Taking Two for the Team
Citation:   Asante. "Taking Two for the Team: An Experience with 3-Me-PCPy (exp115504)". Erowid.org. Sep 8, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115504

T+ 0:00
5 mg rectal 3-Me-PCPy (liquid)
  T+ 2:15 5 mg rectal 3-Me-PCPy (liquid)
1 gram of Tolicyclidine HCl (3-methylrolicyclidine, 3-Me-PCPy) found its way my way.

I've quit drugs (last dose 2019) so the plan is, one session, discard the rest. I may use the leftovers to more precisely establish water solubility.

Whats immediately apparent is that the label says 3-Me-PCPy and shows this structure, but the IUPAC name given is that of 4-methyl-eticyclidine (3-Me-PCE). The definitive identity however, is 3-methylrolicyclidine, as reported here.

Its an off white powder with a very slight odor, somewhat phenolic, color and consistency kinda like coffee creamer, 25mg dissolved readily, completely and clearly into 1ml lukewarm water. Solution is bitter, as expected.

I diluted it further to 5ml, of this, 1ml=5mg will be rectally administered, the way I was used to take my dissociatives.

One hour in, the 5mg rectal came up fast, alert within 3 minutes, significantly developed in 10,min, mostly there at 30 min after the plunge. It started out anxious for me, but so does 3-MeO-PCP. It soon gave way to a dreamy state with a stimmy, slightly restless undertone. The euphoria of the dissociation and stimulation go well together. The dreamy dissociation outweighs the stimulant component. I physically "had to do something" but I'm also way dreamy so, whoa, not too much :) My palms are warm and sweaty, ,especially in the beginning.

A low dose of this could potentially be sexy - this might be just the ticket for sensual exploration. It's about as potent, I think, as typical PCP type drugs, so probably 3-15!mg, like PCP and 3-MeO-PCP.

I am sufficiently intoxicated, 5mg rectal is a strong ++ for me, despite that I had a considerable dissociatives tolerance 2 years back. Dreamy yet alert, disinhibited but euphoric, a tad restless, these are wilder waters than the 3-MeO-PCP lotus pond of tranquility.
Dreamy yet alert, disinhibited but euphoric, a tad restless, these are wilder waters than the 3-MeO-PCP lotus pond of tranquility.
Its like a disso with a hint of MDMA, the euphoria is reactive and genuine.

I'm confident, good as I feel, drugs are no longer The Way for me. I poured the remaining 4ml = 20mg away.

PCP is usually smoked as the freebase. Smoking is sooo 20th century, so I was wondering whether this Tolicyclidine HCl as such was suitable for vaping. Not that I vape, but, people will want to do that.

1 weighed out 100mg 3-Me-PCPy and with teaspoon, wineglass and graduated syringe I managed toi dissolve it into 3ml of propylene glycol.

Can you credibly say "For Science" when you have a great time on 5mg and pour 100mg down the sink? For science guys!

I anticipate that glycerin/glycerol (another vaping carrier) will dissolve more of it, being more polar. Let's go find that out.

..And nope, it did not work out that way.

100mg Tolicyclidine HCl did not satisfactorily dissolve into 10ml glycerin, so it is of little practical vaping use.

500mg did however dissolve completely in 2.5ml water at 26.5'C (its' hot here) making it remarkably aq sol.

The leftovers were discarded, except for a second 5mg, this time in 2ml water, for rectal use, now 2:15 hour after the first dose when I'm still comfortably on the plateau.

99% of the 3-Me-PCPy used in this experiment went down the drain.

After the work, the reward! Here's to 5mg more!

2h after the second dose and about 4:30h after the first dose, I must say first of all that both doses caused a bit of localized irritation of the bowel wall, a slight itch, and this at 0.25-0.5% concentration. Tasting the solution did not have irritant effects, but this may affect people intending to vape or inject IM. Since Tolicyclidine is a tertiary amine so, less basic than HCl is acidic, maybe the fact that its a somewhat acidic salt contributed to that effect.

The second dose had NOTHING of the anxiety, it was this wave of eyes-closed dreaminess engulfing me, I peacefully floated, a lotus upon the tranquil pond, an effect shared with 8mg 3-MeO-PCP but, more pronounced. As the dose increases, the dreamy/anesthetic effects overcome the alert/stimulant ones. I take back my previous assumption, if one were to take bolder doses and more repetitions one could probably hole out fantastically on this one. At 5+5mg, I do believe I'll sleep like a rose tonight unless stimulation takes over on the tail end.

In terms of non-keto arylcyclohexylamines I tried, this one takes the cake.

It feels better to me than 3-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCE, 4-MeO-PCP and 3-MeO-PCMo. Tolicyclidine has that wonderful -anesthetic- feeling I appreciate so much in the Keto drugs like Methoxetamine. Of these, for me this one would no doubt be the most binge-able.

Its *peaceful*, and yet I am alert. This promises that the further down the path I go, the more seductive and rich the dreamlike state becomes.

At 5+5mg I an still fully agile, but definitely wouldn't take part in traffic, not even on a bicycle. If I had to calibrate it, I would place 5mg Tolicyclidine on the level of 30mg Methoxetamine and 7.5mg 3-MeO-PCP.

One would probably do good taking a small dose first to dissippate anxieties before going deeper, to prevent perhaps the stimulant effect whipping those up to something unpleasant.

Like MXE, the virtue in my book is in repeat increments, where I equate 5mg Tolicyclidine with 30mg Methoxetamine.

I wrote an email to the vendor to tell them about the mislabelling of their product, how the abbreviation and structure read 3-Me-PCPy, while the IUPAC chemical name given on the baggie is of 3-Me-PCE.

I'd be surprised if this turned out to be the Eticyclidine analog, it has a different feel from the N-monoalkyls, it really feels like a cyclic amine.

I'm stimulant intolerant, 1 cup of coffee is too much, but this 5+5mg is just sweet to me. Its the Disso kind of stimmy, not the phenethylamine/cathinone/caffeine kind. It vibes well even with me.

Disso head + Stimmy typing urge

I'll see what develops more, the drug is out of my house and in the plateau in my body.

I love the feeling but I've come to dislike "being high", so it's great stuff, but I won't be repeating. I won't repeat, because I'd slip right into the disso habit again if I did.
I won't repeat, because I'd slip right into the disso habit again if I did.

Black holes are to slingshot you to lightspeed, not to spiral into.

Respect the substance: I can totally feel this one WILL be bad if one doses too high or too often.

It's good stuff.

3:30h after the booster, I feel I'm pleasantly descending, but that it might be quite a pleasant long descent ahead. Stims almost invariably have a comedown, this stimulating dissociative doesn't have that so far.

I used to have Methoxetamine issues, precisely because this new one feels so good, do I not want to take it again, because repeat use would lead me to ruin. So, using it and enjoying it strengthened my desire never to use dissociatives again. I felt the seductive pull of the center of the cyclone again. Consider this a community service by a former disso devotee.

Its now six hours after the second dose. Its mostly over, but it lingers pleasantly if I want to surrender to it and annoyingly if I want to do something else. It's let's say 1/5 of what it was, but I wouldn't be surprised if that fifth lingered till midnight, 4 hours more.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 48
Published: Sep 8, 2021Views: 2,178
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