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Calm and Relaxing Trip
4-PrO-DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   psychedelic dude. "Calm and Relaxing Trip: An Experience with 4-PrO-DMT & Cannabis (exp115276)". Mar 18, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 4-PrO-DMT (capsule)
  T+ 1:45 0.4 g smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:00 1 line insufflated Ketamine  
Previous experiences:
Iíve had a reasonable amount of experience with psychedelics beforehand, tens of LSD trips, one DMT breakthrough and some encounters with lesser RC psychedelics. Iíve only tried shrooms once and in a low dose, so I canít really compare it to this.

The semester started a few weeks prior at my university, so Iím a little bit stressed from the amount of work. Recently, Iíve started delving into spirituality so my thoughts could have gone more into the mystical. Thereís also the whole coronavirus event going on and my country has declared quarantine (with some exceptions like going to the nature). What might be good to mention is that I used amphetamine the day before so I had a mild headache during it. Iím not on any medication and am healthy, both mentally and physically.

I decided to go for a walk to the local vineyards, there are some grass patches so my intention was to chill there. Today it was 7įC and sunny. Some time later I promised to join a few friends in the forest.

I prepared a capsule. Weighed ~30mg of brown powder that was sold to me as 4-PrO-DMT and mixed it with lemon juice. This has probably played a role in limiting the nausea later.

The moment I left my house, I consumed the capsule, from now on I was on foot. I also started a voice recording which would help me with recalling the experience.

I feel lightness in my legs. That might have been unrelated retrospectively.

Iím starting to feel serene; Iím thinking about lying down and looking at clouds.

I noticed that grass around me is a bit ďsharper lookingĒ than before.

Iím feeling very calm, sun is shining at me, I feel my heart beating a bit faster than normal.

I start seeing some closed eye visuals which could be described as threshold DMT like.

I feel slight uncomfortableness in the stomach, like it is too acidic. Itís not too distracting, though.

The visuals are starting to be more prominent. I see a ďnet of beads that is centered at the place Iím looking atĒ, trees in the distance look ďhairyĒ, as they do during LSD comeup.

Iím noticing the connection with shrooms, the calmness I get is similar to what I had at 1.5 dried grams.

I see slight discoloration in the bright white clouds Ė blue, red and yellow ďpointsĒ. The whole visual part is very subtle, the calmness is much more prominent.

I get a little quieter, Iím considering increasing the dose next time. There are no thought loops like with other psychedelics.

I feel like laughing at everything. I notice that there is no feeling of ďimpending doomĒ like on LSD comeup. I canít really tell what is going to follow. I also notice, that the open and closed eye visuals are very similar so if I took a larger dose, I might not know whether I have closed eyes or not.

I start yawning. I noticed an auditory hallucination that sounded like my voice echoed and it also sound a bit mechanic. I also feel like I could act completely normal if around people.

I noticed a slight ďbreathingĒ effect. I decide to take a walk as Iím getting cold. Iím thinking about doing this substance in the summer, when I can lie in the sun.

My breathing sounds robotic and Iím still yawning. Time starts getting distorted, but I donít notice it at the time. Iím giggling to myself.

Iím back at the field I was at before, warm now. While I was walking, I was thinking about smoking weed when I get there. Seconds after lying down I get a particular vision that makes me laugh: a sunflower that is offering me a joint and a lighter in a suggestive manner. My mind is very clear and Iím curious as to how higher doses feel like. The visuals feel more natural than LSD.

A family walks by. I have some introspective thoughts about having a child, being a child and the connection to this mindset and tripping.

I notice the visuals subsiding. Thatís very confusing because it feels like it only started.

I load up my pipe. I decide to go for a higher dose than usual, I want to intensify the effects quite a bit.

I feel more baked than tripping. I expected a bit stronger effect.

The effects take an unexpected turn, Iím starting to have interesting thoughts that canít be described in words.

Iím communing with the weed I smoked, I feel like the person who grew it didnít love the plant.

Iím tired and entering an even more calm, dreamy state.

I hear a sound that sounds like thunder, Iím convinced itís a hallucination.

I look at the time and Iím very surprised, I feel like 4 hours have passed, but itís only been 2. I have a transcendental thought about the fabric of time, but I forget it seconds after.

I get up, put some music on and start walking. Iím very high so itís a bit hard. After a while I stop and look in the distance. Iím very captivated by the open eye visuals Iím getting. I feel like Iím disconnected a bit from the simulation and perceiving more dimensions than usual. Things look normal but different at the same time. There is some third person perception of reality.

Iím thinking about things that canít be recorded in my memory, I remember them only while thinking about them, but once I stop, theyíre gone. Somehow, thinking about thinking (metathinking?) is possible in parallel.

Iím in front of my friendís house, Iím a bit confused and also paranoid, because weíre only allowed to be in the nature (because of covid).

We meet with the other two guys and embark on the route to the forest. I notify them that Iím tripping and try to explain what my experience is. They do not understand too much because they arenít trippers.

They talk about stuff that does not interest me, but itís fun to observe them. Iím also glad that weíre on the forest border.

This is where I stop the recording. The visuals are almost gone and I find it hard to be inside my head as the guys are talking.

We went to a place we built in the forest and they got drunk. I had one beer and after I was a bit less baked (1:30h later), I snorted a small line of ketamine. I have nothing interesting to add on this combo, I wanted just the euphoria from the low dose. The guys were really drunk and I found being around them uncomfortable. I left them after a while and listened to music on my way home.

Effects of 30mg 4-PrO-DMT were quite mild and relaxing for me.
Effects of 30mg 4-PrO-DMT were quite mild and relaxing for me.
They only started getting interesting after a considerable dose of weed, but with it came with paranoia and general confusion. I think it is appropriate to increase the dose to get more captivating effects without the negatives. It also might be good to leave the substance sit in lemon juice for a bit more than few minutes to decrease the comeup time.

The short duration was a bit unexpected, but it might be welcome as I found it easy to act normal around people (until I smoked weed). This could be neat to take at home, at least for me. Talking with people is nice if theyíre sober or maybe tripping. I can say that being around drunk ones was not pleasant.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115276
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 18, 2021Views: 2,014
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4-PrO-DMT (902) : Combinations (3), General (1), Various (28)

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