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Clear but Boring
by Anatoli Smorin
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "Clear but Boring: An Experience with 4-Fluoromethylphenidate (exp115534)". Aug 5, 2021.

    4-Fluoromethylphenidate (daily)


F-MPH – Clear but Boring

This report is part of an eight-report collection. The collection consists of a summary report that is retrospective and generalized in nature as well as seven [of which this is one] more detailed chronicles of my experiences with various chemicals used intentionally for work or study enhancement. Each report documents a single substance used for thirty days. The idea was to give each material a chance to show its strengths and weaknesses. The summary report has shorter descriptions and comparisons of my experiences with each material, as well as links to the other full-length experience reports for each substance.

Background Information
I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics spanning over more than a decade. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals often in less than common combinations.

My personal history with 4F-MPH is somewhat limited, but I’ve gone through enough trials with the material to believe that I have a good sense of how my mind and body reacts with me.

The applications of this substance in the past have been either for strictly performance enhancement or a transition from performance enhancement that got a little too enjoyable, leading to moreish dosing with the intent of shifting from work to fun.

I’ll leave the past in the past and focus on the details gleaned from my thirty days of scheduled ingestion with 4F-MPH. This brief intro is designed to level set readers to my personal history with this given chemical.

This report was written using extensive notes as well as audio recordings taken during the experiences.

The 4F-MPH was a powder material and each dosage was prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram (.000 gram) scale. The chemical was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and these batches were tested at a >98% purity. An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party lab to verify the chemicals were as advertised. If taken orally, the powder was placed into a capsule before swallowing.

I did not have any tolerance to 4F-MPH coming into the beginning of my month of using the substance.

Study Timeline:

My ingestion schedule was as follows:

Day 1/30: 12 mg Oral
Day 2/30: 24 mg Oral
Day 3/30: 12 mg Insufflated
Day 4/30: Off Day
Day 5/30: 15 mg Insufflated
Day 6/30: 30 mg Oral
Day 7/30: 20 mg Oral
Day 8/30: T + 00:00 20 mg grams Oral
T + 02:10 10 mg Insufflated
Day 9/30: T + 00:00 5 mg Insufflated
T + 00:45 7 mg Insufflated
T + 01:45 15 mg Insufflated
T + 03:15 10 mg Insufflated
T + 06:33 50 mg Insufflated
T + 07:52 61 mg Insufflated
Day 10/30: Off Day
Day 11/30: Off Day
Day 12/30: T + 00:00 15 mg Insufflated
T + 01:10 25 mg Insufflated
Day 13/30: Off Day
Day 14/30: T + 00:00 18 mg Insufflated
T + 03:09 40 mg Oral
Day 15/30: Off Day
Day 16/30: 23 mg Insufflated
Day 17/30: Off Day
Day 18/30: T + 00:00 14 mg Insufflated
T + 02:12 14 mg Insufflated
T + 03:55 25 mg Oral
T + 06:14 40 mg Insufflated
T + 08:10 30 mg insufflated
Day 19/30: Off Day
Day 20/30: Off Day
Day 21/30: 19 mg Oral
Day 22/30: T + 00:00 17 mg Oral
T + 02:15 22 mg Insufflated
Day 23/30: Off Day
Day 24/30: T + 00:00 14 mg Oral
T + 03:33 30 mg Insufflated
T + 03:59 20 mg Insufflated
Day 25/30: 9 mg Insufflated
Day 26/30: Off Day
Day 27/30: 22 mg Insufflated
Day 28/30: 27 mg Insufflated
Day 29/30: Off Day
Day 30/30: T + 00:00 10 mg Insufflated
T + 02:20 13 mg Insufflated
T + 03:55 20 mg Insufflated
R + 04:59 30 mg Oral
T + 06:22 10 mg Insufflated

Timeline | Duration Details

While the onset, duration, and intensity varied depending on dosage, what I had eaten that day, my mood, and a myriad of other factors, I constructed the summary below to describe when I felt certain types of effects on an “average” day. I often re-dosed this chemical, but I’ll try and outline what a single dose as well as multiple dosages felt like in each of the time ranges below. I generally preferred insufflation as a route of administration over the oral option due to the faster onset. I also found that I had to dose significantly higher orally to achieve the same levels of effects intensity.

