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For the Extra Focus
3-Methylmethcathinone & Dexamphetamine
by happyentactogen
Citation:   happyentactogen. "For the Extra Focus: An Experience with 3-Methylmethcathinone & Dexamphetamine (exp115465)". Jun 3, 2021.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Amphetamines
  T+ 1:30 95 - 105 mg oral 3-Methylmethcathinone
  T+ 4:30 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 4:30   oral Valerian
  T+ 4:30   oral Melatonin
  T+ 5:30   oral Valerian
  T+ 5:30   oral Melatonin
  T+ 5:30   oral Vitamins / Supplements


20mg Dexamphetamine and 100mg 3MMC

Today I had to write two essays of 1000 word each on a cybersecurity tool, for the extra focus I decided to take some amphetamine and maybe some 3mmc to boost the mood. I'm an experienced user of stimulants and my health isnt what it used to be, some intestinal discomfort is always present when I take it but it is worth it because it gets my work done. The setting was alone at home, but I prepared with a good meal.

Let me first list [my] do's and dont's:
- Do not dose higher than 100mg
- Do not drink caffeine with this substance
- Do not take this substance if you have COPD
- Have melatonin and valerian ready (for high blood pressure, anxiety and ability to sleep)
- Have a source of vitamin C ready
- Do not snort this substance, it is very harmful to your nose and lungs
- If I want to feel the effects fast, I put a crystal under my tongue like an LSD tab. (I get a short high)
- If I want the maximum high I take this on an empty stomach and dissolve it in water for administration

If I take a few mg of dextroamphetamine with this substance, I will not have to redose to endure longer stimulation then (but the dose is important and differs per person, too much could mean heart failure!).

- Initial dose of amphetamine dissolved in tonic (cause quinine makes head a bit cool)

- Comeup of the dexamphetamine (energy increase, restlessness, faster heart rate, cognitive euphoria)
- Start writing essay, words flow out like water, typing feels like air while going many keys per minute.
- Feel very social, friend notices it and we talk about some life events
- No physical euphoria present, perhaps dexamphetamine does not produce a tingly soft body high

- Peaking on the amphetamine, energy to work all night but still no euphoria other than cognitive and great desire to talk.
- I decided to add in the 3MMC, mainly cause it helps promote my creative thoughts and increases my mood to a level where I can deliver good work instead of 'work done'.
- Took about 20mg by licking it, was a bit numbing on the tongue but not too much, bit like cocaine should be.
- I took about less than a tenth of the 1 gram crystal I had, so approximately 75 - 85mg. The crystals are pure enough to notice a change in mood at even doses of 20mg, but I wanted the full experience.
- Snorting works faster but I noticed in previous rolls that it induces migraines more easily
Snorting works faster but I noticed in previous rolls that it induces migraines more easily
, perhaps due to the rapid blood pressure increase? Idk.

- Peaking on 3MMC, sounds sound like they're softly spoken into my ear, body feels light and my mood is very positive although a bit anxious. The stimulation is extreme in a way that I need to move, I squeeze hands (a tic I have with stimulants) and I need to work (I work as fast as lightning on the essay).
- Logic thinking seems improved as I played two games of chess and I saw things immediately, I won two games on chessdotcom in less than a few minutes, bizarre.
- I notice my sociability, I talk a lot to a friend but I find it hard to keep the conversation organized (I don't let the other person speak etc, and I keep extending on small topics).
- I find it very easy to talk about my feelings (Like depression I cope with and things I deal with, relationships that went wrong), this is the serotonin doing its job.
- Perception as in vision was a bit clouded, I could see sharp but couldn't pay good attention to my surroundings, I wouldn't be able to drive a car.
- The stimulation of both was a bit impacting my heart (racing at 150BPM) and the vasoconstriction was strong enough to affect my breathing (common with 3mmc, hence why dosing is important).
- Slight tingly feeling in feet due to the strong vasoconstriction, most likely not a problem but feels a bit scary (It's a lack of blood circulation and can be solved by lifting feet above the heart, probably unique to my experience cause I have some health issues).

