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Just as Much Stimulant as Psychedelic
25E-NBOH & Niacin
Citation:   Jill Stingray. "Just as Much Stimulant as Psychedelic: An Experience with 25E-NBOH & Niacin (exp115270)". Mar 22, 2021.

400 mg oral Vitamins - Niacin  
  1800 ug buccal 25E-NBOH (blotter / tab)
In-Depth Description of 1800ug Effects

It was difficult to find a lot of descriptive information on what 25e-nboh is like online, so I decided to try it myself and write a report about it. I have to point out that this was my experience and probably wonít be the same for every person.

Also several months before this 1800ug dose, I took a 600ug dose with very minimal effects, but it left my body extremely sore and tense due to the vasoconstriction. This is why I decided to dose 500mg of niacin this time. (Ingredients listed 400mg of niacin and 100mg inositol, which for my purposes are essentially the same.) Niacin is a vasodilator and should lessen the body load, and since the body load is an important factor in the experience, I thought it was important to include in this report.

Did the niacin work? I believe it did. I realized after this trip that niacin only lasts an hour or two at best, so if I do this again I will probably re-dose once or twice throughout the trip. My muscles were still very sore afterward, but compared to how sore they were after the 600ug dose, I believe it still wouldíve been much worse without the niacin. Iíd like to test this more though for my next trip.

What did it feel like? It was a beautiful and incredibly fun experience. I heard mentions of it being stimulating, but I never heard just how stimulating it can be. My prior experience in stims only consists of double dosing on prescribed adderall once or twice as a teenager, so maybe itís just that I donít know what anything stronger is like. Either way, it was a very intense stimulation for me. This wasnít necessarily a bad thing, while the come up was uncomfy, the peak was incredibly exciting and lots of fun. Although post-comedown was also pretty rough. Iíll touch more on that later.

The headspace was very unique. It definitely felt like a psychedelic, but it wasnít a very strong or deep headspace. Every time I felt my thoughts starting to go down some rabbit hole, the stimulation pushed them in a different direction, interested in some new thing. I couldnít stay focused on any thought long enough to dive deep into it, and I think that plays a part in the light headspace. I also noticed that I had no difficulty recalling memories or remembering how to act and talk normally. This helped me feel in control and also makes it easy to act sober, but it also means that this substance lacks that ďnew and alienĒ feel everything has to it on other psychedelics Iíve done. Iíd like to point out that even though I can think pretty clearly and more easily act sober, it does not by any means mean that I feel sober.

The mix of that psychedelic headspace and the exciting, stimulating energy is honestly beautiful. Everything I thought about was so incredibly interesting and satisfying, combined with the unique perspective and heightened emotion of a psychedelic, it was a gorgeous experience. I know a large part of my enjoyment simply came from being so stimulated, but the psychedelic aspect adds so much intrigue and fun to it that I donít think would be there on any non-psychedelic stimulant.

Time feels like itís passing by so quickly even though time dilation is still present. My thoughts will be racing around in my head for what feels like half an hour and then I check the time and realize itís only been 5 minutes.

While the headspace wasnít very deep and I didnít have any of the mind blowing revelations I can get on traditional psychedelics, I still definitely got some really valuable introspection. Not everything important requires a grand shift in perspective in order to see it.
I still definitely got some really valuable introspection. Not everything important requires a grand shift in perspective in order to see it.

Visuals: I had little to no closed eye visuals. I did have very apparent open eye visuals, mostly consisting of patterns and fractals. Interestingly, they almost exclusively appeared on flat surfaces. My sense of object barriers was almost completely intact. The edges of objects rarely moved and I had a strong sense of what their shape, size, and location were. At times the edges of objects could be slightly wavy, but it was very subtle.

The fractals themselves mostly consisted of geometric shapes arranging themselves in circular patterns. While usually very flat, occasionally they were more wavy and bubbly, like looking at a turbulent surface of water. Another important aspect is a sort-of double vision effect. I often saw two identical patterns on the surface I was staring at, one offset from the other, but more translucent and ďraisedĒ. It was akin to watching the pattern move on a surface with a slightly reflective glass plate over it, or with a thin layer of calm water covering it.