T + 00:00
A capsule was swallowed or a finely crushed line of powder was insufflated.

T + 00:08 – T + 00:25
Insufflated doses would creep in sometimes as quickly as six or seven minutes. On average, I’d reach a ± level within twenty minutes of insufflation. For an oral ingestion, I would only just begin to feel the effects towards the end of this timeline. Insufflation, as per usual, felt more jolting; the departure from baseline more obvious. With this route of administration there was usually an exact moment I could point to when I “could feel it working”.

T + 00:20 – T + 01:00
An oral dose would be coming truly online during this period, certainly reaching a ± level. As hinted at above, the oral ROA was by far a smoother transition than snorting the substance. It was such an exaggerated difference, that I typically dosed 15% or more higher when taking orally, just because of the slow onset and the fact that I enjoyed the slight rush of energy and good feelings that accompanied the insufflated dosages, or the larger encapsulated ones.

T + 00:45 – T + 01:45
Regardless of ROA, I’d reach the highest level of intensity for the day’s dose during the period of time.

T + 01:00 – T + 02:00
A wide array of effects could be going on during this stretch of time. Re-doses would start to come into play. For a lighter initial insufflated dose, I would be ready to take more at around the one hour mark. As peak intensity was reached, I knew that the plateau at this level would not last particularly long; perhaps thirty to forty-five minutes. Without a booster dose, the energy and alertness would be decreasing significantly by the two hour mark. The taper off the highest plateau of effects was a long and frankly underwhelming journey.

In the situation of an oral dosage, I wouldn’t be at the peak until close to the end of this time period. On smaller dosages I might have reached maximum effects intensity and begun the, the long slow journey to baseline. Larger doses, might still have some intensifying left to go after a couple hours. In both of these cases, the prominent feelings were mellow alertness and a vague sense of not being sober. The latter was a “hair on the back of the neck” feeling that something psychoactive was about to happen, but I could never put my finger on it. The substance never reached, at any dosage anything beyond what felt like being extremely awake and alert, no euphoria, body high, or anything even vaguely recreational.

T + 01:45 – T + 03:00
Any oral dosage would have reached its peak by this time. Smaller amounts would be starting to commence the come-down by the three hour mark. An insufflated dose not accompanied by a booster would certainly have peaked and likely be receding strongly during this time frame.

T + 03:00 – T + 06:00
As you will see in the final commentary regarding timeline and duration directly below, as well as in the sections of this report more geared toward describing the effects themselves; there wasn’t often much to discuss in this time period that hasn’t been touched on in earlier ones; mild boring stimulation that left me disappointing. At the six hour mark I would be below a ± for even the largest of my dosages, without any boosters, regardless of ROA.

Given the large difference in duration between the two ROA’s discussed, my preference for insufflation might seem odd. Why suffer a back-drip and go through the overall hassle of more dosage preparation; weighing out, crushing up, etc. each day. The answer lies in the differences I felt between the effects of the different administration methods. While the oral route was smoother and didn’t have some of the less desirable effects like tremors and heat flashes. Unfortunately, it was a smooth transition to nowhere. The pick-me-up factor was never significant. I was always waiting for the come-up to finish and turn into a magnificent extended peak. Instead, the come-up would dissipate, turning into a smooth come-down. The experience never seemed to arrive in any meaningful way when I dosed orally. At least with insufflation; I got some beneficial effects.

With insufflation being my favorite way to ingest the 4F-MPH, there was a good number of days where one or more additional dosage was taken. This substance was forgiving and easy to re-dose. Throughout the month, I never once felt overstimulated or uncomfortable from re-upping too often or in too high of an amount. The downside to re-dosing this chemical, is that it didn’t really do that much. Essentially; despite multiple dosages and ROA’s, 4F-MPH never did what I needed it to do. All I could ever get was more “meh”. The duration would be extended by about 75% if taken while the initial dosage was still coming on: a 4-5 hour experience could turn into 7+ hour experience if a large booster dosage was taken at T + 02:00. The extension was variable depending on the ratio of initial dosage to the booster, timing of booster, and if more than one additional dosage was taken.