- Took a beer (alcohol is a vasodilator, it only decreases 3mmc effects) to wear off a bit of the stimulation and aid in helping me breathe better. (This worked)
- For the high blood pressure (feeling tension in arms and feet) and anxiety I took melatonin and valerian, and at 2:30 this worked.
- I felt very well focussed and life seemed optimal.
- Took some lemon juice as a neuroprotector and anti-oxidant (vitamin C, and citric acid = lowers the uptake of more 3mmc).
- I felt a bit dizzy when standing up after sitting for a long time (blood pressure changes, not a bad thing).
- I finished my essay and was very happy with the result.

- Physical discomfort and heart have now calmed, some gut discomfort I had all the roll was still present but not too bad.
- It's the time I write this report to shine light on this new substance.
- I'm still super stimulated and many muscles are stiff, I feel the need to urinate more often but I also had been drinking water (and the beer of course).
- The comedown is ahead and I will again take some valerian and melatonin to fight any upcoming anxiety.
- I also take some magnesium and vitamin D (vitamin D isnt necessary but I have a deficiency, magnesium cause it helps protect muscles, there is a process of muscle breakdown that could occur and Magnesium helps not only reduce tension but also helps muscles recover from the activity).

- I'll skip documenting the comedown but the 3MMC comedown is very mild always.
- It leaves me with a bit leftover dopamine to get out of bed (while feeling dead inside).
- I get out of bed, EAT! and go shopping and then at the mid of the day go sleep a few hours. That way I barely notice the comedown
- I take NAC a day after the comedown to help protect against damages (It has neuroprotective features as an antioxidant)
- Avoid caffeine, blood pressure needs to be balanced again
- Do not smoke, it will worsen the comedown
- Do eat foods rich in L-Tryptophan and electrolytes, my personal preference is a few bananas (Rich in l-tryptophan and l-dopamine, useful to restore your neurotransmitters)
- Do not sleep all day, it will make things work.
- I always have abdominal discomfort a day after use and no hunger at all, but do eat. Liquid foods like soup etc help a lot with that. (Best is chicken soup!)

3MMC is a great study aid in combination with amphetamine to ease with autism and ADHD.
3MMC is a dangerous substance if used irresponsible and has great impact on the blood flow due to its strong vasoconstriction, however with responsible dosing this is not a problem
3MMC boosts logic thinking and creativity, but it also can bring on feelings of anxiety. (Valerian helps with that)
3MMC is short acting but the comedown anxiety is quite intense, therefore use is not recommended in festival settings and its not that euphoric anyway, so better as a study aid to focus and get work done.
3MMC for learning isn't that good, just work (due to the altered perception, I may not remember what I studied).
3MMC is quite euphoric mentally and promotes creativity, yet has some physical discomfortable effects.
3MMC never has produced a euphoric feeling emotionally as MDMA, but rather produces a feeling of wanting to help people (empathy), the love feeling (attraction and extreme liking of a person or friendship) isn't there.
3MMC feels to have some therapeutic value as it allowed me to talk with ease about personal issues like depression and traumatic life events, because this drug acts shorter perhaps it is better for therapy than MDMA.
3MMC does not produce any body euphoria other than some 'light' speedy feeling, this also may be due to my serotoninergic drugs tolerance (I've been a big ecstasy user and recently quit).
3MMC anxiety is related to the discomfort in bodily stimulation and mentally because of the amounts of dopamine it probably produces, valerian reduced it.
3MMC isn't as tough on my entire body as MDMA, but it is quite tough on the heart and blood stream.
3MMC isn't as tough on my entire body as MDMA, but it is quite tough on the heart and blood stream.
For use in moderation and infrequently.

I had a nice experience, spent literally an hour writing this to write it in the best way. Note that research chemicals often are cut and there is no guarantee that a vendor sells pure. From the scent of the crystals it smelled a bit sweetish, very nice almost like a perfume and like washing powder but mixed with some anisette or something. But even that scent, plus the numbing effect won't prove it's 3MMC get it tested! And once you have it tested: Do an allergy test by first taking 5mg of it to see how you react. If you get a headache on 3MMC don't be afraid it's common and likely due to the vasoconstriction. I also noticed vision in terms of focus on surroundings might be slightly affected, and coordination sometimes is a bit unsteady due to the stimulation of muscles.

Thanks for reading

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115465
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 1,728
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Amphetamines (6), 3-Methylmethcathinone (592) : Alone (16), Depression (15), Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3)

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