A Magical Bike Ride on MAL
Methallylescaline & Cannabis
Citation:   coochieforbreakfast. "A Magical Bike Ride on MAL: An Experience with Methallylescaline & Cannabis (exp115471)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115471

50 mg oral Methallylescaline
Iíve been experimenting with psychedelics for a while now, and yesterday I found one that really hit the spot. I had a wonderful trip on MAL, with very vivid visuals and great introspection.

The bodyload

This part was a bit rough. I dosed a 50mg capsule on an empty stomach, and soon after noticed severe stomach discomfort. This eventually caused me to hurry to the bathroom very nauseous, but projectile vomit all over our hallway before getting there. Cleaning up my own puke was definitely not my favorite part of the trip. The stomach discomfort persisted for a few hours. Next time I will definitely take a supplement or perhaps ginger tea to counter this nausea somewhat. Also I dosed at 3PM, and even though I had mostly come down by 12AM the after effects still kept me up all night, and not even 2mg of etizolam could knock me out. So be mindful of this as well. Lastly I was unable to pee during the peak, but this was possible again on the comedown.

The visuals at the start

About two hours into the trip, the visuals were still quite mild, somewhat comparable to ~20mg 2C-B. I was definitely seeing some colors and slight patterns, but nothing to write home about. Solid 6/10, fun but not particularly exciting. Thatís when we had the genius idea to take a bong hit and go for a bike ride. Now I smoke about 2 to 5 grams of weed a week, and usually smoking a joint intensifies the trip just a liiiitle bit. But a bong hit of some tangerine kush ramped up the visuals immediately, and put me exactly where I wanted to be. Then me and two friends, one of which also on 50mg MAL and the other just pretty stoned, hopped on the bike. And this is where the best part of the trip began.

The visuals during the bike ride

I wish I had tried to ride a bike tripping sooner, because man this was an experience. The rhythmic motion of pushing on your pedals put me in a trance, and because youíre moving forward as youíre cycling your environment is constantly changing. This meant a lot of impulses, but I was loving it. When I let myself zone out into a kind of trance, the visuals became very apparent. Every component of my environment merged into all kinds of figures that seemed to be reaching over me, guiding me forward. The road I was cycling on seemed to be floating just above the ground, where the rest of the environment formed a tunnel of figures and moving patterns that kept guiding us forward, further and further down forest paths. I was absolutely mesmerized by the visuals, solid 10/10, extremely enjoyable.

The headspace

The headspace on this substance was very, very enjoyable. Every now and then Iím bothered by my inability to socialize when on psychedelics, but on MAL this actually went surprisingly well, and I was still able to hold a conversation. At the same time, when I let myself zone out, I noticed MAL offers great introspection. I started thinking about my life, my future, my career, my relationships, and actually came to many insights about where I want to be in the future. As the trip wore off, it left an amazing afterglow during which I watched a movie with frat mates and had some great open conversations.

Overall opinion:

Great stuff, would absolutely recommend. But be mindful of the nausea, and make sure you can sleep in the next day. I recommend to smoke weed while tripping also (that is, if you usually respond well to weed).

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 31, 2021Views: 1,632
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