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Using Kratom to Reduce LSD Trip Anxiety
Kratom & LSD
Citation:   Jill Stingray. "Using Kratom to Reduce LSD Trip Anxiety: An Experience with Kratom & LSD (exp115187)". Feb 24, 2021.

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:45 80 - 100 ug oral LSD (blotter / tab)
I wanted to record an experience I had a few weeks ago mixing LSD with kratom.

I had been abstaining from taking psychedelics for several months due to having repeated bad trips and a lot of sources of anxiety, but since things had calmed down quite a bit since then I thought it might be a good time to try tripping again. I wanted to take things slow though, while Iíve learned to cope much better with the memories of my bad trips, I didnít want to ruin that progress. I decided to experiment with taking a small-ish dose of LSD with kratom in order to reduce the possibility of anxiety. I had read various things about the combo and that it might weaken the trip, but I was much more concerned about doing it safely than I was with getting a full trip.

I very seldomly take kratom and have never had a tolerance, so I decided to take 1g of green kratom 45 minutes before dosing on 80ug of LSD. I ended up taking the kratom at 7:00am, which is normally the time Iíd be falling asleep. It was a little risky to be doing this while sleep deprived, but I think it actually ended up working in my favor. At 7:45am I cut up a tab so itíd be 80ug (maybe 100uq?) and let it dissolve in my mouth.

Almost immediately after it dissolved, I got extremely anxious and my heart started racing. I was thinking I had just made a horrible mistake and I was such a fool and the next 24 hours were going to be hell because of it. I lied down in bed to try and calm down when I realized that I had just barely taken the tab, I wasnít the slightest bit high yet, there was no LSD in my brain. All these feelings were just my brain being stupid and trying to make me think Iím in trouble when Iím not. This isnít what the high is. Knowing this, surprisingly, helped significantly, and over the next 10 or so minutes I just got comfy in my blankets and my heart rate gradually went back down. At about the same time I think was when I started feeling the kratom, and I believe it made calming myself down much easier.

Even though I wasnít panicking anymore, I was still very nervous about how I was going to feel during the come-up. I tried to stay calm and remind myself that whatever happened, I would be okay. The come-up felt a little mixed, while my brain was worried, my body was very relaxed. My blankets were so incredibly soft and my body felt like it was meant to be right there in my bed. I felt that calming euphoria I feel right before falling asleep after an all-nighter. I couldnít completely pass into sleep because of the LSD and I felt stuck in the perfect euphoric state between being asleep and awake, it was amazing. I lay in my bed for the next two and half hours as the colors and thoughts in my head gradually became more vivid and lifelike. I kept my eyes closed for the first hour and let my worries slowly melt away, just being at peace in my bed. When I first opened my eyes, my entire room was a bright green. I admired the bizarre color before my eyes adjusted to the daylight and it went away. I then continued to enjoy laying in my bed with my eyes closed for another hour or so.

I felt like I couldíve stayed in my bed forever but I hadnít eaten in a while and hunger was interrupting my comfort. The idea of leaving my room and getting food did seem exciting though, so I left and made some blueberry oatmeal. I was nervous about acting sober at first but it wasnít difficult.

I casually talked to my dad while eating my oatmeal and admiring our tablecloth. I wasnít getting any moving visuals, but patterns did stick out to me much more than usual. I loved just looking at our tiles, cupboards, trees outside, the fence in our yard, anything really. They all had a bit of magic to them thatís hard to describe.

Nothing much notable happened after that. I spent most of the day melting into our couch and watching cartoons with my family. The high had dissipated quite a bit by 2:00pm and I felt almost completely sober by 6:00pm. I thought that was strange since I can normally still feel LSD 24 hours after taking it. Maybe I just didnít notice the comedown effects due to the kratom and a bit of sleep deprivation.
Maybe I just didnít notice the comedown effects due to the kratom and a bit of sleep deprivation.
I probably couldíve easily fallen asleep by 8:00pm but I stayed up a little longer and slept without any trouble around 10:00pm.

Summary: After getting rid of that initial intense fear, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. Iím confident it wouldnít have gone so well without the kratom. Its effects made me feel very comfortable and cozy wherever I was, which played a huge hand in keeping myself calm and relaxed. I am also very prone to over-thinking things and making myself anxious, and kratom suppresses that considerably. I understand that may be a hindrance if I wanted a particularly deep, introspective journey, but my goal was to have a safe experience and to help ease myself back into tripping again. That being said, I was definitely still able to do some lighter introspection. Overall I feel like kratom was a fantastic way for me to have an extra layer of safety while tripping. I donít want anyone getting the idea that kratom will completely negate any anxiety felt from psyches, because thatís not true, but I think it can be a very helpful tool.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115187
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 24, 2021Views: 1,803
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