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Water Extraction Versus Plain Ol' Munching
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by TBS
Citation:   TBS. "Water Extraction Versus Plain Ol' Munching: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp11558)". Apr 23, 2007.

  repeated oral Morning Glory


I have been reading through the posts here, lately, and while I have found a wealth of extremely useful information, I have come across an unfortunate lack of information, from a single source, relating different methods of ingestion for MG seeds. This, above all, is the purpose of my report. Please note that the first two experiences of mine were accomplished with a simple water extraction, and the third by direct consumption. Then, note the dosage differences. I'll do my best to relate this in as accurate fashion as I can. Here goes:

Experience 1:
Dosage and Method:
200 seeds each (water extraction)

400 MG seeds (Heavenly Blue variety) were rinsed to remove any dirt or other natural residues (our seeds were untreated, but better safe than sorry). The seeds were crushed up in a mortar and pestle as finely as possible. This was extraordinarily difficult, and some material was doublessly lost in this step. The 400 seeds were left in the mortar, and hand-warm tap water was poured in (approx 2 cups). The mortar, which was transparent, was covered in aluminum foil to prevent light degradation of the alkaloids. The seeds soaked for approximately 12 hours. The seed matter was then decanted off as completely as possible, and the liquid split between myself and my wife, giving us each an approximate dosage of 200 seeds. I took two dramamine, and both of us took a 500 mg tablet of vitamin C. The liquid was then imbibed, using orange juice as a chaser. 2:00 pm. NOTE HERE: The water extraction is EXTREMELY low in efficiency. I'd estimate 40%, maybe 50% efficiency.


My wife, who is more affected by these things than I, saw some trailers. Went on a few little mental voyages. We spent most of the evening in a small upstairs area with a black-light, and a bunch of glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and ceiling. Extremely tranquil feeling. Everything was just simply amazing. The cat was very very soft. I think it took about thirty minutes after ingestion to begin to take effect (the smiling phase), and neither one of us had eaten all that much that day. Some nausea for my wife, but none for me (probably the dramamine), and extremely tired to begin with. My wife's nausea wore off, though, and it was all good. Took about 2, maybe 2 and a half hours to peak. Peak lasted about 2 hours, and then the let down was nice and slow. Mellow the whole way. I had a horrid headache the next day, but it was because I spent the whole evening moving around really oddly, and I fucked up my neck a little bit.

Experience 2 (approx 2 weeks after ex. 1):
Dosage and Method:
300 seeds for two of us, 250 for my wife (water extraction)

The seeds were kept separate this time, crushed up in a coffee grinder (which was a HELL of a lot easier, and made a much finer powder), taking great care to only run it for a few seconds at a time so as not to build up too much heat from the motor. The crushed up seeds were placed in brown coffee filters, wich were then sewn shut to make a sort of teabag for each individual person. The teabags were suspended in approximately a cup and half of water each, in separate containers, and left in a dark cabinet for three days. The liquid (which contained no solids whatsoever) was then imbibed, along with dramamine for all (less drowsy formula for me, normal for the other two). Again, vitamin C and orange juice for all. 3:00 pm.

The liquid was much more brown this time, and tasted far far worse. My wife had a hard time getting it down, and it caused everyone but me stomach problems just by taste alone. As for effects, I didn't really get anything this time. General good feelings, but no visuals of any kind. My wife took more journeys. The third member, who I'll call M, went fairly well nuts.

He spent the better part of the evening in the upstairs area with the black-light and fluorescent crayons free associating onto paper. When he ran out of paper, he'd continue on another sheet, tossing them all in a pile on the floor. We read through his 'brain' the next day - it's pretty fucking crazy. Some synesthesia for M, too. He had a headache, for instance, that was purple with velvet leaves, and not at all unpleasant as a result. My wife went outside for a bit, and said the stars were pretty damned cool. Bright and sparkly, etc. Same time frame. 30 minutes or so to kick in. Two hours or so to peak. Two hour peak. The let down time here was a little quicker, but I think it was because we were playing video games, so our brains were kept busy, or something.

Experience 3 (approx 2 weeks after ex. 2):
Dosage and Method:
150 seeds each (direct approach)

I knew the water extraction method was terribly inefficient, so I wanted to find a better way to do it. That, and the liquid was getting steadily less tolerable to drink. So this time we did it thusly: The 150 seed doses were kept separate, and ground up in a coffee grinder. The ground seeds were put in applesauce and ingested directly. I put some fresh ground coffee in mine, too, figuring the caffeine would be good. It was, but it tasted gross, so I don't reccommend it. The applesause, however, completely masked the taste of the MG seeds, and wasn't difficult to eat, coffee grounds notwithstanding. Both of us took dramamine (less drowsy variety) and vitamin C tablets. We ate our electric applesauce. We both had ginseng tea, too, for energy. 9:00 pm.

Started watching Half Baked on TV. Smiley phase started after 30 to 45 minutes. Time started to get distorted after about an hour. The commercials after Half Baked seemed to take FOREVER, but by the time they were over, only a few minutes had passed. There was some stomach upset going on here, too, but not enough to make anyone really uncomfortable or throw up or anything. The two hour mark came and went and I didn't feel any more than I usually did - that extremely comfortable 'damn, this bed is soft' feeling (made even better by my silk pajamas).

Then I closed my eyes and found that M.C. Escher had taken residence in my eyelids. Visuals galore! Everywhere! Everything was made of rainbows and snowflakes. I watched cartoons in the frosted bathroom window for at least fifteen minutes. Images every half second or so would show up like slow animation, but with an actual storyline I could follow. With the lights off, I looked like Jesus in the mirror for some reason. It is just impossible for me to describe everything that happened this time, so just suffice to say that it was absolutely incredible.

Summary and Conclusions:
The water extraction method, while great for some people, just doesn't cut it for me anymore. The water tastes fucking nasty, and the effeciency is horrid. Crush the seeds up extremely finely and put them in applesauce (2 little Mott's cups) and just eat that. Remember your dramamine and Vitamin C. My wife compared our last trip to about 5 hits of acid, and hers was a little more intense than mine. She weighs a little more than me, too, so you can't really use that as a concrete basis for dosage. So, in conclusion, 150 seeds in applesause is my friend. Be safe, and have fun!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11558
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 23, 2007Views: 45,298
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