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Very Casual, Clean
by salowi
Citation:   salowi. "Very Casual, Clean: An Experience with GABA (exp115639)". Aug 12, 2021.

400 mg oral GABA (pill / tablet)
  1 g oral GABA (pill / tablet)
  2 g oral GABA (pill / tablet)


A Very Casual, Clean Experience

I had been pretty skeptical about this substance due to conflicting reports and a lack of research on it, but I picked it up a while back just to see for myself since it's also fairly cheap. I decided to finally pull it out tonight because I have a drug test coming up and GABA is naturally occurring in the brain, so it wouldn't pop up on any test.

Set/setting: Casual mindset, no real mental preparation or anticipated results; it was mainly recreational, and also partly to just experiment and see if/how well it works. I was alone in my apartment around midnight and watched TV/listened to music for most of the night. No co-administration of other drugs/medications and I had an empty stomach at the time of ingestion.

The 3400mg was taken over the course of the night, starting out at the recommended 400mg (two of the pre-prepared chewable tablets I had). I would describe 400mg as a threshold dose that would be good as a daily supplement for anxiety or other such reasons (taken 3-4 times per day based on my observed period of action; this is also what the bottle suggested). I felt a very slight cognitive euphoria and bodily relaxation that didn't distract much from what I was doing. I'd liken it to just the content feeling I get after a good day, maybe after spending quality time with friends/family or other normal activities. This peaked after around 30mins of ingestion and lasted maybe a couple of hours in total.

I decided to take it further, and took 1000mg (5 tablets). The onset here was much more noticeable and intense, but still nothing compared to stronger recreational drugs. A small cognitive "rush" was noticed after ~30mins of ingestion, along with moderate physical euphoria that tapered off into a general feeling of relaxation after five or so minutes. For maybe a minute I also felt a shortness of breath that was alarming at first but this tapered off quickly as well; I still felt perfectly sober the whole time. After this though is what I'd consider the best part. I've had similar feelings when I get to the "sweet spot" of alcohol, where I get the cognitive euphoria/happiness while still being sober enough to enjoy it. It's also comparable to the afterglow of something like LSD or salvia, or just a strong feeling of contentment/inner peace. As a disclaimer, at this dose my words had a slight slur and I noticed this just talking to myself (I talk to myself normally anyways, with or without drugs).

After that feeling started to taper, I decided to fire on all cylinders and take the remaining 2000mg (10 tablets) of what would be my total dose. While I had certainly already gotten more out of it than I expected initially, this was mainly for "the science", or to test the waters and see if I got any nausea or other side effects from it. Even though this was likely irresponsible, it didn't backfire at all, and all it did was keep the feeling alive. There was no noticeable onset this time since I likely built up a tolerance in the short term, but it did bring me back to the moderate cognitive euphoria and relaxation I had prior. I ended up spending the rest of the night having a higher appreciation for music and the show I was watching, just in a general good and peaceful mood. A very natural feeling I should add, doesn't have that "druggy" feel like other substances do.

This was a pretty fun and relaxing night, definitely more than I expected. I wouldn't quite call it a high, more of a mood booster than anything. I haven't noticed any physical side effects either. I will be looking into trying it for daily use as well since I do suffer from some anxiety and can definitely see this helping.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115639
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Aug 12, 2021Views: 1,054
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GABA (362) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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