am left cowering like a roach in the gutter, small and inconspicuous. I duck behind a pillar and pull out my one hitter, taking a few puffs of cannabis to lighten up the walk home. With things pleasantly smoothed out and an aura of smoke around me and the filth of my work clothes I set out and pace between the shadows in the grime, obscured from the glistening gods overhead.

T1:10- I walked hurriedly home through the night city, itís a warm Friday night and of course people are out and about enjoying the weather. I have little interest in stopping and smelling the roses, I would like to just be back in my house. Nevertheless I do occasionally have to stop and wait for traffic, tie my shoe, respond to a message, etc. When I stop it feels like the experience bears down on me like a big gooey tidal wave of static. There are drifting visuals on the buildings and on the sky, like there is shadowy black water flowing down every surface. The whole world feels like its slowly drifting and cascading, and my sense of body is trickling into the concrete and flowing into the gutter. In contrast to this, a glowing energy is rising through me, flaring into the atmosphere in an electric corona crackle in fluorescent white light. I am buzzing, drifting, dizzy and disoriented, but there is a stable energy springing through my limbs, ensuring I remain locked into my path.

T1:20- I get home and am again thrown for a disorienting loop by the change of setting. From the warm swirling night rippling with energy, to the quiet dim light of the house with still, cool, conditioned air. I interact briefly with my partner and do a few chores before taking a shower. The space is warm and meditative, the sensation of hot water cascading off my body is heavenly stimulation, steaming off of me as electricity courses through my veins. The clatter of water on the tub echoes and reverberates into a cacophony that pummels its way through my skull, pulling me into a trance. My sense of body, my anchoring to our world swirled down the drain to mingle with my languid long hairs, I am left in a daze where I am replaced by a simulacrum of solidified light, a Theseusí ship that felt naturally at my command, a body rinsed away from the buzzing of electric nerves.

I usually take scalding hot showers, but I already felt warm, walking all the way home in the balmy night, and the drug felt like it had me warmer too. I turned the water down and savored a gentle cold deluge, the chills shocking me back into reality a bit and pulling me back into my body. I feel fairly lucid when I step out and dry off and dress myself, the most noticeable effect being excess momentum in my movements and a numbness across my skin.

T1:50- I talk to my partner a bit but canít really find much to say. I am in a bit of a daze. A lower dose taken previously had me unable to stop running my mouth. It seems there is a sweet spot for socializing. I go downstairs where its colder and plop down nice and clean on the couch. I am buzzing with dissociation and stimulation, but my body feels comfy and not overwrought. It feels nice to stretch out, listen to music, talk to some people online. There is a daze and a dumbness that washes over me, it doesnít feel like the cognitive enhancement imbued by substances like 3-MeO-PCP or 3-MeO-PCE, I am just empty and fast and dissociated. I would describe the overall headspace of this drug as ďshallowĒ, there really was no tendency towards curiosity, flow of thought, processing, introspection, or pattern formation. It is quiet and neutral, but it burns bright and hot. I am comfortable and satisfied with the state Iím in, if a little restless.

I am past the peak but there is still a visual drifting on the white of the walls, a messy wash of colors blending together to form a contrasting visual mud. With my eyes closed it is a similar slow, steady, radial motion.

T2:00- The sensation of stimulation has overtaken the sensation of dissociation. All that remains is a sensation of floatiness and weightlessness, a sensation of being ethereal, of defying gravity from the energy in my veins. I am alert and talkative now, more articulate and coherent than before. I am enjoying just lying here, taking in sensations. I am idly playing Minecraft and listening to music, it seems like a perfectly mindless way to wile away a delightfully mindless experience. I am beyond a daze, beyond dumbness, now I am taken by a stimmy afterglow, a neutral sense of euphoria. I really want to redose, it seems gone too soon, but for the sake of this report I restrain myself.

T3:00- Playing good olí Chivalry Medieval Warfare now, definitely on the downward slope. My partner comes down and interacts for a bit. I feel a bit dazed and the physical stimulation is dying down, while a distinct mental stimulation and clarity remains.

T4:00- Back to baseline almost entirely now save for some residual numbness in my fingertips.

T4:30- Entirely down.

