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by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Labyrinthine: An Experience with DOPR (exp115555)". Jul 28, 2021.

5 mg oral DOPR (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Age: 25

Weight: 130 lbs

Dosage: 5 mg oral in solution

Setting: The house where I grew up, various places around the neighborhood.

Preface: This is another rare DOx compound that I have been blessed to encounter. Originally reported in PiHKAL by Alexander Shulgin, unlike its compatriots such as DOM or DOC, it never really took off and has remained a rarity throughout history. DOx compounds are the amphetamine versions of the 2C-x family, meaning a methyl group is placed on the alpha-carbon of the ethylamine chain, giving the name, (a)lpha-(m)ethyl-(phe)ne(t)hyl(amine). With 2C-x compounds, all of the most basic variations, meaning basic carbon chains and halogens on the variable 4-position, hit the market at some point and saw widespread use. With the DOx variants however, certain variations never saw widespread sale or use. For example, 2C-E was once a widely available and well regarded psychedelic, but its DOx analogue, DOET, has almost never been encountered beyond Shulginís personal sphere. DOPr is among those too- it is the amphetamine version of 2C-P, which, while still obscure, saw widespread availability once upon a time. DOPr meanwhile, never caught on, save for this batch that I have encountered. Why is this? For one, 2C-P itself is a hyperbolic drug, with an extremely long duration, high potency, vicious bodyload, and extremely intense effects. In general, DOx compounds are considered more extreme versions of their respective 2C-x analogues, seeing a massive increase in potency and duration relative to their sister compounds. So it should follow that DOPr is even more extreme in its effects than 2C-P, somehow having an even longer duration and more intensive effects. This perhaps has contributed to some hesitancy in producing and consuming it. Still, I was intrigued greatly by the existence of this compound and have always wanted to try it, both to round out my palate of DOx experiences and because of the inherent novelty. I am grateful that I got the opportunity!

So is DOPr a more extreme version of 2C-P? In my personal opinion, at the dose which I consumed it, not particularly. It has a similarly long duration, though the overall effects are less intensive (relative to what I would consider a mid-range dose of 2C-P, about 8 mg). It is certainly more potent, but thatís about it. I found it to be a very neutral and gentle trip, with an intensive edge at points, though the acuteness of the experience was mostly tempered and diluted by being drawn out over such a long time. A detailed report follows.

T0:00- Dosed in a solution. I brace for the extreme bitter flavor carried by DOx compounds but it wasnít there, probably on account of being pretty dilute. I fill the empty test tube with water and drink down the residue. A tingle runs up my spine. Prior to dosing (at 10:00 PM) I had already been awake since 7:00 AM, driving and working on farms all day. It has been an exhausting day but rest is not coming any time soon.

T0:30- I feel the first notes, just a bit of stimulation deep in my muscles and bones, a slight electric buzz traveling up my spine to my brain.

T1:30- It is building gradually, slowly, subtly, but surely. It is hard for me to discern the intensity, it grows at such an elusive pace. Nausea and typical psychedelic discomfort become prominent now. There are no visual effects to note yet.

T2:00- Muscle tension and a headache setting in. Begin to notice visuals as a subtle relief on surfaces, indistinct and abstract but certain and definite. It feels like a storm is steadily bearing down on me, kissing me with a cold gentle downdraft. I have been sitting in the living room watching Chivalry Medieval Warfare. I try to watch the show Midnight Gospel- I love the animation and worlds weaved in it, I love the concept, the dialogue is irritating. I am not a big fan of interview style podcasts and this just reminds me of some college party where I watch spun hippies on research chemicals blow each otherís minds. As the irritation and discomfort grow I decide to go upstairs to splay out on my bed in the dark.

T2:15- Though it is late at night I find people to talk to online. I want to be around people right now, I have a glowing social push that is often absent in psychedelics. I feel more articulate and eloquent, my brain seems to me moving more fluidly and effectively, analyzing each bit of text it encounters, efficiently processing them and transforming them into my own well-crafted response. Or so it seems, perhaps this is just a delusion. I want to write and talk and write and talk, but I have little interesting to write or talk about beyond the rare research chemical I have ingested. The stimulation feels warm and baked in, like the great heat of an oven has cooked the energy out of my bones and their radiant steam soaks into my muscles. Pangs of nausea become more noticeable.

T2:46- It bears down more and more, still a steady gradual progression, a constant growing pressure crackling with writhing tendrils of gentle electricity. There is a bitterness in my breath, I feel so nauseous I almost throw up. I feel very burpy.