Expectations | Hopes | Concerns Going In

This substance has been a bit more-ish in my previous trials so I was slightly concerned about the addictive qualities leading to an unpleasant thirty days of constantly trying to fight the urge for more. I knew that 4F-MPH had the ability to offer extended periods of alertness, having used it to avoid sleep in the past. I hadn’t ever tried to work on the substance though. It wasn’t clear if I would be able to focus on the correct tasks or if I’d be too easily distracted as I can be on other stimulants. This was the substance I had the least experience with out of the ones that are a part of this collection of reports. I was hopeful that awakeness I’d experienced while using it previously would translate to a light and easy state of high functioning focus. I knew the substance wasn’t going to be euphoric or overload me with stimulation and body high. I’d tried a few times before in a pinch to use the material recreationally and found it extremely disappointing. So overall, I thought this might be a great daily driver; low risk, high reward.

Favorite Aspects

The best parts of using 4F-MPH regularly was having increased levels of energy every day and feeling a little bubbly most of the time. On the best of days I was able to stay on task at work and enjoy an upbeat mood. Time would fly by and I wasn’t as easily agitated by fire drills or silly requests from coworkers as when I’m sober. Not only did negative things glance off me easier, but accomplishments felt amazing. Even small victories brought a big smile to my face. I felt like I was glowing, especially in the later part of the workdays where I took booster doses that encroached on recreational intensities. My favorite single effect from the 4F-MPH was that I was able to erase any tiredness with a quick little line of powder. If I didn’t sleep well, partied a bit too much the night before, or was feeling worn out from extended work hours; the 4F-MPH was just enough of a boost to clear the fog and bring me back to life.

Least Favorite Aspects

Hands down, my least favorite aspects of spending a month regularly dosing 4F-MPH was the fact that it didn’t really produce the effects I was hoping for. Focus, sharper thinking, more creative thoughts, mental longevity, and an overtly positive attitude: none of these were experienced on a regular basis, to the degree in which I wanted. Despite many trials of dosages, ROA’s, timelines, diet, and other potentiation levers, I was never able to crack the code and achieve much in the way of effective performance enhancement.

In addition to falling short in terms of the intensity of the sought after effects, this material produced significant undesirable effects. I rarely felt a useful stimulation from 4F-MPH, but the material too often led to late nights. I’d have lingering stimulation making it difficult to fall asleep, but also from the fact that the 4F-MPH left me craving a “real” stimulant experience after a day of unsatisfactory dosing. On weekdays that I would have preferred to wind down within the confines of my normal sleep schedule, I instead, several times, threw additional stimulants, alcohol, or other substances in the mix, chasing the feelings I had been wanting all day. The higher the 4F-MPH dosage(s) throughout the day, the more likely it seemed I ended up getting a bit rowdy by the end of the evening. The recreational experiences themselves were not unpleasant or tainted, but as a direct effect from a substance I was employing to make myself more efficient at work, this was a clearly negative effect. Operating hungover and on little sleep the days after these late nights was the opposite of increased efficiency.

Neutral Aspects | Additional Commentary

A lot about 4F-MPH was neutral in general. The effects were middle of the road; pretty bland and not overtly positive or negative. I can comment that this substance, from this same batch of material even, was far more effective for at least two other individuals that I am close with. As with all substances; you mileage may vary, and for me, the mileage was bland and inadequate. One thing that didn’t bother me, but wasn’t positive, was intermittent hot flashes, and minor hand tremors that would occur on about half of my insufflated dosages, but none of my oral ones. These were only intense enough to make me take a layer of clothing off and mistype a few things due to trembling fingers.


There was slight appetite suppression on almost all dosages of this substance for me. Most multi-dose days I had to force food into myself until I was well into the comedown. This became increasingly problematic when the 4F-MPH encouraged me to jump into other stimulants or substances. A full day, evening, and late night without much, if any food, almost never makes me feel great the following day.


- Starting weight: 179 lbs

- Ending weight: 175 lbs – I think the appetite suppression may have played a small role in this minor weight loss. There were enough days that I skipped meals that I could reasonably see the decrease in caloric intake being the cause for the weight loss.

- Heart Rate Notes: Nothing exceptionally noteworthy – no slowing or quickening on a regular basis. There was one instance where I was on a higher dosage of the substance and had to chase after one of my dogs who escaped outside. I took my heart rate immediately after retrieving them and found my heart rate to be at 145 BPM, which was certainly a combination of the stimulant as well as the unexpected adrenaline releasing high intensity exercise.