Conclusion: If I had to describe 3-Me-PCPy as anything I would call it dissociative cocaine. And this isnít just because it supposedly shares a portion of its pharmacology with cocaine. It is short, fast, fun, stimulating, euphoric, hedonistic, reinforcing, and low-commitment. It stands apart from most of the other dissociatives for lacking in depth or introspective ability- the dissociation is there but not in any meaningful way that has one pondering their role in existence. It seems to conveniently obscure such thoughts, or not allow room for them in the first place, just smacking a user up with the physical and mental sensation of dissociation. It is perfectly crafted for casual low-commitment use.

This isnít to say this is a bad thing, there are different drugs for different purposes. I see this one as serving the purpose of an excellent party drug. A lower dose in a social setting was delightful, I was articulate, disinhibited and confident, as though I had mixed cocaine and alcohol (though 3-Me-PCPy has the added benefit of not having the toxic metabolite, Cocaethylene).
One quality I would like to emphasize about this drug is that it could prove quite troublesome to people prone to binging or compulsive use. The short duration and the pleasant rush of the comeup lend to "chasing the high", redosing again and again. Even in many situations where I only planned on dosing once I found myself reneging on that and redosing anyway. For this report I wanted to capture the experience of a single dose but I really had to hold myself back from dosing again when I got home. In previous weeks I found myself using it multiple days in a row, something I almost never do with dissociatives. It feels light and purely recreational but people should be wary of overuse, as the dissociative mania that builds with repeated doses could easily devolve into the territory of stimulated psychosis. While I don't use dissociatives daily, the relative functionality and short duration of this seem dangerous in being a slippery slope into that territory.

The general qualities of the drug are such:

Dosage information carries the caveat that I have a slight tolerance to dissociatives and that I tend to opt for more intense experiences. I would consider 20 mg to be an upper cap on dosage. I ventured beyond that but there seems to be diminishing returns, with the experience asymptotically leveling out at the top. There was little discernible difference between 20 and 30 mg beyond a greater sense of physical dissociation. 20 mg felt like the fully fleshed effects of this compound. A 10 mg dose was delightfully social and warm and hypomanic, and redosing 5-10 mg bumps spaced hours after an initial dose made for a fun night spent with others.

It is quite caustic to snort, burning intensely for a short time and seeming to cause some sort of tissue damage that can lead to nosebleeds the next day. Sublingual dosing was the same potency, though this too left a sore spot on the mucus membrane. Oral dosage was a bit less potent, but with a much longer comeup and less of a rush. No other routes of administration have been attempted yet.

It hits fast depending on route of administration- Onset for an intranasal dose is within 5 minutes, followed by a 15Ė30-minute comeup, about an hour peak, and a steady comedown for 2-4 hours. Duration did not seem to increase with a higher dose.

Visual effects are light, often consisting of subtle drifting or radial forms. There is a sense of constant motion, whether it be textures perpetually flowing like an ancient creek or the dizzying steady rotation that took hold when I closed my eyes. Auditory effects had a nice synesthesia with tingling physical sensations. It was mildly physically dissociating, not impairing movement enough to interfere with walking around in public, though I definitely felt a good distance off-base. There were sensations of creeping dissociation, crackling down my nerves like arcs of electricity. This substance is distinctly stimulating, though not overwhelmingly so. The stimulation exists in greater proportion to the other effects relative to drugs like 3-MeO-PCP or 3-MeO-PCE though I would still distinctly classify this as a stimulating dissociative rather than vice versa. The stimulation adds a lot of motion and momentum to the experience-it pairs well with physical activity like dancing or just going for a walk.

For those seeking a comparison to familiar substances, it bears the most similarity to 3-Me-PCP and PCP, a moot comparison because those drugs are fairly uncommon. It shares a quality of shallow, hedonistic, stimulating dissociation. Perhaps the next closest thing would be 3-MeO-PCP, though that substance is longer lasting, less stimulating, less physically dissociating, more introspective, more visual, and more psychedelic. They seem worlds apart, though when compared to a more sedating dissociative like ketamine, they can clearly be classified together. As for the triple reuptake inhibitor activity? I cannot say this is a sensation I can discretely pick out from a drug, though perhaps the self-reinforcing dosage behavior and compulsion to redose this drug is because of that property.

Overall, this is a light, fun dissociative that is best for casual use, a fantastic and low-commitment party drug that shines in social settings. Nevertheless, it should be approached with caution and the utmost responsibility, I can imagine it would be very easy to make mistakes with something so potent and seemingly forgiving.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115645
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jul 30, 2021Views: 3,241
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