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Somewhat Interesting, but Not a Huge Deal
by Uncle Tom
Citation:   Uncle Tom. "Somewhat Interesting, but Not a Huge Deal: An Experience with Tramadol (exp114904)". Feb 28, 2021.

50 - 300 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol


I'll try to give a comprehensive account of my on-and-off experiences with Tramadol.

I'm Asian-Caucasian, male, 42, weigh 147 lbs (66.6 kg), somewhat fit, previously athletic but no longer so, semi sedentary, lean build, 5'8". I have a few beers once or twice a week, an occasional nicotine gum just out of boredom, drink a lot of coffee. I can climb 20 flights of stairs without thinking much about it.

I would call myself an occasional recreational user of over-the-counter drugs. In the past I've tripped individually on weed, dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors (which I won't name here). Note, I said INDIVIDUALLY, not in combination.

I've been on and off tramadol for around 6 months as of time of writing. Various brands of tramadol are available to me in tablet or pill form. I have no real pattern of use.

On some days I'd take two, three, four... seldom ever really exceeding 6 (300mg). I might take them all at once or spread them throughout the day. I might take them for three or four days straight, quit for a day or three, take them for a whole week, go a week or two without- no real pattern. Knowing that there's potential for physical dependence and some seizure risk, I personally try not to exceed 300mg/day nor binge for more than 3 days at a time. I try to stay clean for two days between use. I have noticed some tolerance begin to build, and I acknowledge that a dependence to this thing can really sneak up on you.

Onset: any dose: 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours

Peak: at around 3 hours. Peak lasts for around 2-4 hours for me, then effects taper off. Pretty much clear after 9-12 hours, for low doses. Longer for higher doses.

100mg can be felt for around 6 hours. Higher doses intensify and lengthen the peak. My single dose sweet spot seems to be around 300mg (6 pills or tablets), any higher causes a number of unwanted effects which I will discuss later.

Notable Mental Effects
Lower doses: Generally, my normal disposition is somewhat cranky, cynical, impatient and not very sociable. Tramadol 50mg to 100mg will give me a rather good disposition for around 24 hours. I become genuinely pleasant, socially at ease, and compliant. Lately it has become something of a crutch when I know I have something important to do and don't feel like doing it but don't want to be an asshole. Strangely, I find that I no longer enjoy music as much when on tramadol. I love to listen to all genres of music. On tramadol, music becomes boring to listen to.

Higher doses: Euphoria. Subtle fuzzyness and cloudiness, but not anywhere near like what alcohol does.

Notable Physical Effects
Now this is interesting. I'll relate these in bullet form.
- Mild tiredness and sleepiness simply disappear.
- Any mild physical discomfort disappears. I won't notice my tight shoes, itchy shirt, aching finger etc.
- Desire to stretch one's muscles disappears. Good if I want to sit still for extended periods. Bad if I fall asleep on my arm.
- Desire to yawn stops. Tramadol seems to blunt the body's sensitivity to carbon dioxide.
- I find that I can exercise a lot more on tramadol, to the point of hurting myself, specifically my joints.
- Mild hunger disappears.
- If I feel like burping or farting, the sensation of needing to do so gets rather blunted.
- The sensation of having to urinate gets blunted. And when taking a piss, I'm not really sure if I've voided it all.
- My pee smells pretty bad.
- Constipation for days. Normally, I'd take a dump daily. I don't feel like taking a shit much. Sometimes I have to alleviate this with nicotine gum.
- When I do take a shit, it will smell horrible.
- Random annoying itching, especially on the come-down. Resolves itself in around 24 hours.
- Facial dryness, skin flaking.
- Libido goes bye-bye.

Higher doses: My skin becomes numb. I may rub and rub and scratch and not realize I've hurt myself until after the come-down. On the plus side, I can pop a pimple without any pain.

I'm too lazy to write a conclusion, but yeah, I think I'll keep taking it recreationally till I get bored.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114904
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42 
Published: Feb 28, 2021Views: 166
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