I had decent color enhancement, it wasnít particularly strong but still present. At times whites would shift between reds, yellows, and greens, but it was subtle and they were the only color changes I experienced. The patterns didnít have much of their own color, they used the color of whatever surface they were on. Sometimes I could see the faint red or occasional green in them when they were on a white surface.

The visuals were fun to watch but since they remained nearly the same throughout the entire trip and objects are still and easy to recognize, I could see them becoming less entertaining over time.

Music: Music was a joy to listen to. It felt like there was so much space for the sounds in my head, and I could almost visualize the way they were moving inside my brain. Emotional depth wasnít quite as enhanced as it is on other psychedelics Iíve experienced, but in its place I had a much greater interest and excitement for what I was listening to.

Motor Skills: Significantly better than other psychedelics, I felt almost sober in this regard. Although admittedly I didnít get to test this very much. I wasnít able to go on a walk like I planned due to a storm and I wanted to test my ability playing a musical instrument but I dosed too late at night. Iíd like to test my motor skills more in another nboh trip I have planned in the future.

Timeline: I dosed at about 8:45pm. I let the tab sit in my mouth for 25 minutes before spitting it out, and it was numbing and metallic as expected. The first two hours were uncomfortable and I was a little anxious, I believe this was partly because of my state of mind though. The restlessness I felt was also likely due to me trying to relax in bed during this phase. Despite the bad feelings, they never became overwhelming and I felt like I could manage it.

I got out of bed at about the 2 hour mark and began writing down my thoughts while listening to music. Just after this was when I started to peak, and now that I was channeling my thoughts into something, I felt an intense energy flowing through me that made anything I did feel incredible and exciting, even something as simple as watching a music video. The peak only lasted until the 3rd hour mark or so.

By the 4th hour I could already feel myself coming down and that I was significantly more calm compared to the previous hour. As the energy gradually left my body, it left a sense of calm in its place. It felt peaceful and I welcomed it. I spent a lot of time relaxing on my couch and staring at the ceiling during the come down, just admiring the visuals and winding down. This was probably the most enjoyable part for me. During the 6th or 7th hour the energy was still dissipating, but now I was realizing how tense my body had been. My muscles began feeling very sore and the peacefulness I felt was turning into exhaustion. Soreness turned into painful cramps all over my body, but drinking a large glass of water almost entirely got rid of the cramps.

At every hour that passed afterwards I thought I was sober and that I couldnít continue getting any more exhausted, and I was wrong each time. I continually became more and more tired and sore with each passing hour.

By the 9th hour I felt like the energy had finally left, I had no motivation to do so much as roll off my bed. Despite not becoming any more physically or mentally exhausted after the 9th hour, I still wasnít able to fall asleep until the 11th hour, at 8:00am. For comparison, I would normally get to sleep around 4:00am at the time.

Next Day Effects: This sucked. I felt completely drained of all energy the next day. I tried to do the things Iíd normally do but my brain wasnít having it. After a night of being pumped with free dopamine for doing literally nothing, I couldnít motivate myself to put any work into getting dopamine any other way. My body really wasnít having any of it either, every muscle I had felt sore and overworked. The cramps came back if I didnít drink enough water. I did basically nothing all day.

The day after my body and mind still felt like garbage, but I had recovered enough to be a bit more productive and go on a hike.

The next day I almost felt back to normal but was still having a hard time keeping myself motivated to do anything. In 5-6 days I felt completely back to normal.

Summary: For me this substance is just as much a stimulant as it is a psychedelic. Whether thatís a good or a bad thing is up to you. For me, it was some of the most fun Iíve had on a psychedelic in a long time, despite not really doing much of anything during the trip. However, since the lethargy and muscle soreness were so bad and lasted for a few days after the fact, itís probably not something Iíd want to do again. Also while the visuals were entertaining, they werenít particularly varied, so they might get old after a few uses. Iíll definitely try at least one other nboh for the sake of experiment, but for me personally, the awful aftereffects arenít worth the few hours of fun.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115270
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 22, 2021Views: 2,204
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Vitamins - Niacin (230), 25E-NBOH (890) : General (1), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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