- Sexual Effects: Towards the peak of the experiences, I would get fleeting desires for sex, more than an average day. The few times these were acted upon, I didn’t not any particular change in the experience; either from a performance or enjoyment perspective.

- Sleep Effects: This substance did seem to make it more difficult to fall asleep. This was true even on days where I took a single dose ion the morning, and became more pronounced, as one might expect, the more booster dosages that were added. I found that I could squash the issue with 5-15 milligrams of zolpidem, which I take in similar dosages for diagnosed sleep-onset insomnia several nights per week. No change in dream recall or subject was detected.

Mental Effects

- Creativity: Very little creative boost ever resulted from the 4F-MPH. On zero days did my notes mention anything in the realm of thinking in different ways, coming up with solutions that seemed out of line for a normal sober state, suggesting that the substance wasn’t helping me solve questions or challenges from any unique angles or mental perspectives.

- Focus: Although nothing spectacular, there was some increased ability to focus. More prominent than an acute increase in my focus at any given time was an increase in my ability to maintain attention on a topic for longer periods of time. I checked my phone less often, staying completely on task for thirty minutes to an hour without sidetracking or taking a break. After a small break, I could sometimes dive right back into another good chunk of uninterrupted work time. While this seems ideal for a work enhancing substance, for some reason I still didn’t feel like I was achieving much more, despite my less frequent breaks.

- Social Effects: The month of 4F-MPH was during the COVID-19 quarantine, and I was working entirely from home. As such, I had no in person interactions with coworkers. My immediate work team touches base via both text and video chats on a daily basis, and I did not find myself acting any differently during these than I would sober. There was certainly no manic or overly-talkative issues. Very little to report here.

Mood Effects

I chose to divide this section into portions of time because after reviewing my notes at the end of the month, the most distinct patterns of mood changes were correlated to specific timelines. The comments below held true for nearly all of the 4F-MPH days.

- Mid Experience: During the middle of the 4F-MPH experiences there was a wide variety of commentary in my notes looking back across the month. About 20% of the days I made comments such as: “better than a natural good mood”, “smiling more than normal”, or something about how I was less grumpy and short tempered with co-workers. The other 80% of the time my mood was, a mix of unaffected, or slightly frustrated and annoyed because I was hoping for effects from the 4F-MPH that never came.

- Come-Down: The come-down from the 4F-MPH itself didn’t play much of a mental role. By nature of the fact that the peak of most of the experiences wasn’t all that intense, the return trip from mid experience to baseline didn’t involve all that much in terms of changes in mental place.

- Next Day(s): I never suffered any hangover or detected any lingering effects into the day following a 4F-MPH experience. As mentioned above, the 4F-MPH was at times a catalyst for using other substances, which most certainly gave me a myriad of hangover symptoms. So in a round about way, perhaps the 4F-MPH did have a hangover component via its role of an instigator.

Physical Effects

Although generally mild across the board, the physical presentation of 4F-MPH was pretty typical for a stimulant. I often developed a light sweat on my forehead, upper back, and feet, especially during the first hour or so after taking a dose. This became annoying as I was often turning off and on a small space heater and putting socks on and then shortly after taking them off. This cycle of discomfort often happens to me on stimulants, but it was more noticeable with the 4F-MPH because none of the annoyance was masked by euphoria or at least justified by desirable effects.

I didn’t have any stomach discomfort or issues with nausea or dizziness that can accompany over stimulation from substance use.

Even when exercising lightly, such as the quick breaks from my office chair where I do some jumping jacks, push ups, and squats, I didn’t find my heart rate increasing much more than it would on a sober day. Using the data from my written notes, my heart rate after walking the dogs for thirty to forty-five minutes was <10% higher on the days I took 4F-MPH compared to the days I did not.


Most other substances I used in combination with 4F-MPH overwhelmed it. Perhaps other materials were mildly intensified by the base layer of the boring stimulant, but I found this negligible if it did indeed exist at all. Most substances I combined with the 4F-MPH were not intended to enhance my abilities at work. They were strictly recreational.

