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Long Lasting Tourette's Relief for Sleep
by Cecilia
Citation:   Cecilia. "Long Lasting Tourette's Relief for Sleep: An Experience with Cannabis (exp115392)". Apr 30, 2021.

1 ml sublingual Cannabis (tincture)


I have had good results for the past 6 months at managing my sleep cycle and Tourette's Syndrome using a full spectrum cannabis tincture. When undosed, I will have long periods of half sleep and dream sleep, but little deep REM sleep, and I will sleep for 10-12 hours until I have been rested enough, and falling asleep and waking up involves long periods of adjustment. I set a rigorous sleep schedule and minimized screen time and blue light before bed, limited caffeine to one coffee before noon, tried getting my alarm consistent- nothing. While I'm able to get up with multiple alarms, it's an ordeal.

When I dose using a tincture, I sleep very soundly and deeply, and usually wake up naturally very refreshed after 7-8 hours of sleep, often before my alarm. I prepared a tincture at home using 9 grams decarbed and ground bud, reportedly of the Blue Cookies strain but you never know with black market, around 2 cups of grain alcohol, soaked overnight. I separated the bud and left the tincture outside to evaporate off most of the alcohol- it burns something awful and was too gross to do sublingually. I then rehydrated the tar-like concentrate (sold as RSO) with glycerin and vanilla extract for a more pleasant consumption. This gave me around 4 oz of tincture. I use a plastic pipette to measure out my doses, and usually take 1 ml before bed. I swish it a bit to get it started absorbing through the blood vessels in my mouth, and a bit of the molasses-like resin sticks on my teeth and continues to absorb, so I do this after brushing. Then I swallow with water. It takes around an hour for this dose to kick in fully and start getting me relaxed.

The tincture does not quite put me to sleep, and I could stay up if stimulated, but I put myself to sleep and it does a great job of relaxing me into deep sleep. My tics are primarily muscular involving the diaphragm, core muscles, and neck-shoulder muscles, and those end up carrying a ton of tension on account of the Tourette's firing messages at them all the time. The tincture also eases my light verbal-throat tics like clearing. I enjoy higher doses of weed as well recreationally, but I can easily skip the more trippy parts of the experience by just sleeping through it.

The effects on my Tourette's last a long time after my dosed night of full relaxing sleep. I wake up highly refreshed the next day, with a sense of calmness, and my muscles are relaxed. Some of the mental and language parts of my Tourette's, like echolalic words and thoughts, switching syllables, and memetic phrases also decrease, though cannabis also interrupts my regular train of thought, so I can't take it during the day or I won't be sharp. This relaxed effect persists over the next 2-3 days. I usually dose as necessary around once a week, and use the pipette
I usually dose as necessary around once a week, and use the pipette
to make sure my tolerance doesn't go up.

I was prescribed guanfacine as a child for Tourette's, and that only reduced my tics by making me fall asleep all day. My visible tics reduced on adolescence, but the tension and sleep problems persisted into adulthood. Cannabis tincture has been a super cost efficient medicine that's helped me get my days back from long restless nights. I've also tried legal in my state CBD oils and tinctures, but those have had no effect. The full tincture has been excellent and the effects are even noticeable in smaller doses.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115392
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 30, 2021Views: 662
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