An Amazing Secret
Coffee & Nutmeg
Citation:   DLister. "An Amazing Secret: An Experience with Coffee & Nutmeg (exp115315)". Jul 18, 2023.

16 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  2 cups oral Coffee  
Dose: 4 tbsp (16g) pre-ground nutmeg
Start time: 10:00 am
Weight: 145 lbs.

I decided to try it by mixing some with my morning coffee and seeing how my day plays out. I've got nothing major planned today, so I can spend 12+ hours on a side experiment.

Opened nutmeg; scooped out and weighed 4 tbsp of nutmeg powder. For clarity, I used a small scale to verify my dosage as best I could. My spoon and container created leveled, heaped spoonfuls of approximately 4g each, for a total of 16 grams.

Emptied powder into coffee mug; brewed morning coffee.

Started drinking coffee. Taste is worse than usual coffee, but not horrible. My brew is palatable, and I think I'll get it down soon enough. It's easier than consuming morning glory seeds. The biggest issue so far is texture - there's a lot of nutmeg grit floating in my mug, and it's like drinking coffee made from a failed coffee filter. Again, it's not bad, it's just okay. I might throw in some sweetener in a minute.

Coffee is 2/3 gone. Smell is still odd but palatable. I stirred my coffee and found a layer of grit at the bottom. Rather than start eating it, I'm going to brew a second cup like I usually do and try finishing it with that. The sweetener seems to have distracted me a bit from the gritty texture, but the odor still gives me the impression that I'm drinking Christmas decorations. I've heard that this is the worst part, so I'll try not to complain too much.

Continuing to sip on coffee. Nutmeg taste and odor are subsiding. I'm on my second cup of coffee now, and the current time is 10:45 AM. The nutmeg powder won't dissolve and keeps settling to the bottom into a thick paste, kind of like instant cocoa. I'm trying to multitask typing, stirring and sipping.

Coffee is 2/3 gone. Drinking has slowed and become difficult. Ambiguous head and bodily sensations are appearing. I think the combination of smell, taste and texture is starting to get to me. I tried hurrying a few sips of stirred coffee to force it down, and right away I started feeling some nausea. I've since slowed down. I've never had to get my stomach pumped or drink activated charcoal, but I imagine that drinking this sawdust juice is how it feels. It's kind of disgusting, and I don't know how I'm going to get down the half tablespoon or so of sediment in the bottom of my cup. Maybe I can add it to my breakfast, which I haven't eaten yet. I'm kind of glad I didn't opt for a fifth spoonful, and I'm thinking that maybe I didn't have to. On the upside, I think I might be feeling something. It's minimal, but I'm finding myself spacing out more frequently. My body doesn't feel impaired and I'm still coordinated enough to continue typing if I focus, but my head is starting to feel dopey and daydreamy if I pause long enough to pay attention to it.

I finished my coffee, and oh my goodness there's a lot of sediment left. I'm seeing approximately 1.5 tablespoons worth of nutmeg sludge in the bottom of my coffee cup, and I've already thought about trashing the remaining powder. I'm hoping that the active components were water-soluble and got extracted into the coffee, because I really don't want to start eating this sandy paste.

Residual effects have disappeared.

I first tried stirring half of the remaining nutmeg powder into some oatmeal. This masks most of the sensations decently, but I have to avoid chewing or I'll kick up the aromatics and remind myself of this unpleasant spice. After listening to some hardstyle, I feel like I'm in a better mood and I'm more willing to tackle this dose. I was upset about ruining my normally enjoyable morning coffee, but now I'm reminding myself that this is my first attempt with nutmeg and I should try to accept difficulties as part of the learning process.

Dopey head sensations are returning intermittently.

I finished my oatmeal. It wasn't the tastiest thing, but the fleeting head buzz gave me encouragement to at least get the rest into my system. I have approximately 1 tablespoon of nutmeg sludge left. I was going to put this into some oily salmon fillets I'm frying, but now I think I'd rather enjoy a meal without any aggressively festive spiciness. Instead, I'm going to run some nail polish remover (the acetone kind) through the remaining nut powder for fun and see if I pull anything out.