My body feels fainter, my skin a bit numb to the touch as a stimulating heat glows within me. My movements feel labored yet energetic, it is a sluggishness like I have just woken from a restless sleep, but shocked with an electric stimulation that imbues it with a seemingly impossible drive and energy.

The visuals are subtle and elusive, concentric overlapping Á forms in neon relief whispering their way into my eyes from the blank spots on my laptop screen. I have been aimlessly reading stuff that looks interesting that is shared to social media, a favorite pastime of mine, but it grows dull and the words and stories begin to grow more confusing and incomprehensible. I feel like I cannot bother to expend the energy to process this information, there is no point, it will likely bring me no pleasure or purpose, it just doesnít feel worth it. I simply donít care enough to engage in anything. I feel like a kid stuck in school on a beautiful day.
I simply donít care enough to engage in anything. I feel like a kid stuck in school on a beautiful day.

I smoke a bit of cannabis to take the edge off.

T3:00- Everything slowly but surely increases in intensity, feeling more and more nauseous, shaking a lot, visuals build in intensity, though they are still confined to my periphery. Deepening textures branching and wriggling and folding back upon themselves, an organic recursion oddly devoid of any liveliness.

There is no rush or sense of plunging, and no discernible sense of achieving a peak, I am just slowly cresting a shallow hill, yet one that is impossibly vast, built of a constant tense entwining motion beneath its surface. I smoke a bit more and walk around the house and go to sit on the porch. Walking feels wobbly and off-balance, especially with all of my muscles so tight and wound up. I am radiating energy and it feels as though it crystallizes in the air around me.

T3:33- Everything is fully forming and realizing myself- despite the slow ascent I feel like I have finally crested something, that I have peaked over a shallow horizon to view the sudden glory of the sun (figuratively of course, it is currently 1:30 in the morning).

Visuals manifest full force, a labyrinthine tangle of lines pulsing and writhing and rippling their way across my field of vision, densely occupying every empty space, their borders flashing and pulsing with vibrant green and pink. It is a pattern reminiscent of a brain coral, but denser, sharper. There are buzzes and rushes of energy that explode into tracers in my head, projecting into my vision, like fizzling and crackling fireworks, flashes of color that sputter and cascade and sparkle in the dark. Each runs up my spine like an electric chill and releases before eyes.

The world is still around me, a steady chilly rain drums on the windows in the dark night. I wrap my face with a blindfold and lie back to see what world that would immerse me in- I am greeted by a dazzling array of stepped fractal fields, colors flashing through them in methodical patterns. Infinite recursions and self replications, all with an almost pixelated quality, as though this incredibly complex and detailed information can only be transmitted via tiny squares, pulsing with gold and bright green. They zoom and swirl and remain in perpetual motion, not as though I am flying through them but like they are flying into me. Little of this trip seems forceful, it does not feel like the drug is taking me anywhere, I am simply experiencing it as it passes like watching a thunderstorm from a porch.
Little of this trip seems forceful, it does not feel like the drug is taking me anywhere, I am simply experiencing it as it passes like watching a thunderstorm from a porch.

I open my eyes and tendrils of colored light dash across my vision. Fractalized patterns continue in the dark and blank places, subtle but present, and at no point overwhelming or intrusive. They too manifest and exist in stepped patterns, forming bit by bit, turning corners and angles bit by bit, the same pixelated quality. The great, tight, writhing labyrinths act as infill between these blossoming fractal gardens.

I have still lost all interest in projecting my thoughts onto the information contained in my screen and onto the outside world, I turn into myself, lying in the dark and just thinking and ruminating. My internal voice is loud, clear and enunciated.
My internal voice is loud, clear and enunciated.

I begin thinking about my job- without getting into too much detail, I work with agriculture, identifying pests in crop fields. I am ultimately a very minor component of the vast swath of operations that encompass farm work, but I am a component nonetheless- poking into each farm in my civilian vehicle, occasionally raising scrutiny from farm workers who werenít expecting me, briefly doing my bit and then moving on to the next, like a pollinating insect dancing from flower to flower. There is such a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from being a part of this grand ecosystem of various people filling various niches all towards the common goal of producing food that all of us can enjoy. From electricians, pump technicians, construction workers, plumbers, pesticide sprayers, administrative staff, mechanics, and of course the armies of migrant workers who shoulder the immense burden of harvesting and packing, I am just one more little being interacting and playing my role. It fills me with warmth and happiness to think about this, it feels nice to have a job where I am directly tangibly contributing to something that serves human life.

