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Almost Totally Suppressed
Mushrooms & Escitalopram
by followthruthefloor
Citation:   followthruthefloor. "Almost Totally Suppressed: An Experience with Mushrooms & Escitalopram (exp115228)". Feb 26, 2021.

30 mg oral Pharms - Escitalopram (daily)
  5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Background: I have experience with Mushrooms, acid, and an MDMA/acid combo. I have also one DXM experience, and have used Kratom. I take a daily dose of 30 mg of the SSRI Lexapro (a high dose) for my anxiety. This is the purpose of this account, to show the interaction between mushrooms and SSRIs.

My friend B and I went camping with the intention of doing mushrooms in the forest, and having a good time out in nature. We both have fairly extensive experience with mushrooms both together and separately, and he was the first person I had tripped with using both mushrooms and acid. Suffice to say, we thought we had a pretty good expectation of what we were in for.

B did about 3.5g, and I did 5. I had done research and found that lexapro, since it is a serotonin inhibitor, also inhibits psychedelics from taking their full effect. 5 is the highest dose of mushrooms I have done, which I took with the expectation that I would be getting a three gram dose from the 5 if I accounted for the inhibiting effect of the lexapro. However, this turned out not to be the case: the mushrooms had an extremely minimal effect, and it felt essentially like a microdose.

T + 0:30
B and I walked to a waterfall shortly after taking them, which involved a hike down a very steep hill. At the bottom of the hill we stood and looked at the waterfall, and after a while I asked B if he felt anything yet. He replied that he “had been tripping this whole time.” Which surprised me, as I had yet to feel much of anything. B began thinking out loud on introspective topics (as one is prone to do on mushrooms), which I would have loved to also participate in except for the fact that I didn’t feel much of anything. 5 grams would have ordinarily been what is referred to as a “heroic dose.” This should have torn open my brain under normal circumstances, but apparently lexapro is such a heavy inhibitor that this dose did very little.

T + 01:00
At this point I had resigned myself to the fact that I was basically B’s trip sitter. Which I didn’t mind, except that I had also expected to be tripping myself. No big deal. B said that he wouldn’t make me pay for the mushrooms since I wasn’t feeling their effects, so I not longer felt bad about wasting my money. I bemoaned not having brought any weed, since this has a tendency to kickstart a trip that is lacking or taking a while to get started. We returned to our campsite and I sat down to read while B wandered around.

T + 2:00
While reading, I noticed that the texture of the page themselves were especially pronounced and seemed to be hovering slightly above the surface. This made me realize that I was not completely sober. I looked up, and the light was hitting the spiderwebs between the trees in a way that made them sparkle. This was creating a halo effect. I was also thinking slightly differently, in bigger-picture and more abstract terms. I was tripping a little bit. I took advantage of this and put on some psych rock, to try and help myself get more into the headspace.

T + 3:00
B said he was starting to come down almost totally at this point, which seemed like a very short trip to me. It could be that the mushrooms we had were not especially potent, accounting for B’s short trip and my almost total lack of one. He commented that next time I should take an even bigger dose to see what that would do. We walked to the other waterfall that was close to the campsite, and chatted for while. I was still thinking in that aforementioned “different way,” and was extremely relaxed. Although I was by no means tripping heavy balls on a heroic dose, I was still experiencing quite a lovely microdose.

Since he was totally sober at this point, B left the campsite to drive into town and get some food. I went back down to the waterfall, and realized that the rocks looked like they were breathing. I was still tripping a little. I wrote a little bit about the experience, and reflected that it would be really nice to take a “little big” dose like this every once in a while just for the microdosing experience. In hindsight, it seems really interesting that in spite of the minimal effects, my trip lasted much longer than B’s.

Although feeling the expected dose would have been preferable, this was an educational experience in that I know in the future what I need to do if I expect to have a full trip while taking lexapro.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Feb 26, 2021Views: 145
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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