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All Kinds of Weed
by vannah
Citation:   vannah. "All Kinds of Weed: An Experience with Cannabis (exp115231)". Mar 28, 2021.

  repeated smoked Cannabis


I have been always super hesitant on doing drugs my entire life. Iíve seen way too much to risk it all. Although there has been a couple substances Iíve always wanted to try. A main one being mary jane, or the devils lettuce as you will. My boyfriend is a stoner and has been smoking for 12 years, he has some of the best strains and the greatest of dealers. Visiting my boyfriend out of state away from my parents, of course what am I gonna do? The substances I wish to do without the hassle of my parents haggling me. This experience is my first with sativa, indica, hybrid, and Iíll speak about indica dabs.

The first time I ever smoked marijuana it was sativa in a bowl. Pretty throat crushing for my beginner self. I kept hitting the bowl because my boyfriend thought I wasnít inhaling entirely properly (he couldnít see me blowing smoke because it was close to midnight). I ended hitting the bowl about twenty times. The effects were not immediate but oh god, it hit like a double decker bus. I was about to leave my boyfriend's house to go do door dash with him when I got so dizzy I almost fell. I became super nauseous and lightheaded so I laid my head down on the table for 10 minutes.

Thatís when the high truly seeped into every section of my body. My body seemed so light when I walked that I felt as if I was bouncing. That I somehow lost ninety pounds, I felt on top of the world. When I sat down in the car, my body became so heavy I felt like I was moving as if I was a turtle. My eyes felt extremely dry as if I wasnít blinking. Extreme cottonmouth really got to me because everywhere we went I wanted a drink or a snack. I downed probably about 9 drinks and a couple snacks with food following later. Since this was my first high it lasted longer than normal, about 7 hours I was high as a kite. As I sit in the car my body feels like it morphs into the car and Iím just floating across the earth. The description of music is indescribable when I'm stoned. The audio blares through my eardrums and goes through into soul. I feel the beat in my entire body while thereís a thudding in my eyes like the flash. Everything seemed extremely simple and my mind often pondered many things, events, people, food, driving, breathing, etc. It was truly a deep experience because I was so happy I couldnít stop laughing and everything was perfect.

I figured since I hit the bowl twenty times with sativa, I should do the same with indica. My boyfriend packs the bowl and we go outside near his basement then let rip the awakening I was about to have. I smoked a lot prior to trying indica so my body would process marijuana better. Immediately after smoking about a bowl's worth I started feeling the high. I felt dead in my tracks and I was slowing trudging along. My balance felt disoriented a bit and I had to really focus to move. I kept smoking though because I did not want to seem like a pussy to my boyfriend. After I finished the last of my hits, I laid down in his bed. My boyfriend got me food and we just cuddled watching hulu. Overall I felt sleepy, heavy but uplifted, and I was extremely goofy. Couldnít take anything for what it was. I definitely spent 3 hours scrolling through memes.

Smoking both is definitely a lot for someone who doesnít smoke. Hitting the hybrid nearly sent me somewhere off in the distance. I felt so high as if I was Snoop Dog. My eyes were flickering black and white with a thudding sensation. I felt a thudding sensation in my body but it was different from the visual one. I couldnít stand in place because Iíd fall over from the dizziness, but when I walked I felt as if I had 200 pound feet while my body was only 20. I felt unproportional but it felt right. My brain was entirely clear of thought but everything made me wonder. I looked deeper into things I only ever look surface level into, it was surreal. Definitely a favorite out of the choices I have done.

Dabs (Indica)
My boyfriend bought an e cig and transformed it into a dab rig pen. Itís extremely efficient when smoking dabs because the excess falls down into a small area we can scoop out, then smoke that. None of it ever goes to waste. The first time I only hit it three times I believe because my boyfriend warned me that dabs are extremely strong. Hitting the dab pen was horrible. I inhaled softer but it hurt in a different way than marijuana does. The cough sensation only continues to grow in my throat until it forces me to eventually cough, taking drinks in between to relax my sore throat. I felt one hit go in my lungs and it made my entire being feel overheated. My entire body became nothing. I felt exceptionally happy and could not stop laughing with my boyfriend. Him laughing at how high I actually get compared to him. The entire experience was extremely soothing and it gave me the best sleep I have ever had.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115231
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 28, 2021Views: 317
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Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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