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The Window Of Transcendence
Citation:   InnerExplorer. "The Window Of Transcendence: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP (exp115334)". Erowid.org. May 23, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115334

5 - 50 mg   3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
3-MeO-PCP and the Window of Transcendence - Retrospective

The first time I experienced 3-MeO-PCP I had been experimenting with ketamine intranasally and I was intrigued by this analogue of what was historically known as angel dust (PCP) and the anecdotal reports that it was generating. There were people that described it as the LSD of dissociatives, others that said it brought out a dark side of them as in Dr. Jeckyll, Mr. Hyde. Still others found it to be an interesting take on dissociation. At that time, the information available was scarce and as such I proceeded with extreme caution. I experienced it a total of four times and noticed a few things from those experiences.

For me, it quite easily induced a Zen state, where everything was beautiful just the way it was without needing to think or change anything. I could sit at the kitchen counter and take utmost pleasure in watching the rays of sunshine come through the blinds. It almost instantly reversed depression in a way that was not alarming nor artificial. It was generated from within, and felt quite natural. Another quality that I noticed was an increased physical ability. That is to say that physical stamina and strength were both increased after taking small amounts (between 3-5mg) of this substance. I was able to run a 5k in about 15 minutes on the tail end of one small dose (around 2mg) and I was able to push my rock climbing ability three grade difficulties higher. I was slightly afraid of what this substance would do in higher doses, and my fears were confirmed on the fourth time I tried it. My mind was terribly scattered, and I chose to take a dose of 3-MeO-PCP that was larger than the ones I'd tried in the past. What resulted was an amplification of that scattered state of mind and a realization that I didn't want to be in that state of mind. I found myself begging for it to stop and eventually took a sedative in order to end the experience. What I learned from that experience was that the 3-MeO-PCP was dependent on set and setting, unlike ketamine.

It was not until almost a year later that I decided to acquire 3-MeO-PCP again. I had been talking with a friend who had also tried it and mentioned that it had been a very interesting and noteworthy substance. This conversation inspired me to experience it again, this time with a more methodical and self-reflective approach than I had in the past. I dedicated much more time to researching 3-MeO-PCP and discovered that much more information about it had been gathered. I learned that others noticed the importance of set and setting when using this medicine as well and that others had experienced a unique “window of transcendence” while under its influence. I also read about various Routes of Administration (ROAs) and their efficacies. It seemed that it was best experienced Orally, Intranasally, or Intramuscularly. It was interesting to note, however, that Oral and Intranasal administration had the same come-up times (took 1 hour to begin feeling effects, 2-3 hours to reach the plateau) while intramuscular administration took only 15 minutes to begin feeling the effects.

I will briefly summarize my own observations for this substance with regards to dose, duration, and ROA.

For the Oral dose, the come-up seems to take about one hour to begin manifesting, 2-3 hours to reach a plateau, 4.5-5.5 hours before the dissociative effects diminish, and a total of 10 hours. The last 5-6 hours of the experience are marked by a highly increased intellectual capability. This includes an ability to discuss abstract concepts, create models for reality as well as the self, explore a wide range of topics as well as read with rapt attention dense academic texts. A light dose orally would be around 5-6mg, medium would be around 7-9, and strong/heavy would be around 10-15mg with no tolerance.

For the Insufflated dose, the come-up may seem to manifest quicker than oral dosing, but does not truly manifest until the one hour mark. That is the moment where one feels “okay, I feel it now” and the beginning of the come-up is felt. The rest of the experience is almost exactly the same as oral doses.

For the Intramuscular dose, the comeup manifests within 10-15 minutes and is quite dose-dependent. A 5mg dose will produce a gradual climb to a state which is quite transcendent, while a 10mg dose will seem to produce a stronger dissociative state of mind (similar to the ketamine experience) during which one may not want to move for about 2 hours. It is important to note, however, that during this dissociated state, one is still “in their body” which is quite different from ketamine, which makes the body disappear completely. If one were to achieve that kind of dissociation with 3-MeO-PCP, I would predict there would also be undesirable side-effects such as being comatose or else very uncomfortable. During the dissociative period, one is put into a psychedelic state of mind not unlike LSD where emotions and thoughts can be magnified and subconscious material is brought to the surface.

In general, it is also important to note that this substance seems to affect a wide range of brain receptors associated with altered states of mystical consciousness. Clinical studies demonstrate a high affinity for serotonin receptors, NMDA receptors, dopamine receptors, as well as with some mu-opioid affinity. I think it would be beneficial to carry out fMRI brain scans with 3-MeO-PCP in order to better understand its mechanism of action and how that may affect spiritual and transcendent experiences in humans. It is possible that the promiscuous nature of this molecule may contribute to why the experience feels so perfect in many ways. It feels quite balanced. A friend who used it remarked “usually when I use drugs, I feel the need to take other drugs to balance myself out, but this one stood on its own.”