I decide to so some cursory searching online to learn more about some of the growers I visit, learn about how they operate their farms, the family history and lineage in each location, the myriad processes involved in the incredibly complex world of high-yield modern industrial farming. It is fascinating, enlightening, and reinforces the joy of playing a role, no matter how small, in this grand machination. There is a certain warm euphoria in this experience overall.

T4:20- Despite being nauseous I am very hungry, I heat up some leftover pasta and eat it with no problem. There is no noticeable change to my perception of the food, though I tend to rarely eat when I am on psychedelics.

T4:40- Things seem to have leveled out at a long steady plateau. There is no more burgeoning intensity. There is a pleasant buzz through my body, with warm shocks traveling up my spine. This is still coupled with the expected body load of tightly wound muscle tension and nausea, though both are within manageable limits and donít interfere with the experience too much. The sensory effects are present but not particularly intrusive.

T5:30- I have just been dancing around on the internet reading various holes about various topics as they cross my path. I am reading largely about a history of unrest in America, about urban uprisings in the 20th century, about the Civil Rights movement, and later I read a lot about the LA riots specifically. With many psychedelics I find myself engaged in ravenous quests for knowledge, falling into reading holes with eyes that could pierce concrete and a razor-sharp acumen and drive, devouring all knowledge put before me like a starved dog, no matter how trivial. This is not the case with DOPr, where the interest feels purely self-driven, rather than being fueled by some seething chemical dynamo. I can pull myself away and engage in some other task if I so desire.

I duck away from my dark room lit only by my screens to go cuddle with my cat in another room, this one completely dark. Kanye Westís ďMy Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyĒ blares into the darkness from my bedroom, rippling soothing vocal samples down the walls. My cat is sleeping on the bed in another room- an enormous and very vocal grey tabby. I snuggle up with him, I watch him drowsily acknowledge me before drifting back off to sleep. I am filled with so much love and affection for this sweet soft creature and his gentle breaths. He is enjoying his night to the fullest, on a big soft bed all to himself, dreaming of cat memories in the pre-dawn darkness.

Here in the dark with my sweet cat, serenaded by distant music as a faint glow from another room, the effects really come out to their fullest. It is an environment ripe for the senses to take hold and deliver what they will from the murky dark.

These effects come crashing down like an earthquake, the world around me vibrating more and more rapidly until it doubles, blurs on itself, collapses and reforms, its steadily climbing pulse tears through me. The textures of objects in the dark form into deep prismatic reliefs with stepped faces, each face traced with candystripe labyrinthine patterns like fingerprints, themselves growing and receding into stepped relief. Predominantly olive green and cyan pulse through these textures, adorned with bright spots of crimson, yellow ochre, and fiery magenta. I look down the hallway, illuminated by the blue-glow of my laptop screen in the other room. Great glassy green polygons form on the walls, a latticework of yellow and rusty red lines dividing them neatly into sections. They ripple and pulse and travel down the walls, giving the impression that the hallway is breathing, pulsing, extending and receding in peristaltic motion. Everything comes in ripples and waves of vibration, their frequency rising and falling at a steady rate, a perfectly calculated sine wave of sensory intensity. I am still pretty nauseous.

T6:00- The experience takes so many forms at once- some even seeming contradictory. It is remarkably gentle despite also being quite intense, the effects becoming heavy in environments where they are allowed to creep in, but even then I have to coax them to blossom, kindly invite them into my space. I donít feel much drive or push to do or know anything, I am content merely existing here and now with this rare chemical pulsing through my veins. There is also almost an anhedonia in how no activity or stimulus feels particularly appealing, I just simply donít care. I am not upset about it, itís neutral and matter of fact. All of my perceptions and feelings have an ephemeral quality, where I am assured they will pass, and then a new feeling will drift in, and it too will pass into the nighttime wind. Rain hammers on the window. It is a great state in which to simply think.