- Cannabis: This is a substance I combined with 4F-MPH during the day while still working. I tried, sometimes with success, to boost the stimulant to the point where I would get a small rush of energy and faster, more focused thoughts. The times I was not successful in achieving this, I would end up too stoned and uncomfortable to be productive at work. In the end, I didn’t find these two substances enjoyable to mix.

- Alcohol: I rather enjoy alcohol. I found in combination with 4F-MPH I could consume more alcohol while feeling less of its effects. This could be a useful combo if I was trying to stay up late and binge consume booze, but there are plenty of other stimulants I’d choose over 4F-MPH for this purpose. Beyond this one synergy, my notes didn’t comment on any other effects felt as a result of these two compounds being ingested together.

- MDMA: I took MDMA just once with the 4F-MPH. This was one of the instances where higher doses of my study aid drove my desire to feel proper euphoric stimulation. Despite the day involving multiple dosages of 4F-MPH and some of these on the larger side, the MDMA completely overtook the 4F-MPH the moment its onset began. There is a slight chance that the intensity of the MDMA was increased (estimated <10%) by having the additional stimulant in my system.

- 4-FA: Similar to the MDMA combination; I took 4-FA after feeling fiendish from the 4F-MPH not fully scratching the itch it created by offering a faint hint of euphoric stimulation. Much like the MDMA, I didn’t feel any synergy between these two substances. Once the come-up began in earnest on the 4-FA, its electric pumping roll obliterated my ability to feel the 4F-MPH at all.

- DMT: Twice during the 4F-MPH month I combined it with DMT. One time was with crystalline material that I vaporized and the other was with changa, which was smoked. Somewhat surprisingly, this was the substance that I felt the presence of the 4F-MPH ore than any other combination. The DMT visuals seemed to sparkle more than normal, with shimmering electric outlines as a common theme in both experiences, beginning to end. This could have been a coincidence, but I think not. Additionally, I felt a bit more lucid during these combo experiences. The DMT dosages were lower, twenty-three milligrams of crystal DMT and an un-weighed four hits of the changa. Even so, compared to how I’d normally react to these amounts of DMT, I felt less swept away by the psychedelic. This was a pleasant feeling; the rapid come-ups were less jarring than normal and the peak of the experiences more peaceful than normal. Oddly, the 4F-MPH, as a stimulant, had a calming effect on the DMT. The DMT was taken about an hour and a half after my last re-dose of 4F-MPH on both occasions.

- Ketamine: Once again, I found very little synergy in this combination. Three times I mixed this dissociative with my study aid and each time I could barely tell the 4F-MPH had been taken at all. Unlike ketamine and other stimulants, I didn’t note any significant potentiation.

- Benzodiazepines: I took a variety of benzos during this month, but felt it made sense to lump them together since they all reacted very similarly when combined with 4F-MPH. I actually enjoyed this combination during the work day, but that’s not particularly surprising given that I enjoy the relaxation and anti-anxiety effects of benzodiazepines in general. Higher dosages of 4F-MPH paired with lower benzo dosages resulted in a lovely calm focus that kept anxiety related to work stress at bay and but avoided the sleepiness that can sometimes plague me when taking benzos during the work day on their own. If I was taking the benzos in the evening, after the work day had closed, I found that it took roughly 20% more material to achieve similar effects to days when I had not taken any 4F-MPH. The benzos I took in combination with 4F-MPH were: clonazolam, etizolam, alprazolam, flualprazolam and flunitrazepam.

Outcome | Summary | Takeaways

4F-MPH was not a shining star for me. Especially in the context of trying to improve my performance in a working environment; the substance was almost a complete flop. Had I not been committed to the thirty day schedule, I would have abandoned this chemical after perhaps just a handful of trials. There are certainly use cases for utilizing 4F-MPH, such as staying alert for an overnight drive. Occasionally I’d get a small initial rush that I enjoyed, but this was followed by a stimulation that felt hollow and useless. This occasionally made me chase after a more legitimate stimulant high. Overall though, almost any scenario in which I could imagine wanting to take a stimulant, I could easily come up with a substitute for 4F-MPH that would do a better job. The best thing about using this substance for a month was that it had very few negative components to its experiences. For this to be the highlight of a substance, is disappointing. I won’t be experimenting any further with 4F-MPH; I gave it more than its fake shake and it simply didn’t do it for me.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115534
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Aug 5, 2021Views: 2,070
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