Following is a series of experiences I have recorded:

First experience, 5mg insufflated:
I am delighted with the quality of the headspace which is completely clear and present. Zen, or satori-like. During the peak, everything shone brightly and edges were more defined. Very calm and relaxed. Once again, present. Was able to maintain a handstand for longer than I have ever had before--total energy and muscle control. Feeling is like a "more real" MDMA without any sort of emotional push.

With 5mg IM and DMT smoked at the peak, a state of oneness with All that Is was reached. Quote from journal: Buddha Consciousness in one moment. This life as been blessedly given to me to do what I wish. I felt my capacity for healing had been highlighted, I felt that "I understand now".

For a moment, I was shown what it is to be One with all things and King of all Kings. My true Being unfolded.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Breathe. Be thankful. Love Always.

10 mg IM:
t+0:02 - Warm, relaxed flush coming over my body. Quite comfortable.
t+0:05 - Some lethargy present, feeling all mental obstacles melting away. Feels like there is nothing I cannot do. All obstructions are mere illusions from the right perspective. Slightly horny, finding fantasy quite easy. All soreness and pain gone. Will close my eyes for a bit with music for a bit.
t+0:17 - Buzzy, warm dissociation present. Laying back.
t+0:23 - Feeling so good and warm. Cozy and surfing mind waves.
t+0:30 - Most beautiful bliss. Total peace, center. Heart is wide open.
t+0:50 - Dissociation present, yet feel very comfortable in my skin. Able to reflect on thought processes that may have been responsible for twisted thinking/depression.
t+1:00 - The flush is somewhat over, continued analgesia and moderate dissociation. Some stimulation becoming apparent. Going to take a shower.
t+2:12 - Feeling quite good, at peace, dissociated but able to problem solve very effectively. Smooth, present, feeling of well-being. At live music and it feels great. I don't quite feel like "God" as people have said pcp feels, but just feel really good with a touch of realism. I definitely get the feeling that I can accomplish whatever I choose to do. I also wish everyone could have this experience, so empowered yet so at peace. I do not feel numbed from reality, yet I am an observer and participant.

t+2:15- feeling intoxicated to the level of one or two beers. Mild buzz body-wise. And now that on-top-of-the-world feeling comes on. I feel so at peace and content, full of love that I could accomplish whatever. I am reminded of my eternal power. The music has a big impact on this. I feel the best I've ever felt in my life well sorta in a way. So difficult to grasp the perfection of this molecule. Definitely can see how this molecule could induce catatonia in an overdose but if used responsibly this can be an incredible tool. Wow.

Dancing felt great afterwards for a while, and then engaging in deep conversation about life and what I would like to accomplish. Felt very honest, like I would on MDMA but without the gushiness. It felt very much like myself having a normal conversation except that the content was straight from my heart. Effects dwindled down at the 5 hour mark, yet cognitive enhancement and processing continued past the 11 hour mark. Could take or leave sleep. Incredible awareness of synchronicity and expression of Core Self (see Epiphany).

Note about dosing: I have decided it may be best to wait about 5-7 days between doses at minimum. The comedown from one decent dose (7-12mg) will leave a great afterglow for a day or two but I noticed that if I redosed too soon, the comedown would be accentuated by a certain listlessness and borderline anhedonia. I am curious about how this continues to have psychological effects without continuing what would be a noticeable "high", which seems to have a definite end at the 5 hour mark, followed by several hours of enhanced cognitive ability and wakefulness. This aftereffect is different from a stimulant high, which might be characterized as "speedy". Instead, one feels quite relaxed yet able to employ mental energy quite easily.

Even after experience with a wide range of psychoactive compounds, the "transcendental bliss" or "state of samadhi" provided by 3-meo-pcp is unmatched. It is so distinct that one could not fully understand unless one had had the experience of this mind state in the normal waking state of consciousness in the past (which I have). What shocks me is how reliably it can produce this state of mind and how easily I can appreciate it.

I keep to my own personal suggestion to use this substance with at least 5 days between uses. Tolerance builds quickly and while the user may still feel something if used consecutive days, the user does not realize that the half-life for this medicine is quite long and the body grows accustomed to it quite quickly. If use is stopped abruptly after several consecutive days, there seems to be some listlessness and return of depressive symptoms rather than the long-lasting afterglow that would normally accompany a first-time use without tolerance.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 115334
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: May 23, 2021Views: 1,049
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