T6:40- The rain has paused for a bit, it is right before sunrise. I decide to smoke a bit more cannabis and set out for a walk. I am in the neighborhood where I grew up, an idyllic suburb with plentiful greenery. Being an idyllic suburb, I am extremely wary of being out that late. Plenty of my friends my age had stories of being stopped by local police with nothing to do, just for being out late at night, as though there was an unofficial curfew for anyone who looked too young or suspicious. I tend to come across as suspicious so I was particularly wary. Talking to police is not an activity anyone wants to do while tripping on psychedelics. I also tend towards anxiety and paranoia. I was furtive while I walked, I tried to be acutely aware of my surroundings, I was consumed by nervous energy. It was beautiful outside however, great gusts blew through the treetops, sending blossoms of rainwater off the lush late-spring foliage which would glisten in the glassy lights of houses and gardens around me. I rehearsed lines in my head for what I would say if was stopped- the hypotheticals became so vivid, I became enraptured in a fevered paranoid imagination- I would say I was going for a walk because I couldnít sleep- I Couldnít sleep because I had recently stopped prescribed anxiety medications, to explain why I may come across as jumpy and nervous. I tried to think of everything, it was almost fun at a point.

I stopped on a bridge by the creek where my brother and I would play when we were kids, where we would turn over rocks for crayfish and insect nymphs, where we would catch minnows in our little nets and chase frogs and snakes. It was where I learned to love animals and ultimately biology as a whole, it would set the trajectory for my whole life. Over a decade later it would be where I had my first intense psychedelic experience, on psilocybin mushrooms while I was still in high school. This too would set the trajectory for my life, in a similar manner to the time I spent here as a child.

The riffles of the creek babbled below me, catching the light of the moon and the lights keeping watch over distant houses, all of their occupants peacefully asleep. The ripples and reflections themselves rippled, catching a iridescence and breathing 3-dimensional patterns. The sky glowed a dull purple with light pollution distributed throughout mist and stratus clouds, the trees cast grand silhouettes against it. These silhouettes would repeat, fractalize, mirror themselves at the edges turning to intricately branched snowflake-like forms with perpetually shimmering and undulating forms at their edges. It hearkened me back to watching these same trees during my first experience with mushrooms, intensely visual and incredibly overwhelming, where the trees behaved similarly, though this time it was more frenetic, more bound to a deep high-frequency vibration in the core of their being, and this time the world of psychedelics had been well traveled.

My senses are on high alert, perpetually expecting some inevitable glare of headlights, the hum of a car engine, someone to break the peace. My anticipation generates sensations- the lights in my periphery appear to flash and grow in intensity as if in motion, though they stop when I fix my attention. There is a perpetual rumble in the distance, seemingly growing in volume like an approaching object, though this appears to just be built from the ambient sounds of the wind and the water. Even these dim and still sensations seem to amplify in the electric hum of this drug.

I walk around town, the sun begins to light the sky a pale somnolescent blue, a color whose vibrancy surrenders to the lingering clouds and cold wind. People are beginning to come out of hiding to go for early morning jogs or to walk their dogs. I acutely avoid them. I have never been in the heart of the town at a time like this, when it is completely quiet and still. I take in this unique scene in such a familiar place, reminisce of all the time spent loitering here in my childhood and teenage years, then set out for home with the same hurried and nervous gait I had maintained this whole time.

T8:00- After relaxing back at home for a bit and eating a light snack I shower off. The drug is still here, still intense, still present, it just lingers and looms. In the cacophony of the falling water and the confined dimness of the shower it continues to flex its muscles in a gentle buzz, steadily and perpetually. I don't really know what to do with it, itís like a guest overstaying their welcome, the one who is still at the party at sunrise when I'm just trying to sleep. I am physically quite tired but mentally my mind is running and buzzing- the only issue is it has no particular destination to run to, nowhere to go and nowhere to be.
I am physically quite tired but mentally my mind is running and buzzing- the only issue is it has no particular destination to run to, nowhere to go and nowhere to be.
I'm just going to settle in and get comfortable to the best of my ability and just go about my life. I am pretty hungry.

T9:03- I eat a full meal now, here at 7 am. I feel overly stimulated, I am tense, I am tired from being awake for about 25 hours straight now but I am still quite mentally alert. Itís an exhausting contradiction. I would love to just call it quits here and take a nice long nap, but I am invested in riding this experience out to the bitter end. Lying very still on my comfortable bed brings some respite, in the darkness of the early dawn.

T10:00- I yet again fall into a hole of listening to and reading about niche topics on the internet. various patriotic war anthems and such. Not really sure why, but it seems particularly interesting. Itís fun to think about where they came from, what inspired them, the emotions and pride stirred into each one. The line ďAs he died to make men holy let us die to make men free!Ē from the Battle Hymn of the Republic rattles around in my head.

