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First Breakthrough and Meeting 3000 Year Old Me
by Timlazisa
Citation:   Timlazisa. "First Breakthrough and Meeting 3000 Year Old Me: An Experience with DMT (exp115179)". Erowid.org. Feb 16, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115179

50 mg vaporized DMT


So it was a Monday, I had safely delivered my daughter to school, she was 12 at the time. I had no worked booked that day, or indeed two days after the intended experience. I had read and re-read all the literature I could find; I had listened to Terence McKenna (TM) and Joe Rogan (JR) one more time. Their words still ringing in my big monkey brain. But I was still nervous and a little fatigued to be honest. 5 days ago, I had extracted my very first DMT from Mimosa Hostilis Root bark (MHRB), I was stoked, the tek had delivered! And since I had failed GCSE chemistry, I was more than a little elated that I had succeeded. However, yesterday I had tried in vain to smoke the fine slightly yellow crystals and drawn a complete blank and nearly coughed my self to death in the process. As I said I re-read the literature and it seemed that I had been burning the DMT rather than allowing it to ??, the resultant fumes were like burning a Biro and sucking the end of the plastic pipe, awful!

So I had a new set up, a small crack pipe, with gauze filter, a layer of cigarette ash, 50mg of DMT and then layered over that another amount of cigarette ash. This pipe was then connected to a rubber tube, which in turn fed into an Evian bottle, via a hole in the neck, which then dropped into a mixture of very cold iced water mixed with wood ash. The plan being to heat the DMT to melting point via the glass crack pipe bowl and the draw through the bottle top this would pull the resultant smoke through the iced water and ash mix.

This was I told myself the last effort, I was more than a little apprehensive, if this didnít work it was all going in the bin and I would just forget the whole unfortunate episode. I settled in on my couch, I had a nice faux leather recliner, the whole rig was by my side, I was alone. Just me and Sphongle and a video recorder. I had turned the room thermostat up, another recommendation I had read somewhere and now it was time.

I lit the gas torch, I used one of those chefs torches, nice heat and very controllable. I took the first, second and third drag, each one successfully longer I then took a fourth a long draw, set the burner down and off and laid back in my chair or at least that what the video showed, I have no recollection of this. What I do remember is the sound of crinkling cellophane and the rush of wind, I was suddenly shrinking, my whole being was being left behind, I was as if my brain and spinal cord were separate from my body, I looked around and there were thousands of us, facing in one direction, like little mini meís on stalks of grass in a vast field. The sense of death was pervasive, oh my god Iíve killed myself I thought?! But wait, how could I be thinking if Iím dead? This was followed by the sense of not being alone, like a good horror movie the anticipation built, I was going to meet someone, something! The colours were indescribable, they sang, colours had sound, the sense of awe was breathtaking. Ok, I said to myself, remember what TM said, try and take in as much as possible, try and make mental notes. But it was impossible, yes, I remember some of it. I remember the images, like playing cards popping up in Disney film or Who Framed Roger rabbit characters, alive but really great CGI. And then the sense of something larger, something akin to a deity coming towards me. The image changed to a very very white future scape, a projection of Quatzequatel appeared at the top right of my vision. I tried to make sense of this later and surmised that that Azteks were my thing at the time so it made sense that, quote GOD unquote, would appear to me as something familiar. The image beamed into me, ďDo you see now, do you see?Ē

At this stage Iím not going to lie, I was freaking the fuck out. And because of the music creating a time frame and the video recording, this is very visible on playback, my body squirming to get away from this pure energy. I do remember telling myself, this is what you wanted man, stfu and deal with it! This then passed, its parting words, Go back and tell as many people as possible, my response, they wont believe me, its reply TRY!

And then poof I was back in the room, on my couch, the video light blinking at me. I was surrounded by a blue almost amniotic fluid my walls were 3D Aztec symbols, which slowly faded as I studied them. My first thoughts were ĎHoly Fuckí I did it! Slowly my body came to, I was able to stand and for some inexplicable reason I stood and looked into my huge mantlepiece mirror. And staring back at me was 3000 year old (an arbiter figure) Tim. Complete with nose ring, neck tattoos and tanned gnarly skin. A wise face, my shaman face from a time long ago. This then slowly faded back to me present day.

My takeaways from this. Iím not a religious person nor will I ever be. But I invite anyone to partake of this experience and get back to me as to what the deity like figure is. It certainly felt like God but never said it was. My personal feeling on this is and has been for some time is that we are part of some very real Virtual Reality experience and that when we die we re-join the Matrix, but where we go next is anyoneís guess. The important thing to remember however is, NO ONE KNOWS. So live your life, try not to be a cunt and have some laughs while you are hear and try and help others to do the same.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 115179
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 43 
Published: Feb 16, 2021Views: 299
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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