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Mescaline's Rare Amphetamine Homologue
Citation:   Psychestim. "Mescaline's Rare Amphetamine Homologue: An Experience with TMA (exp115184)". Feb 16, 2021.

130 - 140 mg oral TMA
Title: A taste of mescalin's rare and strange amphetamine homologue.

I didn稚 change much from the original notes I made during the trip so you have a better understanding of how I felt during the trip. My conclusion and short TL;DR is at the bottom.

I saw it as my duty to write a trip-report for this extremely novel psychedelic amphetamine because there are less than a handful of trip-reports online and information on 3,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA a.k.a. TMA-1) is scarce. It was acquired from the darknet and verified by Saferparty through laboratory analysis.

Backround infos:
- sex: male
- weight: 76kg
- setting: at home, alone (roommate is learning in his room)
- set: a little bit tired, also a bit nervous but really curious
- tolerance: none

Breakfast was eaten 3.5 hours prior to dosing the TMA. No substances were consumed before this experience.
HR right before the experience -> 68 bpm

135mg TMA [oral] / Trip Report:

At 01:58 pm, I swallow a capsule containing approximately 130-140mg TMA. I知 really excited because it痴 my first trip on a psychedelic amphetamine. I知 a huge fan of the 2C family and I wonder what TMA has to offer.

My hands are cold but there are no effects as of yet.

My hands are clammy and I notice that something is happening. My pupils are slightly dilated but still relatively normal.

I still can稚 pinpoint any real psychedelic effects, but I notice a slight bodyload. Stretching and yawning feels nice.

No visuals and no mood improvement as of yet. We値l see what痴 going to happen next :)

Listening to some Alan Watts Chillstep compilations and they are amazing. Intensity is still on the rise. Come-up is long, but not unpleasant. Vasoconstriction is there, but not worse than 2C-B痴.

HR measured and slight elevated, but as expected (87bpm).
I do have some stomach discomfort but it痴 not unbearable and lighter than on 2C-B and -E. Probably on par with 2C-D. No nausea. I notice very slight and short-lasting entactogenic properties because I want to communicate with people and would love to trip with my gf, but she痴 not here unfortunately.

Finally, some visuals are appearing and it seems like the come-up is coming to an end. I can see a few kaleidoscopic patterns waving up and down when I close my eyes. No colorful or intense CEV痴 like with other psychedelics but I do notice some geometry. No OEV痴 so far, this aspect reminds me of 2C-D. Music is enhanced and I experience the familiar phenethylamine bodyload, but its actually not uncomfortable.

I知 a little bored because not much is happening. Seems like I hit the peak of the experience but I知 at a light ++ on the Shulgin scale I would say.

I do have some CEV痴 but they are not really colorful and they aren稚 forceful. I have to focus for the hallucinations to come out. TMA is not a really euphoric compound but it is certainly not unpleasant. As of now I'm not sure where I should categorize this drug. It just isnt good or bad but its neutral and some might probably call it bland. Very slight open eye changes happening like the letters are moving when I知 typing words but that痴 about it. Very clear-headed, sometimes a little dysphoric but pretty controllable.

I知 focussing on the CEV痴 now and they are quite beautiful and very different to what I致e previously seen with the 2C-family. Very subtle and almost shy, but visuals are definitely present. Drinking water doesn稚 feel weird like on acid.

It isn稚 as stimulating as I thought it would be but I do notice quite significant stimulation, probably similar to 2C-B. OEV痴 are basically non-existent apart from some light drifting.

It is not as friendly as some other phenethylamines but it痴 certainly not unpleasant. It痴 like 2C-B痴 shy, introverted brother who isn稚 as inviting or forthcoming, but also not rough or mean. Its headspace is reminiscent of other phenethylamines although being a bit more hazy like I had smoked a bit of weed.

Oddly enough, my appetite is not as suppressed as with 2C-B or LSD. I ate a chocolate snack and it was delicious.

This is the peak of the experience and I am fairly unimpressed so far. I do feel quite relaxed though so maybe I shouldn稚 write off the experience and stop being so highly analytical. It does offer some unique qualities that I have not experienced with other classes, namely how the visuals appear and how they look. Also, the headspace is unique and offers some sort of introspection which might be useful for talk therapy. My mood is much more volatile/erractic than on related phenethylamines.
Heart rate is 92bpm.