T10:17- I am bored and decide to watch a movie that had been on my list for a while, an OVA called Angelís Egg. Before the movie however I find myself remarkably sexually aroused, a feeling that almost never manifests when Iím on psychedelics. Frankly, sex becomes an odd thing for me to overanalyze, usually meandering to thoughts of inadequacy and discomfort, so I tend to just reject it entirely. This time though it sneaks in, it is present and neutral, something for me to just regard as a psychosomatic system. With time, the feeling passes, I lie down to watch the movie in the dim early light. It is hard to stay in one position for long and I notice I begin to fall into a dazed trance if I maintain a particularly comfortable position. This is a drug that just hangs out with me and gently guides me into different states of pleasure and sensation.

T11:51- The movie has ended- it is a curious piece, visually stunning, vibrantly imaginative, and elusive in meaning. Visuals played in the backgrounds and certainly enhanced the already intricate textures with even more greebling. What a lovely experience. I did find myself dozing off at times- not asleep but simply in a catatonic state where it seems like thought and processing paused, left adrift in a sea of labyrinthine ripples that glimmer with cyan and lime on their peaks. The movie is replete with loud sudden noises that reverberate and echo in my skull, bouncing through my neurons and shattering my thoughts, it felt lovely and cleansing. In general though, I feel like Iím coming down, the experience is receding into a deeper neutrality. Or perhaps because this peak has dragged on so long, I have simply become used to it and recognize it as a new baseline, totally within my comfort.

T12:54- My heart feels tired, my body feels tired, I try to lie down but of course I cannot feel rested at all because my nerves are buzzing and trickling with electricity. The visuals have died down a bit, retreating before the rising sun. I donít know what to do with my body- all signs are telling me to sleep but I canít.

T16:00- I seem to have dozed off or something for a bit, something like a stim nap. All I know is that I laid down and closed my eyes and then suddenly a good bit of time had passed. The forceful stimulation has receded, now all that remains is a residual tingling and tremor in my extremities, a still racing heart that is sore and tired, twinges of nausea, and a general sense of wired electric spaciness.

T17:30- I leave my house to go to a train station to visit my friend who lives deeper in the suburbs. He is one of my closest and dearest friends who I have known since I was a child. He is a fellow psychonaut who has featured in many of my previous reports as a partner in crime. I havenít seen him beyond a few brief encounters last summer due to the pandemic. I am super excited to go to his house and smoke a lot of weed and play old gamecube games like we always do. Being out in public in broad daylight is a bit uncomfortable, I feel on edge, dull and indistinct visuals now dance faintly on surfaces, the labyrinthine forms inflated to be blobby and amorphous, still adorned with color though it is faint and transparent. I try to avoid other people until I have to board the train. I am in a daze, the sound of the train rumbling down the tracks echoes and reverberates the air around me, I hide down in my seat and try to pick out whatever visuals remain. It is still chilly outside, overcast with a light drizzle. The conductor apparently didnít even notice me board and I get a free ride. Always nice.

T18:00- Arrive at my friendís house. I have come down enough that conversing in person isnít difficult or awkward, though there is still some psychedelia in my interactions, in the way my own voice plays in my head loud and clear, in the sense that I have a hyperawareness of every word I speak and their possible implications. But it is fun and comfortable to be here, with someone so familiar who is in turn so familiar with interact with me when I am tripping. We smoke some bowls of weed and play Super Smash Bros. Melee. His girlfriend makes us frozen pizza which I am able to eat without any problem. I find myself particularly proficient in melee right now, as though my dexterity and fine motor skill has improved a lot- indeed stimulation and tension may do that. We smoke more and transition to Mario Party 6, a game he is much more skilled in. I am not as good at this one but itís colorful and light and fun. Socializing feels great, I have so much energy to get out and just talking and catching up with a dear friend feels like such an effective and satisfying way to spend that energy. There is a fiery stimulation in my brain that shepherds me towards socializing and interacting
There is a fiery stimulation in my brain that shepherds me towards socializing and interacting
, I accept the path it has taken me on and speak words that seem to fall into place exactly where they need to be- I receive words in turn that too fall where they need to. Everything is truly ideal. They show me what theyíve been building in their Minecraft server before I need to head out as they have to go to bed early. It was so lovely to interact and my heart feel so full. The drug still exists in my system as a deep stimulation, the last vestigial sensation of this substance that refuses to go away.

T21:30- I walk to a Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. This area is clearly meant for only cars- the roads are wide and foreboding, everyone is going so fast, there are no sidewalks and limited crosswalks. I think about how a suburb develops, how so many big businesses crop up along major roads and train lines like this, devolving into sprawling residential neighborhoods from there. I wonder how fast the development will go, if this will ever build up enough to become an area that could be considered truly ďurbanĒ, if this is just one step in the life cycle of human living spaces. The walk is scary- no sidewalks means constant awareness of the cars whipping by at 50 miles per hour, stopping at times to keep myself safe. Itís a shame that this place just is not meant for people and their measly two legs.

