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Welcome to the Cube World
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "Welcome to the Cube World: An Experience with DMT (exp115105)". Erowid.org. Dec 10, 2023. erowid.org/exp/115105

1 hit smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
I had just turned 18 and was extremely happy. I had been waiting for 1 year since I was 17 when I used Ayahuasca for the first time. It felt like I had been waiting my whole life for this. The tea tasted reasonably swampy. My expectations faded after the first 3 times I brewed and devoured ayahuasca and did not really go into myself as I wanted.

I came up with the idea that I might extract dmt. Trip no. 1, 5-10mg, I had to fix a smoke device that was suitable for vaporization of the dmt molecules. A light bulb with a cut-off waterpipe that belonged to a hookah worked perfectly, which I fixed so that I could unscrew it when it was time to take my deep breaths.

I did my usual meditation with a focus on the trip with inner silence as a short-term goal. After 2 hours of sitting completely still physically while the mental and hopefully spiritual processes are balanced, I felt ready! I used tweezers to put the yellow nice little crystals down in the light bulb and hoped that a larger dose would not taste like crap. It tasted good, I felt the taste of vanilla. I vaporized the dmt with the help of a candle. I held the lamp over the flame and the dmt immediately melted. I started to draw in the steam while I gently held the light bulb in one hand and the tube in the other hand clogged with the help of a thumb. The vanilla taste reminded itself. The smoke was not hard against the lungs at all but it was still difficult to hold in because it tickled. I had to exhale the steam smoke as if I heard the funniest joke ever.

The first effect I noticed was on the field of view. When I inhaled the steam smoke, everything became blurred. When I exhaled, everything became clearer than it was before I smoked the dmt. The details from the brushwork on the wallpaper were visible and every little shadow spot was darker than usual. The heart was pounding a little faster and in a very pleasant way. I now felt that the effects began to waver so that lying down and pulling something over my face for the sake of darkness was not a stupid idea. Immediately when I lay down still in bed, it tingled in the nerves and blood in the body in such pleasant way, positive vibrations. It tingled more and more in the whole body until it passed to pure euphoria.

It was felt in the whole body but especially where the heart is pulsating. The consciousness expands. I feel what my organs are doing in more detail and I am aware of all my body parts at the same time. The tingle crawled up and pushed outwards, upwards, like the soul would leave my body in all that the euphoria. The effects do not end here but become more and more isolated inside myself and in the head. It felt a bit like being in a silent observing bubble. The only thing I hear is my breath echoing nicely as if I were in a small cave. I feel an energy that somehow feels very feminine and magical, an energy of love. I was aware that something was nearby of whatever I was about to break into. Unfortunately, I did not get to experience more. I got to feel the effects in reverse. It started to fall down half as fast as I got up. I got down with my feet on earth. After this trip, I was quite shaken by the effects I experienced. A shady spiritual feeling appeared that was somehow familiar.

Trip no. 2 of 25 mg was very similar to the first experience. No. 3 at 60mg, breakthrough. This time I was very nervous when I put down the lump of molecules that looked much larger than the doses I smoked before. I meditated for the same length of time again but was still as nervous. This time I hold in the smoke for a long time. The nervousness turned completely. It somehow turned into a spiritual energy boost. The vibrations flashed through my whole body and satisfaction on a paradise level was achieved and all I needed to do was lie there. The heart now started beating very fast and a certain energy feeling of inexplicable love appeared with each pumping that flowed from the heart into the whole body and I just felt compelled to spread my arms in both directions as a loving gesture in some way.

Then subsided the euphoria feelings. I became more and more numb inside the whole body and now the vibrations feel like a little ball in the middle of the brain. Vibration signals shoot out into the eyes so that I felt that now things really started to happen visually. The body numbs so much that I no longer feel it and it feels like the soul / consciousness begins to separate from the body. A more dreamy but more real reality begins to take over. I see what appears to be my soul laying in a white cube and my consciousness fly out through the body, face first into the soul. The soul was completely bluish grey made of light. I see a white light far away in all the darkness that approaches from within me and towards my consciousness that goes faster and faster and gets bigger and bigger as it approaches.

The light finally stops lightning fast in front of me and what I see is a cube with 4 white lines that radiates straight from the edges of the cube in that position. It looks like a north star with a cube in the middle and the background is completely gray. It was as if I tuned in with the geometric pattern so that I kind of clicked with it in some way as if the subconscious / soul knew what it was and knew exactly what I was going to do. Then I go in through the cube. What I saw was not so detailed but curvy patterns passed me that reminded me of musical notes to the shape against still the same gray background. Everything turns gray with cube lines everywhere, as far as the eye could reach in each direction. Welcome to the cube world.

The Matrix. I move between one of these cube spaces and forward, looking down towards my feet so that it looked like I was going downward but forward as in the soul was on its back. The cubes seemed to be very close on top of each other as when looking to the side from a car on a passing fence at 150 km / h. I suddenly went down and through thick cube walls. I stopped and felt like I was far away in the cosmos and that maybe I should not have been there. I felt very vulnerable and abandoned in that infinitely large, gray cube world and became a little worried about what could happen next. I feel some kind of energy grabbing me all over me and pulling me back up a few? thousands? cubes and there I lay still, powerless and floating between these gray cubes "oh snap this may not be so good".

Something was coming towards me, I felt it! I looked down at my feet again which was not visible and I thought I saw a small cube with black lines instead of white among all the other cubes coming toward me one cube layer over me. The object continued its way straight towards me. When it passed me slowly, I saw that it was not a cube. It was a completely naked and beautiful young woman.
I saw a small cube with black lines instead of white among all the other cubes coming toward me one cube layer over me. The object continued its way straight towards me. When it passed me slowly, I saw that it was not a cube. It was a completely naked and beautiful young woman.
Was she my soulmate? Was she a passing soul who perished from the world I had just left behind temporarily? Was she a subconscious female archetype in 3-6 dimensional visual form!?

When she passed me so that I no longer see her, I felt that vibration feeling in the whole body again as if it was time to go back. But 2 shaman priest-like creatures, a woman and a man with a long gandalf-like rod in hand, hovered a bit over the cube ground up to me and held me. The magical shaman with rod in hand began to whisper to the woman and they were welcoming me. They whispered quickly to each other and looked extremely concentrated out as if it were an important time for them. My body screamed out through me to the other dimension that it was hungry at the end of my ego death. It was as if the soul felt my body hunger. I began to feel my body again.

The soul began to pull towards the body. In the middle of the chaos I started for a few seconds thinking about the pizza I had in the fridge which became a fat distraction. It became like a certain separation between me and these creatures. They do not seem bothered by me going back here and landing. The last thing I see of them is what it looks like he is totally flashing himself with his rod and white robe clothes. I first go slowly then faster and faster back and see him disappear while he walks in my direction and stops to smile at me one last time.

The effects slowed down the same way I went up. I went down and after a while everything is balanced to the usual and I am back again. I could not believe at all that it could happen to me without any more strange aftereffects than a little depersonalization / derealistion feelings that lasted for about 3-5 days. I still hunger for these experiences. How can one be so extraterrestrial in relation to oneself?

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115105
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 10, 2023Views: 68
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