Emphatogenic and Intoxicating
Pregabalin, Lamotrigine & Phenibut
Citation:   Gabaaddict. "Emphatogenic and Intoxicating: An Experience with Pregabalin, Lamotrigine & Phenibut (exp115369)". Erowid.org. Sep 15, 2022. erowid.org/exp/115369

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Pharms - Lamotrigine (daily)
  T+ 0:00 300 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin  
  T+ 9:03 10 g oral Smarts - Phenibut  
Dosage: 100mg lamotrigine, 10g Phenibut, 300mg pregabalin

Purpose of taking it: getting high, uploading this report for science

Also, I don't recommend anyone to do this, especially if you take pharmaceutical meds. Even if you don't, 10g is a very high dose. And also - I have zero tolerance for GABA substances (checked and pregabalin doesen't have cross tolerance with benzos, phenibut etc.)

I should mention that I take 200mg of lamotrigine divided into 100mg in the morning and 100mg in the evening. Also I take pregabalin (dose down below this text)

About 7:05 - consumed 300mg of pregabalin (I have a tolerance for about 200mg so this worked like 100mg)

7:45 pregabalin starts working. My body is numb, I experience mild euphoria and increased motivation. I can walk normaly (if I took 300mg without tolerance I couldn't do it)

8:38 effects same as above but stronger, I feel really high and stoned. It's feeling like antypsychotic but instead of strong dysphoria, I get strong euphoria, and sedation isn't that strong

9:30 effects are much stronger, my mouth and body feels numb, similar to nitrous oxide numbness

10:10 effects are little stronger, I think this is peak

11:12 took 100mg lamotrigine

11:47 effects of pregabalin are slowly wearing off but I still feel numbness in my mouth

12:37 effects are still wearing off, same state as 11:47. However I feel smaller numbness than normal.

15:48 pregabalin effects completely gone

16:08 took 10g of phenibut dissolved in alcaline water. Brought another alcaline water. First I drank the phenibut infused water, then normal water. The phenibut infused water was both very sour and very bitter. I almost puked. Now we wait for the effects

17:11 I feel a little drunk. I also feel dissociated, similar to n2o. Voices are similar to voices or n2o - distorted

17:25 I feel very drunk and it will get stronger. Only like 1,5 hours passed, and I'm extremely high. I feel like I took 450mg of pregabalin without tolerance. I CAN'T walk straight, when I walk around I accidentally hit walls and things. I'm 100% sure I will blackout on the peak. When I will reach peak I will probably have CEVs like on pregabalin. My muscles are extremely relaxed. Music sound 100 times better. The peak will be awesome, but I will probably black out during peak. I'm also very horny. I ate ghost pepper and the pain was much smaller than normal.

17:53 my muscles are extremely relaxed. I'm super chilled like on 5mg of lorazepam. Fuck I love everything. I have emphatogenic effects like MDMA. Things like hugs would feel much better in this state.

19:36 I'm super high. I feel like I'm in a lucid dream. If I were in public I would do lots of embarassing things and I would get arrested. My memory is bad now. I have some pseudo-CEVs. Music sounds extremely good.

20:23 I'm chill and calm

20:31 I'm very high. Everything seems surreal. I say things that I wouldnt say when sober.

20:50 phenibut greatly made sexual activities better

20:57 nodding off while listening to music

21:04 I feel like I'm anaesthetitased. I cant get my head up. I don't know how I'm writing this. This is similar to midazolam they gave me during surgery. I'm extremely sedated. I'm probably blacking out soon, while listening to good music

21:19 everything hurts.. My stomach hurts. Strongly. I'm almost vomiting. I have terrible diarrhea. I'm about to pass out...

21:22 music sounds even better.

21:38 I'm nodding hard. I'm passing out. Music sounds 1000 times better. Emphatogenic effects are extreme.

21:40 cevs are a little stronger

22:05 still high

Then I passed out and had very realistic dream

3:26 Ahh! My stomach hurts. I still can't walk properly. Music sounds even better. Again, emphatogenic effects are stronger, I feel love toward everything. I'm still high and not coming down. I thought that I would come down at like 2am

3:43 music still sounds better, but I will probably puke soon

3:49 Powerful euphoria.

4:04 nausea is impossible to describe

4:46 I'm very dehydrated, need to drink water

7:29 had the most realisitc dream ever. Took 225mg pregabalin. Still feel high. It lasts longer than I thought. Unfortunately I had a nightmare. My stomach hurts, I'm very sleepy. I'm not coming down. I thought that I was gonna be sober at like 2am. And I'm still not coming down.

I'm very sorry, but I'll end the report now

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115369
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 15, 2022Views: 517
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