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The DOCtor Will See You Now
by Hungryghost
Citation:   Hungryghost. "The DOCtor Will See You Now: An Experience with DOC (exp115544)". Jul 8, 2021.

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg oral DOC (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 4:30 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


Substance: DOC (4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine)

Dose/ROA: 2.5mg / Oral

Set: Slightly hungover yet well rested, excited and in good spirits.

Setting: Beautiful English countryside on a warm Spring day. Open field surrounded by woodland and a flowing river.

T+0:00 – After a substantial breakfast, my trip buddy (referred to as “B” hereafter) and I ingest the innocuous looking yellow pill as we set out on a walk along the river. 2.5mg sits comfortably in the “common dose” range and B has dabbled before with great success, so I feel I'm in safe hands. It's around 2PM and the gentle warmth of the sun fills me with optimism.

T+1:00 – After several, “are you feeling anything yet?” moments and feeling slightly agitated by the absence of any discernible effects, we slowly but surely begin to observe the body load for which DOC is famed. There is a sense of unease as our bodies and minds begin to adjust to the altered state we are to inhabit for the next few hours. Stomachs tighten and limbs become heavy, slightly numb even. We know where we are going yet somehow don't know what to do with ourselves.

T+1:30 –The grip of psychedelia gently tightens, colours become richer, more intense. We look up towards the trees and notice the detail in every individual leaf standing proud, as if turning the sharpness setting up on a photograph. By the time we reach the end of the path and head out into an opening, we decide to sit down and rest on the grass for a while as we crack open a beer and compare notes. The pace of thought has slowed, and conversation requires a more concentrated effort, just slightly. The body load is ever present but tolerable – we joke about how we can't decide whether we need to fart or take a shit. We'd come prepared for the latter, which was reassuring, but thankfully the gastrointestinal discomfort was short lived.

T+2:30 – Finally, the bodily discomfort subsides, giving way to the long and gradual peak of the trip. Movement begins to feel freer, more natural. We're more at ease to just enjoy the experience without the burden of expectation. We cross over a stile into a more secluded but equally picturesque area and manage to strategically place ourselves equidistant between two small groups of people quietly enjoying their picnics in the hot sun. B and I agree that we feel unusually awkward at the prospect of having to engage with any strangers. Their presence just out of ear shot, however, is comforting. We are momentarily allured by the prospect of music but quickly decide that we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves, nor can we be bothered with the hassle. Besides, we’re content in the ambience of nature – birds singing, a soft breeze and the creaking sound of boats passing by. Conversation flows readily but it is in the moments of silence we share where the real communication takes place. As we absorb the experience and indulge our senses, we are both intuitively aware of how the other is feeling.

T+3:00 – We lie back and observe the clouds with intense curiosity, like a new-born exploring her environment for the first time. Waves of euphoria course gently, not with the bullish force of MDMA but rather with the warmth and grace of mescaline. As if by magic, we suddenly become aware of a rainbow painted across the clouds with not a threat of rain in sight – a phenomenon I later learn is known as “cloud iridescence”. Even in a sober state, this would have been quite a spectacle. Given that we are tripping balls however, its beauty is immeasurable. As though receiving a lap dance from Mother Nature herself, we watch the colours glide effortlessly over soft cotton ball clouds as we begin to laugh out loud in climactic delight. This is what the psychedelic experience is all about, we muse. This is pure, unadulterated joy and cosmic interconnectedness in its rawest form. A moment of stillness passes before the laughter turns to genuine tears as we lay here in our meagre human shells, incredulous, exhilarated and dumbfounded by awe.

T+4:30 – The peak has plateaued and we’re plain sailing. We drink another beer, graze on some nuts, and chug water. I whip out a bag of revoltingly delicious Haribo sours which we fiendishly consume, much to the detriment of our delicate gut flora. As the novelty of sugar and preservatives wears off, we stroll back to the first field, excited to see how it would present itself through a psychedelic lens. It did not disappoint. Giggling like excited children, we space walk through this seemingly unchartered terrain like Martians discovering our planet for the first time. This was Earth 2.0! A thousand different shades of green vibrate boastfully into our visual field, birds chirp and midges hover in neat little bunches over untamed grass. The looming sight of a communications tower initially appears as an eye sore in an otherwise unobstructed natural landscape, but after considering that this had once only existed as an image in the creative mind of an engineer, it quickly becomes a source of inspiration and a testament to human imagination. Everything is as it should be, and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

T+8:00 – I’m still buzzing, but things are slowing down. B is almost baseline, but he has the metabolism of a racehorse and always comes down freakishly quickly. The wind down period is pleasantly drawn out, and apart from getting eaten alive by swarms of midges, the long walk home is peaceful and reflective. We end up back at my house where we drink tea and give my girlfriend the lowdown of the trip highlights. B is ready to drive home and nothing of much interest happens in the next few hours. I’m feeling frazzled but with a relaxed afterglow.

T+12:00 – My body is ready for sleep, but my mind isn’t. Rather than feeling restless and agitated, however, I feel peaceful, and my mind is quiet. I decide to take a low dose of etizolam (0.5mg) hoping I might drift off to sleep. It’s doesn’t quite do it for me, but that’s ok. I just kick back and enjoy my dazed, benzo enhanced afterglow and relinquish the pressure to sleep. I drift off at around 4:30AM and wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed and alive.

At 2.5mgs, this was a manageable (up to a ‘plus three +++’ on the Shulgin scale) and largely pleasurable experience. Whilst it stands on its own as a solid psychedelic, my experience with DOC shares some similarities with that of the mighty mescaline cactus and possibly a moderate-high dose of 2CB in that the headspace felt smooth and much less chaotic than LSD. The crisp visuals were also similar. However, it felt more stimulating, more disorientating at times, and slightly less euphoric than my experience with cactus. It’s also longer lasting and felt heavier on the body, but less nauseating. It had more of a “druggy” feel than the classic psychedelics and was perhaps slightly less insightful. Nevertheless, this was a stimulating and fun experience that I’d happily repeat.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115544
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Jul 8, 2021Views: 1,337
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DOC (357) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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