Cerebral effects have faded. I'm wondering if I ingested enough powder to take enough of a dose. Nothing has 'kicked in' yet, so I may need to give it some time. I'll go eat my fish and do some reading. Also, the remaining sludge (which looks like it might be as much as 2 tablespoons - half of what I started with) is currently in a jar and soaking in some acetone.

Increasing dazed sensation; sense of comfort and relaxation is returning and staying more consistently. Having slight difficulty with concentration while reading. Body feels warm and mood could be described as contentedness. Have had a few feelings of arousal. Right palm felt sweaty. For the past fifteen minutes, I've been feeling something that seems beyond the typical boredom I feel while reading something dry. I felt cozy and content while reading, as if I was resting in a warm blanket. I also noticed that I was repeatedly losing my focus on the material and my mind would start to wander. I was totally content staring into space and listening to the rain outside. I could probably mention that I've been feeling waves of sexual arousal and the idea of acting on it gives a sense of excitement, though that might be the result of my own libido and not the nutmeg. Overall, my state is below euphoric, somewhere between contented and delighted. The only complaint I can think of so far is some minor difficulty swallowing.

Steady sense of euphoria and delight. Minimal body buzz; most effects seem to be mental. Slight tightness in chest and minimal tension in neck; no negative effects otherwise. I think I've switched from a dopamine- to a serotonin-dominant experience. I've graduated past my erotic arousal into a state of intimate openness. My textbook became interesting and I'm totally content with reading it for hours, but honestly I'd rather be cuddling with someone.
I've graduated past my erotic arousal into a state of intimate openness. My textbook became interesting and I'm totally content with reading it for hours, but honestly I'd rather be cuddling with someone.
If I had a housepet, I'd definitely be snuggling it. I'm taking the opportunity to re-remember the smell of nutmeg as something more than a gritty cola powder. Who knows, maybe I'll condition myself to love the most disgusting bits of nutmeg, lol. I'm sure there's something spiritual or philosopical about that - that's cool, I respect that. The only negative effects I've felt are some tightness in my chest.

Unusual changes in chest tightness. Slight feeling of cranial pressure. Emotional intensity has reduced but mood remains in comfortable sedation. The chest sensation has been odd, a little scary and kind of wonderful. One moment, my side is tense and I start getting anxious about heart failure; in another moment, the sensation is energetic and lovely, like the 'fluttering butterflies' feeling of being in love. I'm unsure if this sensation is good or bad, but I'm not thinking it's actually related to my heart. Instead of being in the center of my chest, the concentration point feels like it's downward and to the side, below my left pectoral. I'm not having any trouble breathing, so maybe it's something going on with my renal organs.

Chest discomfort steady but reducing. Sense of humor seems elevated. I'm definitely feeling some kind of stimulant effect right now. I'm guessing that's why I feel energized and my awareness feels more alert. I'm looking for something low-impact to do so I don't stress myself excessively, so I'm browsing some memes. I feel like I'm finding them more delightful than normal, or maybe today has been a great stroke of luck in terms of selection. I could also cook dinner, but it'd mostly be for the activity rather than because I'm hungry.

Feeling increasingly tired. Stimulation feels subsided. Chest discomfort is nearly gone. Hunger returning. I've been doing some low-speed internet surfing, and my bodily agitation seems to be returning to baseline. In its place, I'm feeling a sense of fatigue and tiredness.

Fatigue is setting in. Hunger is increasing. I said I'd go do something, but I've yet to actually do it. I'm just enjoying silly things I find on the internet. I'm literally throwing on some music right now, and then I'm getting up to go find some food.

Ate food. Current feeling is sedated more than tired. Noticing unusual extroversion. I ate some dinner, and now I'm looking for something else to do. Paradoxically, I don't want to do too much because I'm enjoying my current relaxed state. I'm currently listening to a Royal Institute lecture, and I'm noticing myself texting my sister more than usual by either sending her jokes or asking questions about the lecture, since it's related to her major field of study.

T+12:45 (10:45 PM)
Activity level has increased. Energy levels feel restored. Introspection has reduced; attention is primarily focused outward. I must be coming back up to baseline (or back down, IDK) because I'm becoming more active in menial chores that don't require deep thought other than basic technique or preferences.

Overall, this was a pretty nice day with a very pleasant trip.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115315
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jul 18, 2023Views: 773
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