Interacting with the store clerk is awkward, I mostly feel dazed and strung out, a bit out of it, like my attention needs to be jolted to respond properly. I get my donuts and hashbrowns and walk back to the station, yet again dodging cars. I have to wait about an hour for the next train. I still feel stimulated, forcefully alert. The ride home is a blur, I think my brain is getting tired of processing information for so long. I have been mostly awake for almost 40 hours now.

T24:00- I get home, eat more dinner, still feeling it mostly just as stimulation. Visuals have disappeared, most of the psychedelic thought processes have subsided, I am tired.

T26:00- Back to baseline I would say. I fall into a deep sleep shortly after this, though it isnít nearly long enough and when I wake up the next morning I am still quite tired. I groggily drive back to my house in the city and take another long nap. I feel entirely normal when I wake up again.

Conclusion: DOPr is a marathon of a drug. The duration is of course the most easily remarked upon aspect of the experience. It is long, phenomenally long. I tend to metabolize drugs quickly and the durations I experience are often shorter than normal, so other users can expect their experiences to stretch even longer than mine did. It was long to the point where one can get used to it, adapt to it, hardly notice that its there. Almost to say that it lends itself to stagnation and forgettability. But it is difficult for so long an experience to remain consistently novel. Beyond duration, the overall qualities I would characterize this experience with are as follows:

For physical effects, moderate stimulation- a constant mental buzz with a manageable degree of physical stimulation, while there was restless legs and physical discomfort at times, at other times I was able to lie down comfortable and almost doze off into an unawares sleep-like state. This gentle stimulation is perhaps a property of the 4-alkane chain DOxís- DOM induced a tranquil bliss within me, and DOPr left me feeling gently and neutrally still, in stark contrast to the overclocked stimulation other phenethylamines carry. Perhaps DOET would be similar if I could ever encounter it. There was some bodyload in a feeling of nausea that persisted throughout the experience, though it wasnít bad enough to suppress appetite and could often be ignored. At a few points during the comeup however, it would swell and near a point of vomiting.

Cognitive effects were fairly standard for a phenethylamine- thoughts flowing well into each other, forming easily into well-formed conclusions- acute holes of interest and relentless pursuit of knowledge, though not as ravenous as some other compounds can be. In fact, most flow of thought seemed organic and naturally paced, not hastened and racing. DOPr is a very neutral drug cognitively, solidly in the middle of the road. There were at times flashes of euphoria and satisfaction with my lifeís circumstances or knowledge I consumed, though I wouldnít characterize the entire experience as being particularly euphoric or enlightening- just overwhelmingly neutral.

Sensory effects were noticeable, interesting, but ultimately also quite neutral in their nature and intensity, at least at this dose. Visuals were predominantly tightly wound and meandering spiral forms, appearing to ultimately produce labyrinthine patterns- these would serve as a textured infill on other more neutral textures, sometimes a simple 2-dimensional overlay, other times a telescoping and deeply shaded relief. Various spirals and repeating fern-like forms were also present, much of it having the concentric repeated quality of a high-frequency vibration. All were replete with flashing, drifting colors in stripes and spots, predominantly vibrant lime and olive greens, bright magentas, lemon yellows, a deep navy blue, at time a dull ochre. These colors werenít vibrant or matte, but rather seemed cast onto a gelatinous translucency like stained glass.

Overall I found DOPr to be an interesting novelty, an insight into the question of ďwhat if I was tripping on a psychedelic for over a day? What would that feel like? ď. I have taken other psychedelics of purported marathon durations like DOB, DOM, 2C-P, or 2C-iP, though as mentioned before, my body metabolized them faster than advertised. DOPr provided my longest psychedelic experience yet. I didnít find it to be particularly exciting, though perhaps excitement wouldíve been to its detriment for such a duration. I think the neutrality of the experience was the best possible scenario for that long stretch of time, it is a drug that allows me to take it where I wish and walk it on my own leash. It does not force me to go anywhere, which was a blessing under the circumstances. Perhaps that forcefulness could be found in higher doses. Visuals were similarly matter-of-fact, present but not forceful or intrusive with a unique character. I donít think itís an experience I plan on ever revisiting but it was an interesting one that I am glad I had.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115555
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jul 28, 2021Views: 1,105
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