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Nostalgic Vibes
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Nostalgic Vibes: An Experience with DMXE (exp115399)". Apr 30, 2021.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral DMXE
  T+ 1:40 20 mg insufflated DMXE
  T+ 2:40 20 mg insufflated DMXE
  T+ 2:40   oral Coffee


Previous dissociative drugs tried: DXM, Ketamine, O-PCE
Music is constantly on the first 4 hours.
Mood at start: slight unrelated anxiety, otherwise good mood.

T+0 Allergy test 5mg, measured with a 0.001g accuracy scale, taken on an empty stomach.
T+0:20 No allergic reaction. I dose 25 mg oral. My friend starts with 25 mg nasal.

T+0:30 “it’s like ketamine, but creamy” is the first reaction from my friend. I feel a small bodily sensation. I am a bit nauseous.

T+0:55 Minor effects. I feel slow in the head, the feeling is similar to low doses of ketamine. I have a slight anxiety (most likely unrelated). The nausea is still present at this point.

T+1:10 Peak effects. It is enjoyable to walk around, talking is more enjoyable. I like switching between different colored sunglasses, which alters my current mood a bit. (yellow colored sunglasses gives a feeling of warmth and well-being, while blue sunglasses makes me feel a bit depressed) Colors are “faded” (everything feels slightly less colorful). The overall feel is comfortable and relaxing, very loose. I eat some food which reduces my nausea. My friend redoses 20 mg nasally. The redose makes my friend harder to communicate with, more disconnected. He seems to enjoy it.

T+1:40 I redose 20 mg nasally, oral dose has plateaued. It burns a bit but only for a little while. Overall gentle on the nose. The drips aren’t that bad either.

T+1:50 The come-up is fast and the experience becomes more intense. It becomes harder to speak and I experience stronger dissociation. Walking is a bit more difficult. Body comfort increases, it feels similar to ketamine. Music effects my mood quite a bit, Godspeed You, Black Emperor! gives me a strong sense of nostalgia, brings back old memories. No major increase in music appreciation otherwise, though I did not try listening to music via headphones. My short-term memory is unusually poor at this point, hard to remember conversations and what you were doing the last few minutes. I get some minor visuals, like distorted perspectives, double vision and lowered frame rate.

T+2:40 Last redose, 20 mg nasally. Similar reaction as last time, this time not as intense, most likely because the original oral dose is coming down. I drink some coffee around this time, but it doesn’t change anything.

T+4:00 We start to come down and we decide to go for a walk. I have no issues walking at this point. Colors are now amplified and no longer faded, everything looks more beautiful, very painting-like. My friend describes our surroundings like nostalgia from another time. (i.e. this street reminds me of the 70’s, this place takes me an American college in the 80’s etc.) He describes the general feeling of the drug as “sunny, fried, sunbathing, comfortable”. I would add nostalgic to that, but otherwise I agree with his description of D-MXE.

T+6:00 (over 3 hours since last redose) I return home and meet up with my girlfriend. She notices something is a bit off but she says I seem clear headed. We order food, and while I have no troubles ordering food myself, the question “take home or eat here” confuses me a lot.

T+8:00 I am close to baseline. Watching TV is more enjoyable and easier to focus on.

T+12:00 The comedown is very smooth. I have minor troubles falling asleep. (We started around lunch and I go to sleep at 12am) and lay awake for about an hour. Lots of old memories appear. I fall asleep at around 1am.

I sleep well and wake up well rested after around 7 hours sleep. No hangover.

My overall experience is positive. The drug is eerily reminiscent of ketamine, but I would still say it is a distinct and unique experience. More trials at higher doses will be necessary.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115399
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 30, 2021Views: 1,296
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DMXE (926) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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