I take it back, TMA is not bland. It痴 actually quite introspective if you let it take over you, which admittedly can be a little difficult because the visuals aren稚 as forceful or intense. I see red and pink patterns that are dancing along the music I知 listening to. Finally I致e allowed the TMA to work its wonders and take me where it wants to.

It痴 not all about the visuals. This compound feels much nicer now as I have surrendered to it. I知 no longer doubting its presence or power. TMA is quite certainly a powerful psychedelic drug and demands respect. It is very clear-headed and subtle but still deep and introspective. I have no thought loops, but it痴 still mentally challenging.

Laying in silent darkness now and watching a meditation music video. Pretty peaceful and lovely. The experience has settled into sth. really soothing and it feels more comfortable now. The trip is in a plateau where it doesn稚 get more intense but the effects are still very much working their charme. I知 looking forward to trying its brother TMA-2 in the future.

Temperature regulation feels quite off with this compound and hypertension is to be expected. Now as I知 lying in my dark room I only notice the physical effects of the TMA. There are no visuals, there is no 登bvious headspace but the physical effects are quite apparent. Slight chest and head pressure appear, but it痴 not too annoying. I always get headaches with the 2C-family so I expect sth. similar to happen with TMA. In all other aspects though TMA feels substantially different to the 2C family.

The effects are winding down a bit. TMA is a weird one, it doesn稚 shine in any category, except for novelty and for those that are seeking that it might be enjoyable, but for me personally it feels kind of lackluster, even though it痴 deeper, more introspective, more mysterious and also more ominous than 2C-B/-D/-E at a comparable dose (maybe even slightly sinister). It also feels dirtier and a little more toxic than the 2C compounds I致e tried, but that could well be placebo as I知 still tripping.

Pupils are still widely dilated and the effects are still clearly present although it痴 coming to an end. Enhanced visual acuity, stimulation and other physical side-effects remain. My appetite is not suppressed and food actually tastes good, wheras on LSD I need to force myself to eat and everything tastes like clay.

Heart rate is measured at 76bpm.
Watching an episode of Scrubs. My stomach hurts a bit and I feel gassy, but nothing out of the ordinary when consuming phenethylamines.

I retract, TMA doesn稚 feel more toxic than other psychedelics I was just hyper-aware and sensitive, which made the physical component more apparent. I imagine it having a similar physical harm potential as MDMA or other amphetamines, but that痴 just speculation. Still coming down, but I feel like it痴 gonna be over soon.

The main effects have pretty much faded by now but some mild stimulation and the head pressure remain.

My hearing is really sensitive and there痴 still the annoying pressure in my head. The experience was exhausting and I wonder what DOB or DOC must feel like after tripping a whole day.

Went to bed at 01:20 am. Rest stimulation, accelerated thoughts and head pressure kept me awake for another hour.

Fell asleep around 02:15 am. For reference I can usually fall asleep after 5-15 minutes when going to bed.

The day after:

T:18:09: Woke up at 08:07 am. Slept alright but my head still hurts a bit, which is reminiscent of other psychedelic phenethylamines. It痴 not a real headache rather an annoying pressure in my brain. I gotta say though that it痴 not as bad as I thought it would be.

Minor headache still present but barely noticeable. Emotionally I feel fine.


Conclusion and TL;DR:

Do I recommend it? No. Is it interesting? Yes. I am excited to see how the other amphetamines perform as I have a few others waiting in line (TMA-2, DOM, DOB, DOC). IMO TMA-1 is a strange substance and it doesn稚 really shine in anything except for novelty and those novelty-seekers are the only people I would recommend it to (not like anyone else would get their hands on it anyway). It痴 certainly not unpleasant but not really pleasant either. In my experience TMA felt very different, more neutral, shy and unfriendlier than the 2C-x, but it was still an interesting and emotional journey I was glad to partake in. I don稚 blame the TMA for the dysphoria, because that痴 the nature of a trip and isn稚 necessarily exclusive to this psychedelic. I had a hard time letting go in the beginning, especially because I didn稚 experience any obvious effects or in-your-face visuals even though it felt subjectively intense. I don稚 have anymore TMA left and I知 in no hurry to try it again, but if I would revisit the substance I壇 go for a 180-200mg dose to explore the compound fully.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Feb 16, 2021Views: 1,881
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TMA (553) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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